Andale Crossroad
Eastern Archenland

You stand at a busy crossroad outside Andale. The main road curves up from the forest to the southwest, heading into the town to the east. A less-traveled road winds up into the mountains to the west, and a smaller track descends into a canyon to the north.

South of the crossroads is heavily forested, the main path disappearing into the trees to the southwest. At the southeast corner of the crossroads stands a tall walnut tree.

Lanisen is leaning against the walnut tree, people-watching. Not really scouting for a target, just… watching.

Jana saunters from the direction of the inn, chewing a nail and ‘accidentally’ brushing a few people on the way through the crowded crossroad. One brow quirks upward at the sight of Lanisen.

Lanisen catches sight of Jana just as she “bumps” into some unlucky idiot and smirks before looking away.

Jana bumps into a young woman in servant’s clothing near Lanisen so hard that the woman drops the package she was carrying. Jana helps her pick it up, apologizing profusely. “I’m so sorry… can I help you carry this back to…?”

The servingwoman shakes her head, “Oh, just back to the castle. No need, thank ye, though. Just a handfan for Lady Paige.”

Jana says, “/Oh/, you work at the castle? That must be /so/ exciting. Isn’t Lady Paige that Lady Avery’s mother? She and Sir Colin will be courting any day now if the rumors I hear are true.” She clasps her hands together. “Such exciting news.”

Lanisen sidles slightly closer to the servant to listen, still watching the traffic with an expression of indifference.

The servant lets out an ineloquent snort. “Your sources are a little outdated. Sir Colin’s done with her, and good riddance. Lady Avery ignored him for nearly half a year, and then had the gall to wonder what was wrong when he approached her about it.” She shifts her package and takes a step closer, lowering her voice. “/I/ even heard Lady Avery told him he was just like Lord Astor. Another lowlife to reject. Picture to burn.”

Jana asks, “Oh my. Sir Colin like Lord Astor? Isn’t he that half-common Lord down in Carmichael?”

The serving woman replies, “Oh, not anymore. He’s not a Lord at all. Ran off and married some common woman a little over a year ago. Living somewhere abouts Lancelyn Green now, I hear. What I wouldn’t give to be her…” She sighs and flutters her lashes in surprising reminiscence of Lanisen’s acting the night before. “Gorgeous young man. And to give up his /title/. Even /if/ he was only half noble. It’s terribly romantic.”

Lanisen raises an eyebrow slightly, glancing over at Jana. He looks like he’s trying not to snicker.

Jana says, “Oh, I see. It must be very exciting to work at the castle and learn all these things… oh my. I’ve stopped to chat far too long. I promised my husband a walk in the woods. Good afternoon to you.”

Jana gives a little almost curtsy and the servingwoman giggles and minces away toward the castle.

Lanisen looks gravely disappointed by the disappearance of the entertainment. He glances at Jana and shrugs, then shoves himself off the trunk of the tree with his elbows and stretches. He nods to Jana and heads back toward the forest.


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