first job

Andale Crossroad
Eastern Archenland

You stand at a busy crossroad outside Andale. The main road curves up from the forest to the southwest, heading into the town to the east. A less-traveled road winds up into the mountains to the west, and a smaller track descends into a canyon to the north.

South of the crossroads is heavily forested, the main path disappearing into the trees to the southwest. At the southeast corner of the crossroads stands a tall walnut tree.

Lanisen walks toward town, keeping to the side of the road, out of the way of most traffic. He watches the faces of the people passing by, but doesn’t attempt to engage any of them.

Loc leans against the tree, whittling an old branch.

Jana is beside Loc with… a patch of embroidery.

Lanisen meanders toward them, looking vaguely surprised to see Jana embroidering. “Myrd sent word,” he says conversationally, nodding to them both. “We’re to join him in Lancelyn Green. How soon can you leave?” To any observer, it would look like he’s just giving the time of day.

Loc continues whittling, not looking up. “Whenever is convinent.”

Jana nods, pulling though another stitch.

Lanisen rocks back on his heels. “Now?”

Jana ties off the string, sticks the needle in the cloth, and puts her embroidery away in a pocket of her dress.

Loc slips his knife away tossing the stick. He offers a hand to Jana.

Jana takes his arm instead.

Loc smiles a bit and looks to Lanisen.


Lancelyn Green
North Central Archenland

You stand in the entrance of the Lancelyn Green stables. Every so often you hear a neigh or whinny from one of the stable residents. Rows of stalls line the path ahead. Some are empty, others are occupied by horses. At the far northern end after a second row of stalls is a large door open to the
paddocks. In the middle of the stalls is an area where stable hands attend to the grooming and shoeing needs of the horses. To the right of this area is a ladder leading up to the loft. To the east is a door leading to the Feeding Area and to the west is a door to the Tack Room.

A bucket and fresh hay are provided in each stall for the horse. There is a soft crunch as you walk across the hard packed dirt floor scattered with hay. A young man with coppery hair and bright green eyes is preparing a nearby stall for a new resident. This looks like a fine place to keep your horse.

Myrd is pacing back and forth, his manner impatient.

Lanisen steps into the stables, followed by Jana and Loc. He nods and glances around the room, looking like he might want to roll his eyes at Myrd’s impatience. He doesn’t.

Jana is next behind. Her manner is simply alert, with a little bit of malicious glee mixed in.

Loc enters last, his demeanor calm and expression nuetral, though his eyes are bright with anticipation.

Myrd notices them immediately. “About time. Lanisen finally figure out the message?”

Lanisen snorts and mutters something about lousy handwriting.

Jana asks, “What’s the plan?”

Myrd gives Lanisen a look that would intimidate a man twice his size. He directs his words to Jana. “The grocer’s son just got himself a nice bit of coin delivering an order to the inn. I’m just itching to help him get rid of some of it.”

Loc grins faintly at this.

Jana asks, “And where do we find a grocer’s son when we’re looking for him vulnerable?”
Jana’s low-life city grammar starts to peek out as she gets into the mood.

Myrd smirks. “That boy can’t seem to keep himself away from the tavern. We catch him before he gets there.”

Loc says in a low voice, “Sounds like fun.”

Jana says, “Soon, then. Starting to get dark.”

Lanisen raises his eyebrows, glancing outside to confirm this.

Myrd growls out, “Think you can distract his attention, woman? Doesn’t have to be long.”

Loc looks to Jana.

Jana says, “Sure I can.”

Loc asks, “What do you want Lanisen and I to do boss?”

Lanisen loosens his dagger in its sheath, listening attentively.

Myrd’s voice is cold. “Look what I lifted from Barron’s own squire yesterday.” He hands Loc a sword. “Think you can manage not to stab yourself in the foot with this?”

Jana smirks.

Loc takes it, eyes widening and a huge grin sliding across his face. “What a beauty. It’ll do nicely.”

Myrd snorts. “Fool shouldn’t have left it lying around. Leave it behind and they’ll think he had a part in it. Wouldn’t be the first time there was a traitor here.”

Loc snickers. “Can do. I’ll get it nice and bloody then.”

Jana asks, “Shall I go on ahead then?”

Myrd shakes his head in response to Loc. “Not unless we have to. Wouldn’t want too much attention.” He nods to Jana. “See what you can do. The rest of us need to change our look a bit first. Just in case he can remember anything when we’re through with him.”

Loc gives a small nod to Myrd, checking his eagerness.

Jana pulls a scarf from somewhere within her dress and ties it around her locks, effectively hiding them. She then pulls out another and ties it around her skirts. Finally she pulls out some sort of pencil and soon her face has beauty marks, and her lids are a bit lower.

Myrd watches, giving a grudging nod. It is his way of indicating he’s impressed. “That’ll do.”

Jana nods, and whips out of the stable.

Lancelyn Road
North Central Archenland

The road wends gently along the edge of the open and scattered woodlands that can be seen encroaching upon the eastern part of this region. To the west, the more open country of the plains can be seen rolling gently in low hills, and you can make out the telltale rooftops of the town of Lancelyn Green. The road here turns toward it.

The Sun and Moon Inn can be seen to the east here, neatly nestled into the trees. The structure looks to be quite old, but it has the proud gleam of a structure reclaimed and refitted, and it appears to be a pleasant place to pass the night. You can smell the pleasant aroma of something cooking in the pub. The road continues north to the Northern Path here.

Jana takes a tentative step and nearly falls on the man. “Oh!”

Berke is about to turn his head to look toward the west where he saw something in the corner of his eye, but instead drops the pieces of parchment on the ground in an attempt to keep her from falling. He catches her, “Are you all right, miss?”

Myrd edges behind the man, pulling a sack and a coil of rope from beneath the folds of his dark cloak.

Loc slips along the road, his dark outline just visible against the evening. He follows the first man carefully.

Jana exclaims, “Oh, oh my. I’ve made you drop your parchment. I’m so sorry! Here… I think I can stand on it while you pick it up.”

Lanisen follows silently, slinking behind the second into position, then halts, waiting for the first man’s signal.

Berke shakes his head. “It’s all right miss. Just some notes for an order. I don’t want you to fall again if you don’t think you’ve got your footing.”

Jana says, “Oh well… maybe if I could just put my hand on your shoulder for balance….”

Berke frowns a little. “But when I bend down to get it I may knock you off balance. Let me take you to a bench or the inn, and I’ll come back for them.”

Myrd raises his left arm, giving the signal for the others to move. He allows the sack to fall over their victim’s head and throws the rope to Loc. “Tie him,” he grunts out in a disguised voice. He presses the point of his dagger to Berke’s back, in case the man has any idea of flight.

Loc grabs the rope and binds the man swiftly, hissing in a low growl, “Stay silent or it’s your life.” He works quickly, binding the man’s arms to his sides, and then using some rope to secure the man’s hands behind his back.

Jana jumps back with a sudden litheness. She lets out a few sounds as if she too were being tied up.

Berke gasps in surprise, trying to raise his hands to the sack over his face but finds them bound before he can. He’s about to struggle when he feels the dagger on his back and himself bound. He does, however, stay silent as instructed.
Berke breathes heavily under the sack, clearly afraid but silent despite it.

Lanisen watches the Inn’s flickering windows apprehensively, his dagger ready. He glances uncertainly toward Myrd.

Loc looks to the leader with his job completed. He snickers darkly, his voice still a low growl.
Loc mumbles something incomprehensible to Berke.

Myrd nods, his mouth set in a grim line. He applies slightly more pressure with the dagger, not trying to break skin…yet. “Move forward,” he growls.

Berke follows the instructions, his breathing quickening as he feels the dagger press further against his back.

Jana covers her mouth with her hand and lets out a very muffled yelp… certainly not loud enough to alert anyone in town, but also ‘clearly’ intended to do so. She then “uff”s and falls silent.

Loc gives her an approving nod. He watches Myrd for instruction, pulling out the squire’s sword but keeping it at his side for the moment.

Berke walks forward as instructed. He turns his head a little to the sounds of what he thinks is the other captive, but then quickly looks ahead. He remains silent.

Lanisen lets out a breath, obviously relieved to be out of the town. He shrugs his hood back a bit and raises his eyebrows questioningly at Myrd.

Myrd wordlessly indicates that Loc is to hold the sword to Berke’s throat. His voice still altered, he tells the victim, “Nobody’s getting hurt…yet. You just stay put.” He gives Lanisen instructions. “Search him. Take anything we can use.”

Jana silently unsheathes her own dagger now, as she is supposedly unconscious and free to drop the act and simply materialize as another mugger.

Myrd orders her, “Make sure nobody’s coming.”

Loc places the tip of the blade to Berke’s throat, putting enough pressure to hurt but not break the skin. He hisses, “Don’t move.”

Jana moves toward town along the trail, just in sight of the group but close enough to town to see the inn.

A son of adam with a young strong complexion comes walking toward you from the south.

Lanisen nods and steps toward the bound man, assessing his belongings. He tugs at the satchel to peer inside and digs through for any money.

Berke stands rigid as he feels the sword at his throat. He stays silent, his breathing heavy through the sack over his face.

Brynn exclaims, “What’s going on here!”

Jana brings her knee into the young man’s stomach and then thrusts a dagger in his gut.
>>> Jana stabs Brynn! Brynn is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Myrd whips around, letting out a snarl at the interruption. He also employs his dagger.

Lanisen drops the satchel and rushes to help, his own knife ready.

Loc glances at the new arrival. He scowls darkly, holding the sword to the man’s neck tighter. He hisses. “What now?”

Myrd snarls out to the third man, who has his sword pointed at Berke’s neck, “Hold him. We’ll deal with this.”

Berke restrains himself from turning his head to the noise, remaining rigid as he still feels the sword at his throat.

Loc nods, wrapping one arm around the captive and adjusting the sword blade to lean
entirely against Berke’s neck. He pulls the man back several paces, watching his companions deal with the intruder.
Loc mumbles “You keep still … … … … stay … … piece–for now.”, to Berke.

Berke allows himself to be pulled back, trying not to get his throat sliced.

Lanisen reaches the intruder and kicks at his knees, thrusting his dagger forward in the same moment.
>>> Lanisen stabs Brynn! Brynn is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Myrd swipes upward with the blade of his dagger.
>>> Myrd stabs at Brynn, the blade connecting lightly. Brynn is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Brynn winces, “You shouldn’t have messed with me!”

Lanisen glances at his companions and can’t help but snicker a little hysterically at the man’s words. He tries again to stab him, aiming for his side, but he isn’t very good at it.
>>> Lanisen stabs at Brynn, the blade hitting its mark firmly. Brynn is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Loc fingers the hilt of the sword, watching the conflict. He twitches a bit, obviously wanting in. Despite this, he remains in his place, holding their captive.

Jana knees the son of adam in the gut again and holds her dagger to his throat. “I’d calm down if I were you,” She hisses in a low, almost male voice.
>>> Jana tries to kick Brynn, but misses.

Myrd easily sidesteps Brynn’s kick, using his fists in response.
>>> Myrd smacks Brynn with his fist! Brynn is bruised!

Brynn blockes the kicks except one.
Brynn returns the attacks.
>>> Brynn kicks Myrd firmly! Myrd doesn’t appear to be too hurt by the blow.

Myrd doesn’t bat an eye when Brynn’s boot connects. He follows up with another punch.
>>> Myrd swings his fist at Brynn, grazing Brynn. Brynn doesn’t appear to be too hurt by the blow.

Jana makes another thrust at him with her dagger.
>>> Jana stabs at Brynn, the blade connecting lightly. Brynn is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

>>> Brynn tries to claw Myrd, but misses.

Loc twitches again, giving a low grunt. the blade shifts closer to Berke’s throat but doesn’t cut.

Lanisen does as well, darting around to his back to attack.
>>> Lanisen stabs Brynn! Brynn is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Brynn just knocks the blade before it hits him.

Berke swallows nervously as the blade presses against his throat.

Myrd aims the tip of his blade at Brynn’s side, putting as much force as he can behind it.
>>> Myrd stabs at Brynn, the blade hitting its mark firmly. Brynn is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Brynn put a hand to his side, it comes away with blood. He returns with a swift kick.
>>> Brynn tries to kick Myrd, but misses.

Lanisen aims a kick at Brynn’s knees, trying to knock him down.
>>> Lanisen tries to kick Brynn, but misses.

Myrd gets in another punch. The kick barely glances off of him.
>>> Myrd swings his fist at Brynn, grazing Brynn. Brynn doesn’t appear to be too hurt by the blow.

Jana brings her fist to his jaw.
>>> Jana tries to hit Brynn, but misses.

Loc grunts, shaking his head a bit. He continues to hold the captive, watching the scuffle.

Berke continues to stand rigidly still.

>>> Brynn tries to kick Myrd, but misses.

Myrd snorts as the kick lands firmly. He strikes out with his dagger.
>>> Myrd stabs at Brynn, the blade connecting lightly. Brynn is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Brynn moves quickly tripping one of his pursuers. He quickly makes a run for it.
Brynn scrambles to get away!

Loc watches him go. He says in a dark voice, “Now what?”

Lanisen picks himself up off the ground, recovering his dagger quickly. He looks at Myrd. “Should I go after him?”

Myrd doesn’t pursue. Instead, he hits Berke in the temple with the flat end of his dagger, attempting to knock him unconscious. “No. We move. We have what we came for.”


Jana says, “He’ll be at the inn as soon as he can. We’d better get out of here. I saw Sir Colin go in there.”

Loc grunts, “We need our things.”


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