post-mugging blues

A Cave Deadend
Western Archenland

The dark, damp stone of a cavern surrounds you. The walls drip water to the pebbly surface of the floor, making for slippery walking. Faint streams of sunlight seep in from unseen cracks above. There are a few empty crates stacked here that have long since rotted out. From the looks of it you can only go back north from here.

Loc sits besides Jana, leaning back against the wall with his hands behind his head. He says in a mildly defeated manner, “Well, I thought you did.”

Jana continues sewing. “Mhm.”

Loc frowns slightly and looks up.

Lanisen enters from the north passageway. He nods to Loc and Jana and flops immediately by the wall, dropping his pack next to him.

Jana looks up. It is immediately apparent that she is in a mood. “What have you been doing?”

Loc looks to Lanisen and nods, his expression sympathetic.

Lanisen raises his eyebrows. “Um. Walking?”

Jana asks, “Where?”

Loc grunts.

Lanisen says irritably, “Oh, in a nice picturesque field of flowers, of course. Butterflies. Little bunnies. Snakes.”

Jana raises her eyes from her sewing and gives him an acidic look.

Loc snorts, covering a smile with his hand.

Lanisen misses the look, as his eyes are closed. He stretches his legs out in front of him and sighs.

Jana looks even more incensed by the fact that he is not cowering. She huffs and goes back to sewing. “Well, don’t go out again unless its for food.”

Loc grunts and glances at her.

Lanisen raises an eyebrow and gives her an oh-really look, then returns to lounging with his eyes closed.

Jana ignores /him/.

Loc looks between them.

Lanisen cracks one eye open to see if it’s “safe”, then glances at Loc.

Lanisen mouths something under his breath to Loc.
Lanisen mumbles “What’s eating her?”, to Loc.
Lanisen mumbles “What’s … her?”, to Loc.

Jana continues to ignore and work on her veil.

Loc shrugs.
Loc mumbles “Probably those womanly things.”, to Lanisen.
Loc mumbles “… … womanly things.”, to Lanisen.

Jana looks up and GLARES at Loc.

Loc coughs and looks at her sheepishly.

Jana exclaims, “For your information, we just barely got out of being caught by a Lord, a knight, a former Lord, and a Squire. And on /top/ of that, you insult my sewing!”

Loc blinks, sitting up sharlpy, “What do you mean we were almost caught?” He frowns, “And I didn’t insult your sewing!”

Lanisen raises his head, looking at Loc. “You insulted her sewing?” he asks gravely, and tsks. Definitely being serious.

Loc glowers at Lanisen with a ‘you stay out of this’ look.

Jana says, “If that Squire had run off just a little sooner, he could’ve got word to Lord Barron or, worse, Sir Colin.” She looks at Lanisen. “You shut up.””

Loc snorts, “That buffoon couldn’t manage his way out of a sack if he had to. He’s lucky we didn’t slit his throat.”

Jana mumbles “You’re lucky … … slit your … sometimes.”, to Jana.

Loc looks offended. He stands and scowls.

Jana ignores him and continues her sewing.

Lanisen watches with great interest, his expression perfectly serious.

Loc walks north.

Jana frowns. She waves a hand at Lanisen. “Go make sure he doesn’t do something stupid.”

Lanisen looks like he’s ready to protest, but he assesses Jana’s expression and meekly stands to do as he’s told.

Cave Passageway
Western Archenland

You are in a sort of open deck. The rock on one side has been chisled away, exposing a stunning view of the waterfall and pool below. It seems to be a sort of lookout station.

Loc sits near the edge, one leg pulled back up, perking his arms on his knees. The other leg is straight, following the edge. He looks out at the waterfall and scene below.

Lanisen pokes his head around the corner of the cave wall, peering out at the deck. “There you are,” he says, and ambles out to join the other man. “I’m supposed to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”

Loc snorts, glancing at Lanisen. While his expression is sour, the feeling is not directed at him. “So glad she cares.”

Lanisen hehs. “What’d you say about her sewing?” he asks curiously.

Loc says, “I told her /I/ thought it looked nice and just needed to be adjusted a bit.”

Lanisen crosses his arms and leans against the stone wall. “Heh. Hehe. Adjusted?”

Loc’s lips twithes as a half smile starts to form. “She had it on her head.”

Lanisen raises his eyebrows. “On her /head/?”

Loc nods.
Loc gestures, “Well, however its supposed to be worn…”

Lanisen asks, “She’s sewing a headdress?”

Loc says, “Well, I think its supposed to be a veil of sorts. Its black, so maybe like a widow…”

Lanisen huhs. “Wonder what she’s got planned…”
Lanisen asks, “Were things really so close as she said? What with the knights and lords and jesters and what-not?”

Loc shurgs. “I thought we made a fairly clean break.”

Lanisen hms. “So did I… I wasn’t followed, anyway.”

Loc says, “Nor was I..”

Lanisen glances sideways at Loc. “Well, you know her better than I. How long will we be on the bad list?”

Loc snorts, “Dunno.” He grins wryly. “Shw’s a woman. She’s apt to change like the winds when the mood suits her.”

Lanisen snorts as well. “Don’t let her hear you say that.”

Loc smirks, “I don’t.”

Lanisen asks, “So. Are you going to do anything stupid? ‘Cause that’s what I came out to watch….”

Loc snorts. “No. I just wanted to come…” He shrugs. “Be here for awhile. I like the view. It’s… thought provoking.”

Lanisen ehs, looking around. “It is,” he agrees. “Well,” he adds, standing up from the wall, “If your thoughts provoke you to do something incredibly stupid, tell me first so I can watch. I could use a laugh.”
Lanisen gives a mock-salute and heads back into the cavern.


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