Cave Entrance
Western Archenland

You stand on a narrow ledge overlooking the pool below. A cool breeze blows off the spray of the waterfall, though it also makes the ledge quite slippery and dangerous. A narrow trail, littered with dirt and pebbles, goes behind the waterfall. The trail leads to a dark hole and looks to have been well travelled once upon a time.

Loc sits near the edge of the cave, allowing the water to sprinkle him from the waterfall.

Lanisen heads out to the cave entrance from somewhere farther inside. He nods to Loc and sits down just out of the spray of water. “Evening.”

Loc turns and nods to Lanisen. “Evenin’. And what a splendid one it is at that.”

Lanisen glances out at the sunset and shrugs noncommitally. “S’pose so.”

Loc asks, “Have you spoken with Myrd?”

Lanisen shakes his head. “Not yet,” he admits.

Loc hehs, “Have you had your last meal?” He jokes.

Lanisen leans his head against the cave wall. “Heh.”

Loc gives a slight wave of his hand, “I’m sure all is well. He’d have hunted you down already if there was really any problem right?”

Lanisen snorts. “Are you talking about Myrd or the innkeeper?”

Loc gives a half grin, “Both.”
Loc laughs, “Heard the innkeeper’s a real bear.”

Lanisen hehs. “Does Myrd even know yet?” he asks.

Loc shrugs. “Jana was going to wait for him. And he’s back.”

Lanisen glances back into the cavern. “He is?” He taps the stone floor twice with one finger and looks at Loc. “Any of that venison left?” he asks, half-joking.

Loc nods, “Should be. Though I need to restock arrows. The ones I’m making aren’t any use in hunting yet.”

Lanisen is sitting against the cave wall just out of range of the spray from the waterfall, talking to Loc. He chuckles wryly. “Kidding. I’m not hungry.”

Myrd climbs the rope into the cave. He tosses his pack onto the stone floor with a soft ‘thud’.

Loc grins and jokes, “Maybe my arrows not being up to snuff is a good thing for you eh?”

Lanisen snorts. He glances up as Myrd comes up the rope and falls silent.

Loc nods to Myrd. “Hey Boss.”

Myrd snorts faintly. “What’s the news?”

Loc looks to Lanisen.

Lanisen uhs. “News?” He shrugs.

Loc frowns slightly and looks to Myrd, “Jana and Lanisen went out last night about their business.”

Myrd rummages through his satchel. “And you? Taken care of your part yet?”

Loc says, “I got food inside–unless Zan ate it all. Should be some venison.”
Loc says, “I’m out of arrows. And I can’t make ’em decent yet. I’ll be needing the range in Lancelyn Green or Andale.”

Myrd lightly slaps his forehead with his open palm. He scowls. “When I see that woman next…” He mercifully refrains from finishing that statement. “Thought she said she’d filled you in.”

Lanisen looks slightly curious at the mention of Loc’s “part”, but stays quiet.

Loc frowns and stands, a light scowl coming across his face. “The only thing I knew that I was supposed to do was to get us food. What’d I miss?” He glowers at the cave’s interior.

Myrd’s scowl deepens. “Apparently, lots.” He points at Lanisen. “You plant the items like we discussed?”

Lanisen nods quickly. “Wait, items?” he asks, emphasizing the plural. “I thought it was just the…”

Myrd nods curtly. “Along with a little something else I added to the satchel.”

Loc looks to Lanisen.

Lanisen nods. “Oh, yeah… that’s fine.”

Myrd paces the cavern, leaning over to peer below in case they have been followed. “After we nearly got ourselves caught by that idiot squire, I’m taking no chances this time. It needs to be tonight.”

Loc tilts his head to the side curiously, “Tonight? Moving you mean?”

Lanisen sits back, resuming listening silently.

Myrd leans back on his heels, continuing to keep watch. “Not until we’ve given them someone to blame for the theft. Besides us, of course. We’ve already started it, but I have to be sure.”

Loc gives a small nod.

Lanisen frowns slightly. “How’s that going to work?” he asks. “I mean… won’t anything any of us says just draw attention to us? Especially if they figure out it wasn’t the innkeeper?”

Myrd says, “What makes you think they’ll believe the innkeeper? From what I hear, the dwarves can’t stand him. All the better for us.”

Loc nods. “The dwarves will believe it because they want to believe it.”

Lanisen still looks uneasy, but he nods and shuts up.

Myrd rubs at the stubble on his chin. “Still, there’s something else we can do. Can’t be me or Lanisen, since they’ve seen us. Somebody should go to that fancy Manor house and claim to have seen the Innkeeper with things that don’t belong to him. When they have to search his house, they’ll find them.”

Loc grunts. “I see.” He pauses. “But they know him up there… Saying he has the items will be a dead give away that something’s up.”

Myrd crosses his arms. “Have a better idea?”

Zan comes walking out to the daylight.

Loc places a hand to his chin thoughtfully. “Though… I don’t suppose it matters. They’ll /have/ to search the house with the charges won’t they?”

Myrd says, “They aren’t going to have a choice. ”

Lanisen glances at Loc, then down at his hands. He fidgits with a loose thread from his tunic, forehead furrowed.

Loc gives a determined nod. “What’s our plan for tonight then?”

Zan stomps up to the group, his heavy footfalls echoing around the cave passageway and giving ample warning to his approach. “Plottin without me? My feelin’s ‘re hurt.”

Loc’s lip twitches. He leans back against the wall of the cave.

Lanisen draws his legs up to get out of Zan’s way.

Myrd snorts. “You’ll get over it when you hear your part in it, and when you find a use for this.” He gestures to the rather hefty purse that is just visible in his open satchel.

Zan’s eyes glint with interest. “I’m listenin’, pretty boy.”

Loc straightens, his full attention on Myrd.

Myrd grunts out, “I expect that knight who’s been making it his business to mess around in our business to be back any day from the little chase I sent him on. I want you to keep an eye out for him and do whatever you have to to make sure he doesn’t become a nuisance again.” He places the emphasis firmly on ‘whatever’.

Zan’s face twists into a disconcerting smirk. “Oh, I kin do that for ya, pretty boy. No worries ’bout your little knight.”

Lanisen looks slightly doubtful about Zan’s knight-dispatching abilities, but he very wisely keeps his mouth shut.

Loc gives a dark smile.

Myrd smirks in kind. “I expect you’ll make sure he isn’t as pretty as me when you’re done with him.”

Zan grins mockingly. “Nobody’s pretty as you, pretty boy.”

Loc gives a soft chuckle.

Myrd snorts in response.

Lanisen stands and heads into the cavern, nodding toward the other men but not interrupting.


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