In the Archenland Forest
Eastern Archenland

You stand on a well-trod path in the forest.  To the north, mountains separate Narnia from Archenland  To the south you see the continuing expanse of the Archenland forest. The path continues westward through the forest in one direction, and in the other, curves away to the northeast, toward Anvard.

Lanisen heads up the path, apparently wandering aimlessly. He has a half-eaten (incredibly juicy) peach in one hand, making an unfortunate mess of his sleeve.

Jana wrinkles her nose at the sight of Lanisen’s sleeve. “Hungry?”

Lanisen glances up at her mid-bite and mms an incoherent response. “Starving,” he replies cheerfully as soon as he’s able.

Jana tactfully covers most of her disgust. “Maybe try a nut next time.”

Lanisen mehs. “There’s more to peaches. And they taste better.”

Jana says, “Clearly.”

Lanisen eyes her. “What, am I not allowed to eat a peach now?” he asks, his tone slightly petulant.

Jana raises her brows. “Did I say that?”

Lanisen scowls. “Well, no, but…” He finishes off the peach and throws the pit away, only now noticing the sticky wreck of his sleeve. He grimaces and turns his arm so the worst of it isn’t visible. “So where’s Myrd? What’re we supposed to be doing now?”

Jana brushes past him (notably on the clean side), moving deeper into the woods. “We lay low.”

Lanisen turns to follow and groans at the response. “Ugh. For how long?”

Jana says, “However long it takes.”

Lanisen mutters something about how that’s ALWAYS the answer. But it could’ve been something else too. “What’s ‘it’ this time, then?”

Jana looks devious as she continues to move through the forest. “Myrd’s found himself a pretty little maiden and fallen quite hard for her, I understand.”

Lanisen blinks, his eyebrows shooting up. “/Myrd/?”

Jana blinks right back at him. “Don’t look so surprised.”

Lanisen looks even more dumbfounded. “Myrd’s…?” He eyes Jana. “You’re having me on.”

Jana smirks. “I ain’t. He is.”

Lanisen rolls his eyes. “No, seriously. What’s the plan?”

Jana says, “Myrd’s chasin’ after Avery. Gonna use her to get inside.”

Lanisen says, “Oh.” He wrinkles his nose. “Thought she was with that knight… the one that got… um… de-… un-… who isn’t a knight anymore.”

Jana blinks. “What?”

Lanisen waves one hand impatiently (sending peach juice flying). “That knight. Sir Colin. Aren’t they sort of together? A thing?”

Jana dodges the juice and holds up a finger. “Hold on a tic. Sir Colin’s not a knight?”

Lanisen frowns. “Yeah – ‘s what those maids were saying, anyway… it’s all they’ll talk about. You /said/ to get information,” he reminds her accusingly.

Jana’s eyes widen. “No, no, no, that’s /good/.”

Lanisen asks, “Good? Oh. Yeah.”

Jana asks, “Have you told Myrd that?”

Lanisen shrugs and shakes his head. “Haven’t seen him around. Just heard it last night.”

Jana asks, “You tell him first chance you get, hear?”

Lanisen says doubtfully, “He’s prob’ly already heard…”

Jana says, “If he ain’t heard, you’ll be up about twelve notches in his favor. Might even rise above Loc.”

Lanisen glances quickly at Jana, his expression very briefly hopeful. He turns it immediately into a ‘meh’ sort of grimace. “Think he’ll be able to use it?”

Jana shrugs. “Better to have more information than necessary over less, eh?”

Lanisen hmms at this and shrugs. “I’ll tell him…”

Jana grins. “Knew you’d agree with me.”

Lanisen asks, “So how long’s Myrd gonna be busy? We gotta be here the whole time?”

Jana shrugs. “Long’s it takes for him to get in the castle and find the goods. Then we sneak in with him, make off with the loot, and Avery gets her little heart broke.

Lanisen grins, apparently pleased by the plan. “But what happens if she gets wise…?”

Jana looks wicked indeed. “Then she becomes my property.”

Lanisen looks repulsed. “You mean we’d have to drag her around?”

Jana says, “Might.”
Jana says, “Or we could off her.”

Lanisen looks startled, but covers it with a noncommittal ‘ehh’ noise. “Be messy.”

Jana waves him off. “What happens to her is not truly your concern.”

Lanisen says, “Oh. Right.” He glances down, then looks back up hopefully. “Meaning I got a concern in all this?”

Jana shrugs. “Sure, why not.”


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