39 winks

Lancelyn Green
Middle Archenland

You find yourself in a well built, fairly large loft. The wood planks comprising the floor are almost completely covered in hay.  There are several piles of hay as well as a few bales to provide makeshift seating. Extra tools and equipment have also managed to find their way here. As you move a soft crunch, as well as the occasional squeak of wood greets your ears. There is a small window open to the road to the south.

As the loft extends back there are openings for the hay to be thrown down. A small gray kitten perches atop one of the bales grooming herself. With the smell of fresh hay and a rather cozy arrangement it is one of the more pleasant areas of the stable to be.

Lanisen is curled up against the wall next to the window as usual, ostensibly watching the road below. He seems to have lost track of this occupation, however, as he is quietly snoring.

Jana has been sewing something, an occupation that she appears to have been at for some time. It is not long after Lanisen has started snoring that she clicks for the kitten and squeezes it into mrowling once she has it in her hands.

Lanisen twitches at the first mrowling noise and jerks upright as it continues. He blinks blearily across at Jana and groans, “Oh, stop…”

Jana scritches the kitten between the ears and lets it go. “Think that’s annoying, you should hear your snoring.”

Lanisen mutters, “Wasn’t snoring.”

Jana snorts.

Lanisen laces his fingers and stretches his arms out in front of him. He lets his head thunk against the windowframe and heaves a sigh, giving every indication of falling asleep again.

Jana says, “You sleeps so much during the day, you ain’t gonna be able to sleep when you’re supposed to.”

Lanisen says, “Ain’t anything else to do. /I/ don’t care when I sleep.”

Jana says, “Yeah, well, the rest of us don’t care to be bothered by all your snorting in your slumber.”

Lanisen shoots her a glare and rubs his nose self-consciously.

Jana says, “You ain’t sick, are you.”

Lanisen blinks. “No.”


Loc stares idly at the ceiling.

Lanisen is propped up against the wall next to the window, arms on his knees. His mouth is half-open, and he is snoring obnoxiously.

Loc grabs a piece of straw and aims. He tosses it–the straw flies through the air and lands precariously on the edge of Lanisen’s mouth.

Lanisen inhales, straw and all, and wakes up coughing and gagging.

Loc smirks and looks over. “Mornin’ Sunshine.”

Zan comes climbing up from below.

Jana snorts, watching over her sewing.

Lanisen spits out the straw and wipes his mouth, sitting up. He coughs a couple more times and glares at Loc.

Loc sits up. “Careful Lanny. Your mighty snore might scare off the commoners but it could attract some unwanted attention from the braver locals.”

Lanisen groans, rolls his eyes, and settles back against the wall. “Don’t know what you people have against lettin’ a guy get some sleep around here.”

Loc snorts, “Sleep yes. Make all that racket? No.”

Lanisen says irritably, “I don’t snore! Leastways, not as much as any of /you/!”

Loc rolls his eyes.

Jana says, “Honey, you ain’t never heard yourself, clearly.”

Loc hehs, “No. But that’d require more talant then any man has yet had.”

Lanisen snorts, pulls his hood up over his face, rests his head on his arms, and tries once again to get to sleep.


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