Lanisen is seated on the same bed he’s been using, leaning against the wall. He looks exhausted, and stares at the wall opposite as if deep in thought.

Loc lays on his back, staring at the ceiling. His expression is grave.

Lanisen stirs finally and glances over at Colin. Once he has ascertained that the knight is asleep, he stands and approaches Loc, taking a seat on an empty bed near him.

Loc looks at Lanisen. His eyes are red rimmed and are uncharacteristically sad. “Hey. How you feeling?”

Lanisen shrugs. “Fine… uh.” He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly and glances over at Colin again. “He, uh… he told me what you did. I… thanks.” He looks briefly over to Loc and quickly down at his hands. “You didn’t have to… and I…”

Loc sits up, looking at his feet. “You’re a good kid Lanny. You don’t deserve to be caught up in this mess.”

Lanisen hehs, his shoulders slumping. “Neither do you,” he responds.

Loc says, “I went to Lady Rosalind.” His voice wavers a bit and his lip spasms. “She’s going to write to Lord Dar as well. I’m hoping there’s a chance you might be able to go home. You were never really part of the problem.”

Lanisen blinks. “You…” He swallows and rubs his forehead, then glances behind him at Colin again. He lowers his voice and draws a delicate pin from his pocket. “Jana asked me to give this to you,” he explains in a whisper. “I would have sooner, but there wasn’t a chance, and then Colin…” He places it into the other man’s hand carefully, as if handing over something of great value.

Loc looks down at the pin, eyes narrowing. “When?”

Lanisen says quietly, “Couple days ago. Same day I ran into him.” He indicates Colin.

Loc sighs heavily, rolling it back and forth with a finger in his palm. “Then you haven’t seen her since the day you were captured?”

Lanisen shakes his head. “Haven’t seen anybody. ‘Cept you.”

Loc looks relieved. He swallows and leans closer, his voice low. “You won’t ever be seeing Zan again. Dunno what’ll happen to Jana.” He stows the pin in a pocket in his tunic. He grimaces. “I shouldn’t keep it.”

Lanisen says, “Yes, you should. She wants you to have it.” He regards Loc seriously, only then asking, “Zan?”

Loc motions to the cot. “I’ll tell you more later. You still look rough– and this might not help your condition. Get some more rest.”

Lanisen sighs, turning back toward his cot. “My condition,” he gripes, joking through the fear and weariness. “Make it sound like I’m havin’ a kid or somethin’.”

Lanisen curls up and is soon asleep.


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