Room 7
Sun and Moon Inn

Lanisen is sniffing absently at the dried flowers in the vase. He jerks his head back a moment later and sneezes violently – apparently it’s hard to dust things with petals.

Colin glances over at him, his expression conveying mild bemusement.

Lanisen wipes his nose and pauses, his face screwed up into the expression you get when you’re just about to sneeze but can’t quite manage it. He taps his foot, then sneezes again several times in quick succession. “What?” he demands when he can talk again.

Colin smirks slightly. “Done yet?”

Lanisen groans and plops down against the wall. “Hate… dust. Hate… waiting. How long we been in here?”

Colin snorts and looks to the door. “Too long…”

Lanisen glances at Loc, checking to see that he’s really asleep. Apropos of nothing, he says, “Makes sense, now, why you wouldn’t steal. Before.”

Colin hehs quietly.

Lanisen is quiet for a moment. “Did they give you food an’ such when you needed it?”

Colin shakes his head.
Colin says, “It had to be as real as it would have been if it /were/ real.” to you.

Lanisen considers this. “It woulda got back to ’em if you /had/ stolen somethin’, huh?”

Colin peers at him. “I was willing to stoop to it if it was required to get into your group, then make amends for it later.” He admits after a time.

Lanisen hms softly. He falls silent, his forehead creasing, then asks, “What if it required… y’know. More. Hurting someone.”

Colin hehs. “Well now, that goes against everything I stand for.”

Lanisen points out, “So does stealin’, don’t it?”

Colin says, “At least stealing can be fixed afterwards.”

Lanisen says, “You know he woulda required more’n just pick-pocketin’.”

Colin says, “I would have dealt with that when it came to it.”

Lanisen asks, “/How/?”

Colin says, “Somehow.”

Lanisen rubs the bridge of his nose and leans his head back against the wall, scoffing tiredly.

Colin runs his fingers through his longish hair. “I had some ideas.”

Lanisen raises his eyebrows, glancing at Colin.

Colin raises his eyebrows back.

Lanisen sighs and falls quiet. “Wouldn’ta worked,” he says gloomily. Who knows why he’s grumping over this, probably just ridiculously bored.

Colin shrugs. “Doesn’t matter.”

Lanisen says, “Guess not.”

Colin gives Lanisen a rather…odd look, as if he’s sizing him up.

Lanisen returns the look, mildly bemused. “‘Smatter?”

Colin offers nothing, quietly returning the look.

Lanisen shifts uneasily and looks away after a moment.

Colin turns his head after a moment and stares into the flames of the fire.

Lanisen glances back at the knight, his expression befuddled, as if he’s trying to figure out what that was all about.

Colin remains silent.

Lanisen finally sighs and stands to aimlessly pace – cross the room, pause at the window, cross the room, pause at the fire.

Colin finally asks. “What bee is in your bonnet?”

Lanisen replies irritably, “My rear’s fallin’ asleep.”

Colin replies sardonically. “Oh, is that the only thing bothering you?”

Lanisen replies, equally sarcastic, “At the moment.”

Colin says, “I’m rather surprised.”

Lanisen shoots him an inscrutable Look and resumes his pacing.

Colin keeps his thoughts to himself, but continues to give Lanisen his own Look, which is probably rather unnerving.

Lanisen ignores this for five minutes or so, then finally blurts, “/What/?”

Colin says evenly, “You tell me.”

Lanisen makes a big show of sitting back down in what is becoming *his* spot against the wall. “Happy?”

Colin says, “Not especially.”

Lanisen groans.

Colin merely raises his eyebrows.

Lanisen draws his knees up and drops his forehead onto them, lacing his fingers behind his neck. “I’m, I’m antsy,” he mumbles. “That’s all.”

Colin mms amiably, almost as if he were saying “Is that a fact?”

Lanisen sighs. He raises his head and looks at Colin narrowly. “You know somethin’ you ain’t sayin’?”

Colin shrugs, and starts poking the fire with a half-burnt stick.

Lanisen presses, “Did you hear somethin’ from outside? Are we gettin’ out of here?”

Colin says, “I’ve heard nothing.”

Lanisen sighs again and lowers his head back onto his knees.

Colin stays unnervingly silent.

Lanisen frowns, un-grumping enough to ask, “You all right?”

Colin says, “Yes, fine. Nothing on /my/ conscience.”

Lanisen raises his head, watching Colin, confused and wary.

Colin raises both eyebrows at him.

Lanisen says, “Spit it out, then.” He pauses and adds belatedly, “Please.”

Colin pauses. “I’m not sure you want me to.”

Lanisen says, “What’s that s’posed to mean?”

Colin asks, “Remember what I told you when this all started?”

Lanisen shifts. “Said a lot of things when this all started.”

Colin says, “I told you that if you cooperated and told me everything things would go a lot easier on you.”

Lanisen stills. “I remember,” he says cautiously.

Colin keeps looking at him for a few minutes before he adds a log to the fire. Watching the flames lick the wood, he says “Good.”

Lanisen closes his mouth, watching Colin.

Colin gives Lanisen another look.

Lanisen just waits.

Colin asks, “Have you been completely honest with me, Lanisen?”

Lanisen replies, “Everything I’ve told you is true.” He pauses, ducks his head, and
amends, “Well, ‘cept my name, at first. And Loc’s name. But you know those now.”

Colin shifts and sits with his back to the wall next to the fireplace. “And what you haven’t told me?”

Lanisen says, “How can somethin’ I ain’t even said be true or false.”

Colin says, “Deception falls into both spoken and unspoken.”
Colin presses. “Would you agree?”

Lanisen says after a moment, “S’pose so.”


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