friendly noises

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Lanisen emerges from the kennels in rather a hurry, in hot pursuit of a little yappy harrier dog making a bid for escape. “Noo no no no, get /back/ here!”

Aren comes out of the forge just as the puppy is running away. He quickly gets in front of the dog and catches it as it runs into him.

Lanisen stops short as Aren intercepts the dog. “Ah. Um. Thanks.” He glances around the ward, aware that he’s made quite a scene, and rubs the back of his neck. Only then does he recognize the blacksmith from the other day, and he flushes slightly.

Aren looks up and notices the man is the same person as the other day. He offers the dog to him, “Sorry about the other day. I’m sure if Lord Dar has reason to give you a job at the castle you’re at least derserving of some respect.”

Lanisen takes the indignant dog, trying to keep hold of the squirming thing. He blinks at the blacksmith in suspicious confusion. “Been a long time since somebody accused me of bein’ respectable.”

Aren smiles slightly, “Perhaps we can start over, my name’s Aren.” He offers his hand.

Lanisen stares at the hand, making no move to take it. This could be because of the squirming harrier still doing its best to escape. “What’s your game?” he asks quietly.

Aren puts his hand down, “My game?” he asks.

Lanisen shrugs. “What do you want with me?” His eyes continue to scan the other man’s face suspiciously.

Aren shakes his head, “I don’t want anything.”

Lanisen shifts slightly, adjusting the dog in his arms. “Why’re you bein’ nice to me?” he clarifies levelly.

Aren says, “Because you seem a nice person.”

Lanisen says bluntly, “I’m a crook.”

Aren asks, “But Lord Dar did have a reason to trust with a job, did he not?”

Lanisen says, “You’d have to ask him.”

Aren asks, “You suppose then, that he gave you a job without trusting you’d perform it?”

Lanisen says, “Didn’t say I supposed anything.”

Aren says, “Very well, if you wish to not have any friends then I shall leave you to your work.”

Lanisen’s eyes flicker with alarm. He shifts his weight slightly in indecision, then blurts without looking at Aren, “Lanisen.”

Aren asks, “What’s that?”

Lanisen says rather impatiently, still not looking at Aren, “‘S my name, Lanisen.”

Aren smiles, “Nice to meet you Lanisen.”

Lanisen mumbles, “Yeah. You too.”

Aren says, “Well daylight is burning. I should start home. Perhaps we’ll see each other around.”

Tyre walks through the Outer Ward and into the Inner Gatehouse, too distracted to really acknowledge anyone in the vicinity.

Lanisen nearly loses the dog and grips it more firmly. He nods silently and returns to the kennels, his expression unreadable.


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