Inner Ward
Castle Anvard

Tyren stands by the well, looking winded. He hands rest on its edge, seeming to support the knight for the time being. Likely he’s had himself a hard and heavy training session.

Lanisen approaches the well from the north side of the ward, carrying a very large empty pail. He pauses on seeing the knight already there, and loiters back a little ways, probably waiting for Tyren to move on. The relatively steady traffic in the ward would make him not stand out overmuch.

Tyren does not seem inclined to move on at the moment, rather catch his breath. He pulls up a bucket and has himself a drink.

Lanisen hangs back for a while longer, attempting to look busy – wandering around the noisy ward with an empty pail. He finally glances in the direction of the kitchen, then grimaces and bites the bullet. He approaches the well, trying to keep the well housing between himself and the knight to maybe avoid notice?

Tyren has since set the bucket aside, seeming to recover his wind somewhat as he turns away from the well itself to observe passersby. Upon seeing one he apparently recognizes – one of the younger, greener knights of the castle – he hails a greeting, and the young man responds with a respectful bow. The two strike up a short conversation.

Lanisen glances at the conversing knights and makes use of Tyren’s distraction. He lowers the bucket into the well.

Tyren continues to stand with his back to the well, now looking less winded than before, as he continues a conversation with a young man, who also seems to be a knight, albeit a less experienced one. He gives a nod and a smile, the other man sweeps a bow and departs, and Tyren leans against the the lip of the well again.

Astera enters the ward with a warm cloak drawn about her. She hugs it to her tightly and smiles spying her husband. She goes to the well side and looks to the young man drawing up the bucket. “Would you spare a cup of water master well keeper?”

Lanisen nearly drops the bucket on being addressed. “Uh. Of course, my lady,” he answers, bowing.

Tyren turns at the sound of his wife’s voice, and gives her a smile as he bows. His glance shifts again, and his expression becomes somewhat more… formal, as he dips a nod to Lanisen as well. “Evening, my lady. Lanisen.”

Lanisen replies, with another bow in Tyren’s direction, “Sir.”

Astera smiles to the man, taking some water in a small cup to drink. After refreshing herself she curtseys to her husband and steps to his side. “My lord.” She greets him warmly. She looks to the young man. “It is nice to meet you Lanisen.” She inclines her head. “I don’t believe I’ve seen you around the Castle.”

Lanisen glances to Tyren before he answers, shifting his weight. “Yes, my lady,” he replies, his tone somewhat subdued. “Just… uhm… a few months now.”

Tyren says softly, apparently to himself, “That long already…”

Astera smiles, “You must have come while we were in Carmichael. Well, welcome to Anvard Lanisen. Have you found Anvard to your liking?”

Lanisen answers simply, “Yes, ma’am. Thank you.”

Astera gives a small approving nod. “And of what trade are you?”

Lanisen’s eyes dart to Tyren again, and he hesitates before answering, “I work in the kennels, my lady.”

Tyren asks simply, “Elek has been faring well, I hope?”

Astera looks pleased, “The dogs here are wonderful.” She sighs wistfully, “I haven’t been to the kennels for many months now.”

Lanisen nods quickly in answer. “Yes, sir. He’s a beautiful hound, sir.” To Astera, he replies, “They are.” While he’s still cautious in his replies, it’s quite clear both assertions are thoroughly sincere, and even a little enthusiastic.

Tyren hehs, and he quirks a faint smile. “Glad to hear it. And that’s only because he’s well taken care of. Durant’s the same, I trust?”

Astera listens quietly.

Lanisen replies, “Yes, sir, he’s fine. And the rest, too.”

Tyren nods once. “Again, I am glad to hear it.”

Astera says quietly, “I don’t recall any of the hounds by those names… are they pups?”

Lanisen hesitates, glancing to Tyren again, and says, “Durant’s Lord Dar’s hound, my lady. And Elek’s Sir Tyren’s.”

Tyren hehs and simply nods his affirmation.

Astera looks surprised, looking to her husband. “You never told me we have a hound!”
Astera looks very near offended.

Tyren hehs. “Admittedly the fact tends to slip my mind – at least, until Lord Dar arrived at court. He’s rather fond of his, after all.”

Lanisen glances between them, looking a bit uncertain. He clears his throat and withdraws a little, glancing at the pail still sitting on the rim of the well.

Astera says, “How could you ever forget you have a hound! Oh Tyren!” Though she gives a reprimand her tone is not stern. It in fact, sounds almost playful.

Lanisen glances from Astera to Tyren.

Tyren hehs again. “You forget how much traveling a knight’s prone to, Astera. He’s more likely to bring his mount along rather than his hound.”

Astera tsks lovingly. “A man forget his faithful friend? that’s rather callous.” She gives a delicate sniff, clearly teasing.

Tyren chuckles a bit. “Again, that would be Medon, more than Elek. He was my companion on my sojourn north, after all.”

Astera says, “Yes, but Medon cannot fit in our suite or come inside the Castle.”

Tyren hehs again. “I rather think he prefers the company he finds in the kennels, to be honest.”

Lanisen picks up the bucket from the rim of the well, studying the ground.

Astera looks to Lanisen, “Dear Master of the kennels, I seek to amend this neglect and be at once introduced to this hound–” She pauses and looks to Tyren, “That is–if you do not mind my lord.”

Tyren hehs. “So long as I accompany as well.”

Astera blushes faintly and lowers her gaze before giving a small nod.

Lanisen glances between them again, shifting his weight. “The dogs’d prob’ly be glad to see you, my lady,” he answers.

Astera smiles a bit and motions to the kennels. “Please Lanisen, lead on.”

Lanisen flushes and glances down at his hands on the handle of the pail. “I… uh, I’m not really workin’ at the kennels right now, my lady.”

Tyren lifts a brow at this, though he does not seem particularly surprised, either, somehow.

Astera looks surprised. “You’re not?”

Tyren hehs, glancing to his wife. He says softly, “I’ve got a good idea what this is about. I’ll fill you in later.”

Astera gives a small nod, looking perplexed.

Lanisen adjusts his grip on the bucket, looking anywhere but at Tyren and Astera.

Tyren offers his wife his arm, and gives a nod to Lanisen. “Best be getting back to your duties, I think.”

Lanisen replies simply, “Yes, sir.” He smiles in return to Astera, though the expression is a bit strained and he doesn’t meet her eyes, and replies, “And you, milady.” He bows and turns toward the kitchen, the water sloshing over the sides of his pail.


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