dumb dog

Castle Anvard

Lanisen can be seen near the back of the kennels, trying to convince Elek of his peaceful intentions with the assistance of a strip of dried meat.

Tyren makes his way into the kennels clad in a fairly heavy cloak, and his face is red, as if he’s been out in cold whether for a fair amount of time. His brow arches quite noticeably at the scene before him, and strides over. Elek, for his part, does not seem moved at all, keeping near Durant and a low growl of sorts in his throat.

Lanisen seems more frustrated than intimidated, though it might be noted that he maintains a careful distance from Elek’s teeth. “Come /on/,” he mutters, then drags his fingers through his hair. “Here. See? Not. going. to hurt him. Look, here–” He extends the meat toward the growling hound, keeping his tone level and calm, as if reasoning with a two-year-old.

Tyren intervenes at this point, his voice firm, though not exactly what one could call sharp. “Easy, Elek. Here.” Elek acquiesces to Tyren’s command, padding over to the knight and sitting in his usual manner, though he still keeps his attentions on Lanisen.

Lanisen straightens as Elek heads past, turning to see who called him. He flushes and bows a greeting. He turns toward Durant, whom Elek was evidently guarding, and sits down next to him, rubbing the greyhound’s ears and peering at him anxiously. “‘Smatter with you, then?”

Tyren kneels by his own hound, absently stroking Elek – who continues to keep his focus on Durant. Apparently the knight feels some tension beneath his hand, as he says to the hound, “Must you be so serious all the time… there’s someone else here to keep an eye out, after all.”

Lanisen offers the meat to Durant, who sniffs at it and begins to gnaw on it obligingly, if a bit half-heartedly. Lanisen chews his lip, watching, and continues to stroke the greyhound’s silky fur. He glances briefly back to Elek.

Tyren hehs, glancing to Elek as well. “Been a bit protective, has he?”

Lanisen rubs the back of his neck. “Heh. Yes, sir.” His ears are a bit red.

Tyren asks, “Suppose I don’t find that surprising. He’s not easily swayed when he’s that way, either… probably should have given you fair warning of that. How /has/ Durant been faring today?”

Lanisen mutters something that sounds like, “He just don’t like me.” More audibly, he replies, “He… ah, ain’t been eatin’ as much as the other dogs. I told Master Danall… he figures it’s just one of those stomach-things dogs get. Got some stuff to help it, but he don’t hardly want to eat anythin’.”

Tyren quirks a brow, the muttering apparently not going /completely/ unnoitced, but he chooses to let it go uncommented on for the time being. “Perhaps it might be. Of course, I have my own theories, but then again, I’m no expert on the subject. I confess I’m more at home with horses than hounds.”

Lanisen asks, “Oh? What do you think it is?”

Tyren hehs. “In truth? I think it’s got something to do with the fact his master’s got something on his mind.”

Lanisen looks slightly skeptical at this.

Tyren shrugs a shoulder, continuing to stroke Elek. “As I said, I’m no expert. I’ve simply noticed Durant’s mood tends to be fairly reflective of his master’s.”

Lanisen frowns, glancing at Durant again. “If you say so, sir.”

Tyren says, “I /do/ know the two of them are quite close.”

Lanisen says, “Yes, sir.” He seems to prefer to say nothing more on the subject, sticking to diplomatic not-disagreements, and he continues to stroke the dog’s neck.

Tyren glances to his hound again as Elek fidgets, clearly wanting to be back closer to Durant.

Lanisen watches Elek as well, his face set in a grimly determined expression – he’s obviously not planning to move to accommodate the hound, now that he’s finally gotten in.

Tyren frowns a bit. “Easy, Elek. No reason to get so tense.”

Lanisen glances at Tyren briefly and back down to Durant, letting out a slightly-irritable breath through his nose.

Tyren shakes his head, somewhat bemused. “This hound of mine.”

Lanisen lets out a yeah-really sort of grunt.

Tyren glances to Lanisen again. “Although he normally doesn’t act this way without reason…”

Lanisen frowns, looking for the moment baffled instead of justly annoyed. This changes quickly to wariness. “I didn’t hurt him or anythin’, if that’s what you’re sayin’.”

Tyren hehs. “You’d give him more reason to be wary if you’d hurt one of the other hounds than him… as you’ve seen, he’s got quite the protective streak.” He glances to Elek again. “Although I don’t think he’s quite able to sort out accident from purpose.”

Lanisen lifts his eyebrows and opens his mouth, momentarily speechless. “I didn’t hurt any of ’em! I wouldn’t–I wouldn’t do that!”

Tyren holds up a hand. “Easy, Lanisen. I’m not suggesting you would, at least on purpose. Elek, however, might not perceive an accident as simply an accident.” He glances to Elek again. “In any case, /you’ve/ got to learn to loosen up a bit… though your loyalty’s admirable.”

Lanisen shuts his mouth, stung.

Tyren glances over to Lanisen. “He’s a bit wary of unfamiliar people in the first place. Give him time.”

Lanisen says, “I been around for a few months now, sir. I ain’t exactly unfamiliar.”

Tyren replies, “No, but you /were/ at one point. Chances are he’ll have kept a close eye on you then, and he might have perceived something as a threat to one of the other hounds.” He glances to his hound and ruffles his fur a bit. “Doesn’t seem quick to forget that sort of thing, either. Of all the things to rub off on you, why couldn’t /that/ have been among them…”

Lanisen doesn’t seem to fully appreciate Tyren’s explanation efforts for some reason.

Tyren says, “Whatever the case, I wouldn’t hold it against him too strongly. It’s only bound to make him more wary of you.”

Lanisen says nothing.

Tyren removes his hand from Elek, who takes this as a dismissal of sorts. The hound pads over to Durant again and plants himself by the greyhound, and keeps his focus on Lanisen – though he makes no attempt to get Lanisen to leave.

Lanisen fidgets for a moment, then picks up a length of knotted rope, probably a chew-toy of sorts, and offers it to Durant. The greyhound doesn’t show all that much interest, though he sniffs at it politely.

Tyren moves over to Durant himself, stroking the greyhound gently with the back of his hand.

Lanisen edges to one side to give Tyren room – and therefore moves closer to Elek. He shoots a glance at the dog sidelong, then sighs. “What do I gotta do to make him like me, sir?”

Tyren hehs. “I think the best manner of doing so is not to let him get under your skin, at least visibly. If you’re visibly annoyed by his scrutiny he’ll probably take it as proof that it’s justified.”

Lanisen mutters, “Does an awful lot of thinkin’, for a dog.”

Tyren says, “He’s as much a soldier as his own master, I suppose.”

Lanisen scowls a bit. “Ain’t a matter of bein’ annoyed, when he won’t let me in to do what I’m s’posed to. How come’s he gotta growl so much?”

Tyren shrugs a shoulder. “Unless it’s clear you’re hurting one of the other hounds it’ll stay a growl.”

Lanisen asks, almost challenging, “He ever growled at you, sir?”

Tyren says, “Yes. Surely you don’t expect I had his loyalty from the get-go.”

Lanisen says, “Figured you had him from a pup, actually.”

Tyren says, “Don’t know what it was about him, but he was wary of strangers even then.”

Lanisen raises his eyebrows briefly. From his look, a comment about how very terrifying puppy growls are might have just barely been held back. But we’ll never know.

Tyren says, “In any case, I’m well aware of how abrasive he can be at times. He’ll still give me a growl if he thinks I’m threatening Durant.”

Lanisen takes a moment to respond. “He don’t listen to me,” he says finally. “Can’t get him to do anythin’ at all unless you or Danall’re here. What’m I doin’… wrong?

Tyren says, “Not entirely sure… Danall would probably be better to ask than me, as I said, I’m no expert when it comes to hounds. Suppose it helps in Elek’s case to be… well, authoritative, though. He generally respects that.”

Lanisen says, “I don’t know what that means.”

Tyren chuckles. “Make sure he knows who the proper boss is.”

Lanisen says wryly, “Oh. He knows who the boss is.” Obviously, it isn’t Lanisen.

Tyren hehs, standing. “Maybe you just need to give him enough reason to rethink.”

Lanisen gets to his feet and bows, though he still seems frustrated. “I’ll try, sir.”

Tyren glances at Elek. “And in the meantime… /do/ try to lighten up a tad.” He nods to Lanisen. “I have a few things to see to. A good day to you, Lanisen.”

Lanisen says, “You too, sir.”

Tyren gives another nod, pats Elek once more, then heads out.


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