Castle Anvard

Lanisen is kneeling near the back of the kennels, armed with a bucket of soapy water and a sopping wet rag, scrubbing out one of the few actual enclosures. It looks like fairly hot, miserable work, involving much sweat and pruny hands, but it also looks nearly finished.

Tyren tucks a piece of parchment into the folds of his tunic as he makes his way into the kennels, having been perusing it beforehand. Elek perks up as the knight enters, and pads over quicky.

Lanisen sits back as he hears Tyren enter, seeming glad of the distraction, and wipes his hands on his tunic before
standing to bow.

Tyren scratches Elek’s ears as the hound sits, and gives a nod to Lanisen. “Afternoon.”

Lanisen answers, “Afternoon, sir.” He ducks a bow, then retrieves the rag to conquer the last corner, working more quickly.

Tyren hehs, letting Lanisen finish his work and turning his attentions to Elek. “And afternoon to you as well.” Elek responds with a reserved sort of small tailwag.

Lanisen glances across to them as he finishes, then kicks open the door that opens onto the narrow alleyway between the kennel building and the outer wall and dumps out the dirty soapwater. “How’re you, sir?” he ventures.

Tyren asks, “Faring well, all things considered, I would say. And as for yourself?”

Lanisen shrugs a bit. “Fine, thanks.” He turns the dripping bucket upside down and flings the rag across the room to land neatly in a pile of similarly dirtied laundry. “Just visitin’?” he asks, with a nod to Elek.

Tyren nods a bit. “I had a little time before a practice session with one of the younger knights and thought to drop by.”

Lanisen says, “I see.”

Tyren continues to scratch Elek’s ears, who seems quite content with the arrangement. “And my friend here seems to be doing well. Knowing him, that probably means Durant is doing well himself.”

Lanisen glances around the kennel in search of the other dog. “Seems to be. Not sure where he is now, prob’ly in the yard. Want me to go get him or somethin’, sir?”

Tyren hehs, shaking his head. “No need. I’m only here for a moment anyway.”

Lanisen nods. “Yes, sir.” He takes a seat on the top of the bucket and rolls down his sleeves.

Tyren gives Elek one more pat on the head. “In fact, I should probably be paying Doel a visit right now… in which case, I shall bid you a good afternoon, Lanisen.”

Lanisen stands again. “‘Course, sir. Afternoon.”

Tyren gives Lanisen a nod, and heads ou.

Lanisen bows as he leaves.


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