feud resolution

Castle Anvard

Tyren sits, rather than stands, in a corner of the kennels, rather obscured by the proximity of the large wolfhound that is Elek. The knight scratches Elek’s back, while said hound noses his master.

Lanisen’s attention is fixed on a pup of five months or so, marbled with white, brown, and grey, with intelligent eyes and paws far too big for him. Lanisen gives it a quiet order, backing away with one hand held up in a ‘stay’ signal.

Tyren speaks in low tones to his hound, too low for any words to properly carry over, though the sound is perhaps noticeable regardless. Elek continues to nose his owner, letting out little noises of his own every now and again.

Lanisen doesn’t make it too far from the pup before it gets bored with the whole obedience concept and decides following Lanisen around would be a much better use of its time. Lanisen lets out a bit of a groan and eyes the pup. “Yeah. You know better.” He sighs and scoops it up. “Oh well. You been mostly good.”

Elek settles down onto the ground, rather than remaining in his usual dignified upright position, perhaps making the knight easier to see. He continues to stroke the hound, who looks rather content with the arrangement.

Lanisen carries the pup comfortably and with confidence, draped over one arm in a position that looks like it should be awkward but isn’t, and pauses to poke the fire into a semblance of roaringness.

Tyren shifts a little, causing Elek to let out a little yelp. Tyren frowns and pats the hound on the head. “Sorry. Hard to get comfortable when there’s a dog as big and heavy as you are draped over you.”

Lanisen glances over at the yelp, juggling pup and poker to dip a bow. “Dunno what it is with big dogs that think they’re small enough to fit,” he comments.

Tyren hehs, giving Lanisen a nod. “He doesn’t often do this. Only when he thinks I might need it. Or when he’s particularly content. One or the other.”

Lanisen gives Tyren a considering glance, then says solemnly, “Definitely look like you need to be squashed, sir.”

Tyren chuckles. “I’m just lucky he’s not the exuberant type.”

Lanisen snorts. “Not like this one,” he says, hefting the pup, who seems to be intent on gnawing his fingers off. Clearly, they are The Enemy.

Tyren hehs. “Or Colin’s pup. Feisty little bundle of fur, that one.”

Lanisen drops the poker to rescue his fingers from the pup. “That litter. Either all teeth or all sleep.”

Tyren says, “So it would seem. I’d imagine they’re quite the handful at times.”

Lanisen chuckles. “Think I’d rather handle them all at once than /him/ if he decides somebody needs sat-on.” He nods toward Elek.

Tyren glances to his hound. “Hear that, Elek? Seems you’re doing your job properly, then.” Elek merely lets out a little snort.

Lanisen lowers his head and half-grins wryly.

Tyren lets out a soft sigh, of what seems to be contentment, as he moves his hand down Elek’s back, scratching all the while.

Lanisen watches for a moment, then glances around the kennel. He sighs, then approaches them both, a little hesitantly. “Figure we been at odds long enough,” he says to Elek, extending the hand not being chewed on. It hovers a foot or so away from the wolfhound, an uncertain offering. “May I?”

Elek lifts his head as Lanisen approaches, leaning over to sniff at the hand offered. He pauses a moment, then settles back down, apparently finding nothing to snarl or growl or bark at.

Lanisen flinches slightly as Elek sniffs, but holds his hand more or less steady. He darts a nervously-delighted glance at Tyren, waiting a moment, then cautiously lowers the hand to scritch gingerly at Elek’s ears.

Tyren chuckles. “Seems like he’s willing to make amends. Or whatever it is.”

Lanisen says, “Might be just ’cause you’re here.” The words are doubtful, but he can’t hide the grin on his face as he continues to stroke the hound’s head.

Tyren shrugs a shoulder. “Might. But still, it’s apparently a step.”

Lanisen withdraws his hand after a moment, stepping a short ways away. “Should probably get back to work…”

Tyren hehs and nods. “I won’t keep you.”

Lanisen says, “Thanks, sir. Have a good day.” He bows easily, glancing again at Elek, and turns to carry the pup back up the stairs.

Tyren says, “You as well, Lanisen.”


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