Servant’s Hall
Castle Anvard

Lanisen is sitting a little apart from the general bustle at one of the tables, quietly working his way through his evening meal.

Meir wanders into the Servant’s Hall looking for a loaf of bread or something to eat, he miss lunch this evening becuse one of the horses in the stable was giving birth to a Foal so he has to stay there and help her with the birthing, right now his once clean tunic is stained with drieding blood. Meir wipes the sweat from his head and takes a seat in a empty chair.

Lanisen gives the newcomer a brief glance, evidently not so focused on his stew and bread that he’s completely oblivious. He turns back to his food, then does a double-take, staring at the blood on Meir’s tunic.

Meir waits as somebody serves him a bowl of stew and some bread, but not before fussing at him for geting coming in all dirty,bloody and smelly. “I’m sorry miss but i just help delver a foal, i will clean up after i has something to eat or I will faint from hunger.”

Lanisen rolls his eyes. The mystery solved, he returns to his food, attempting to shut out the happenings in the Hall.

Meir starts to eat his meal as the woman walks off mumbing to herself about going to see the foal later.

Lanisen finishes his stew, using the last of his bread to wipe the rest of the broth from the inside of the bowl. He brushes the crumbs off the table and off his lap and stands to carry the dish back to the kitchen. The route he takes brings him fairly close to Meir.

Meir smiles as he keep eating his soup but stops when he spots Lanisen and waves to him. “Hello sir, it’s good to see you again.”

Lanisen actually looks behind him to see who Meir is talking to. Finding that it’s just him, he ducks his head, mumbles something inaudible in reply, and hurries on, likely remembering their last encounter.

Meir glares at Lanisen then remember his face, he keep looking at him watching and wonder if he even belongs in the castle.

Lanisen glances back over his shoulder at Meir just before he scuttles through the kitchen door, wary.


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