good intentions

Castle Anvard

Lanisen is kneeling near the back of the kennels, gently combing great wads of brown fur off a badly-shedding wolfhound.

Elek sits nearby, observing the process, at least until another figure walks into the kennels. He pads his way over to Tyren, and greets him with a short, amiable sort of bark.

Lanisen’s back is to the door, and random barks, amiable or otherwise, are hardly worth noting in the castle kennels. He shakes off a clump of fur clinging to his hand, then doubles over in a sneeze.

Tyren chuckles softly, ruffling Elek’s fur in his usual manner. “And hello to you too, my friend.”

Lanisen swipes his nose, then asks the hound seriously, “You gotta produce so much fur?” The hound, on being addressed, thumps his tail against the floor and licks Lanisen’s face. Lanisen sputters, gives the dog a good-natured shove, and gets back to combing.

Elek glances over to his fellow wolfhound, then back to Tyren, who chuckles again. “I take it you haven’t been subjected to it yet yourself?”

Lanisen twists to look back over his shoulder, scrambles to his feet for exactly the time necessary to bow and no longer, then plops back down next to his current victim. “Could stuff a mattress with the fur off one of ’em,” he calls. “Good thing they like it.”

Tyren looks Elek over. “Probably could.”

Lanisen pauses brushing the dog, his face contorted in a pre-sneeze grimace, takes the breath… waits for it… never mind.

Tyren hehs. “Bet you’ve had your share of those today, eh?”

Lanisen, instead of answering, simply sneezes.

Tyren says, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Lanisen sniffles, wrinkling his nose like a rabbit. “Good thinkig, dir.”

Tyren ruffles Elek’s fur again, which, amusingly enough, causes /him/ to sneeze as well. “Oy. You /do/ need it.”

Lanisen waves the brush. “‘Bout done with this one, sir. I’ll get him next.”

Tyren hehs. “My thanks.”

Lanisen, true to his word, finishes up the dog he’s working on and sends him on his way with a quick, fond scratch to the ears. The hound stands, shakes himself thoroughly, and trots off, looking quite content with his lot in life. Lanisen stands and stretches (sneezing again), and heads toward Elek and Tyren.

Elek pads over to meet Lanisen, apparently aware that he’s next, and plunks himself down, ever the model of a proper stature.

Lanisen rests a hand on Elek’s head and kneels next to him, beginning with the hound’s neck. He is still visibly more cautious with Elek than the other dogs of the kennel.

Tyren keeps a bit of distance, letting Lanisen to his work, and Durant soon makes his way over, nosing Tyren’s hand and apparently hoping for some attention, which the knight swiftly obliges.

Lanisen shifts into a more comfortable position as Elek’s discarded fur begins to pile up. “‘S better, huh? Won’t be so stuffy this summer.”

Elek seems comfortable as he is, though he maintains the serious, honorable demeanor throughout – in contrast to Durant’s amiable, tail-wagging somewhat emphatic greeting to Tyren. The knight chuckles a bit.

Lanisen hits a badly-tangled spot on Elek’s shoulder and winces. “Sorry, boy… was afraid of that…” He gingerly begins to work it out, doing his best to not cause the hound any pain.

Elek lets out a small, quiet sort of yelp, which does not do much to ruin the dignified image. Tyren chuckles and rolls his eyes a bit as he scratches Durant. “That hound of mine…”

Lanisen jumps at the yelp, quiet or not. “Sorry, sorry… almost done… there. Good dog…” He finishes working out the knot and strokes the unmatted fur apologetically. “Good boy, there’s a good boy.”

Elek noses Lanisen in an appreciative sort of manner.

Lanisen finishes quietly, except for the occasional sneeze, then rubs the huge dog’s ears. “Should be better now, sir,” he says toward Tyren, and heads to the back for a broom.

Elek again noses Lanisen, then pads back over to Tyren and noses him, which is quickly returned by more petting. “Thank you.” He glances to the remnants of Elekhair, and says, “Clearly it was needed…”

Lanisen says dryly, “You oughta see the pile in the rubbish.”

Tyren lets out a low chuckle, finally giving in and taking a seat on the floor of the kennels, which both hounds vying for the knight’s attention take as an invitation to huddle closer. “Ackpth! Oy, I’m glad Medon doesn’t try and do this sort of thing.”

Lanisen snickers quietly, calling another dog over to him to begin again. “Sounds potentially disastrous.”

Tyren says, “Quite.”

Lanisen returns his attention to the dog, who isn’t quite as inclined to sit still as Elek and seems to think the whole procedure a vastly amusing game for his own entertainment.

Durant and Elek, in the meantime, are content to be petted by the knight, who attempts to keep them at a somewhat manageable distance. Trying to do so to two at once, however, doesn’t work very well.

Lanisen, glancing over from time to time, just shakes his head, snickering.

Durant suddenly decides to get a bit more exuberant, surging toward Tyren and attempting to lick his face, which catches the knight completely off guard. “Hey!”

Lanisen lets out a hoot of laughter. Probably completely unrelated to Tyren’s predicament.

Elek tries to nudge Durant away a bit, while trying to retain his dignified and refined posture, which is clearly not easy – and also not exactly effective. Tyren does his best to quell Durant’s sudden display of affection, which doesn’t do much either.

Lanisen comments helpfully from across the room, “Think you’re stuck, sir.” Definitely not deriving any amusement from the situation. At all.

Tyren manages to get out between ‘Down, Durant! Down!’s, “So it would seem.”

Lanisen obviously has no intention of helping.

Elek, on the other hand (paw, whatever), ever loyal, clearly has every intent of helping Tyren, and gives Durant a bit of a firmer nudge. Unfortunately for the knight, this happens to set him off balance, and he hits the floor with a grunt, Elek not yet having realized he’s now on top of his master.

Lanisen fairly howls with mirth at this.

Tyren lets out a soft groan, glancing to Elek. “Why couldn’t you have been a harrier or something?”

Lanisen asks, “Think that’d solve matters?”

Tyren says, “Well, not entirely, but at least there wouldn’t be so much /weight/ on me when – ack!” The knight is, of course, cut off by Durant’s continued affections, which are made all the easier by Tyren’s prone position.

Lanisen offers cheekily, “Could call some beagles for you if you think it’d help.” Without waiting for an answer, he sticks his index finger and thumb in the corners of his mouth, preparing to whistle.

Tyren scuffles a bit, Elek getting off his master in the process and the efforts of the both finally quelling Durant. “I don’t think that’s necessary.”

Lanisen asks in tones of deep regret, “Sure, sir?”

Tyren sits up again, now looking rather disheveled. “Quite.”

Lanisen, now that the knight is unpinned, quells most of his snickers. Not quite all, and his voice is all too innocent when he says, “Just tryin’ to be helpful, sir.”

Tyren glances at Lanisen skeptically. “I’m sure.”

Lanisen busies himself serenely with the hound in front of him.

Tyren stands and brushes himself off, attempting to regain what’s left of his dignity. His hair remains rather unkempt, though no more so than it usually is after a spar – something the knight is likely counting on.

Lanisen, watching from the corner of his eyes, hides a smirk and says, “Don’t worry, sir. I won’t tell anybody you got knocked over.”

Tyren dips a grateful nod. “My thanks. Manage to hold my own against a King of Narnia and yet I’m downed by a hound… my /own/ hound, no less. My reputation would never recover.” He smirks a little as well.

Lanisen tsks, shaking his head in sanctimonious sympathy. “Humiliatin’.”

Tyren says, “Then again, I suppose I have borne through worse. I hope you two are happy now,” he directs towards the hounds. Elek gives Durant a pointed glance, who lets out a little whimper. He hehs and scratched both of their heads. “No harm done.”

Lanisen eyes Tyren for a moment, a rather odd expression on his face. He looks away, his humor fading, and focuses back on his task.

Tyren quirks a brow slightly.

Lanisen doesn’t explain, but he drops the playful needling. Finished with hound #3, he sends it on his way.

Durant noses Tyren’s hand again, while Elek gives Tyren something of an apologetic expression, or at least as close as a hound can come to one.

Lanisen cleans up the latest fur-mess, keeping oddly quiet.

Tyren ruffles Elek’s fur again. “It’s all right, friend. I’ll just have to give you a tussle when you least expect it in return.”

Lanisen has no comment on this.

Tyren says, “Of course, you’re not exactly easy to catch off guard. I shall have to consider it a challenge.”

Lanisen doesn’t really see any reason to interrupt the conversation.

Tyren says, “Unfortunately for you I don’t back down from those often.”

Durant seems to think that this is Strictly Between Knight and Hound and wanders over toward Lanisen.

Lanisen absently scritches the hound’s ears, murmuring something indistinct to him. His forehead is lined faintly, giving him a bemused look.

Tyren and Elek match each other’s glance for a moment, before the knight shakes his head and chuckles, ruffling Elek’s fur a little more vigorously than usual. Elek makes a bit of a face and responds by butting Tyren’s hand.

Lanisen withdraws, quietly fading into the background to complete his chores for the day.

Durant pads back over to Tyren and Elek as the knight straightens again, chuckling. “In any case, that certainly lightened me up a bit… probably can use that these days.”

Lanisen is portioning out meat for the hounds at the back table, and merely glances up briefly at Tyren’s words before returning his attention to the task at hand.

Tyren gestures at Durant and Elek. “Go on, you two. I’ve got a few things I should be seeing to. About time you two got back to… well, whatever it is you two do when I’m not in here.”

Lanisen looks up at this, but – as he has not been addressed – keeps quiet.

Durant and Elek oblige and go off into some random corner. Tyren glances over to Lanisen and gives him a nod. “My thanks again for grooming Elek, Lanisen.”

Lanisen bows, messy hands and all. “‘S my job, sir,” he replies neutrally.

Tyren says, “So it is. And a job well done is always deserving of gratitude.”

Lanisen says simply, “Thanks, sir.”

Tyren simply nods again, and makes his way out.


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