impending Angst

Castle  Anvard

Tyren makes his way into the kennels in the early evening, losing no time in finding Elek and making his way over. He grins as he ruffles the wolfhound’s fur, in response to the hand-nosing that generally serves as Elek’s greeting.

Lanisen is plopped in a far corner of the kennels, fending off a handful of harrier pups for the right to a peaceful supper.

Tyren drops to a knee, continuing to give Elek a good deal of attention. “Evening, friend.”

Lanisen shoves off one of the pups with his foot. They seem to settle on a compromise: the pup can chew the living daylights out of the much-abused boot if it leaves Lanisen’s meal alone. Lanisen glances across the room to the knight and wolfhound and chuckles under his breath, but doesn’t approach.

Tyren begins to ruffle with a bit more vigor. “Oh come on, Elek. You needn’t be so rigid /all/ the time.” Elek seems to relent a little at this, nosing Tyren again rather than remain in his usual dignified stance.

Lanisen, finishing his meal, relents. He gives the pup a quiet order, holding up the last bit of meat where it can be clearly seen, and waits until it is sitting quite still. He stands, backs away from it with one hand held up in a ‘stay’ gesture, then tosses the meat on the floor. The pup eyes it longingly, letting out a soft whine, but doesn’t move until Lanisen gives the word. And there was much rejoicing.

Tyren glances over in the direction of said rejoicing, and chuckles as he looks back to Elek. “Isn’t there still something of a puppy in there somewhere, my friend?”

Lanisen scoops up the pup and rubs its ears, praising it indiscriminately. He settles back down against the wall with the pup, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. It’s obviously been a long day.

Elek butts Tyren somewhat halfheartedly, though even this is rather unusual for the wolfhound. The knight chuckles and relents a bit, scratching Elek behind the ears. “That’s a yes. However small.”

Lanisen merely continues to stroke the pup, both of them full, warm, and comfortable – which translates, as far as boys and dogs are concerned, to sleepy.

Elek shifts a bit so as to get closer to Tyren. It seems the hound is a little tired as well, or at least desiring of further petting. Tyren chuckles again. “Something up, my friend? You seem a little different this eve.” Elek responds with a short bark, which apparently doesn’t do much to help the knight’s understanding.

Lanisen frowns slightly at this and opens his eyes, turning his head a degree to give the wolfhound a long look.

Tyren furrows his brow a bit, still keeping a hand on Elek.

Lanisen watches, his eyes darting from Elek to Tyren and back as he tries to figure out what has caught Tyren’s attention. After a moment, he ventures, “Somethin’ wrong with him, sir?”

Tyren glances over to Lanisen. “Not certain, in truth.”

Lanisen stands – rather awkwardly, as one hand is still employed cradling the pup – and makes his way over to them, dipping a quick oops-forgot bow. “What’s…?”

Tyren shrugs. “I suppose I’ve seen him act like this before. Although that tends to be when he senses there’s something bothering /me/…”

Lanisen raises his eyebrows in a well-IS-there sort of way.

Tyren hehs, ruffling Elek’s fur again. “Not particularly, no. In fact, I believe I can say I’ve been a bit more lighthearted lately than tends to be, for some reason I’ve yet to determine. Maybe he thinks that’s unusual.”

Lanisen agrees dryly, “Definitely cause for suspicion.”

Elek noses Tyren’s hand, and the knight obligingly lets him do so. “In any case, I don’t there’s reason to worry terribly just yet. Who knows, maybe he’s just having a bit of an off day… whatever those may be for hounds.”

Lanisen says, “Could be, sir.” He reaches to greet Elek, stroking the back of his neck. “All right there, hmm?”

Elek settles onto the ground, resting his head on Tyren’s boot. Tyren lets out a quiet ‘heh,’ keeping a hand on Elek’s back. “Would you keep an eye on him tomorrow, see if this persists? I’m afraid I’ve got a good deal on my plate tomorrow.”

Lanisen watches the hound thoughtfully. “‘Course, sir. What’s tomorrow?”

Tyren replies, “Few training sessions with some of the other knights that I’ve been promising for some time. My cousin also wished my presence in a meeting or two he has slated for the morrow. I will do my best to drop by myself, but I cannot guarantee it.”

Lanisen ohs. “Yeah, I’ll watch him… Master Danall’ll know better’n me what to do if he’s sick, but it’s no trouble, sir.”

Tyren nods a little. “Thank you.”

Lanisen glances again at Elek assessingly, bows to Tyren, and turns to return with the pup to his previous spot.

Durant pads over to Tyren and Elek, nosing the other hound in a questioning sort of manner.

Lanisen settles back down, closing his eyes and letting out a long breath. A crinkle remains between his eyebrows, as if he’s got too much on his mind to relax fully, but before long he looks asleep.

Tyren gives Elek one more pat on the head, and stands. He gives Durant one as well, and admonishes the other hound, “Take good care of him…. not that I doubt you will.”

Lanisen’s puppy slides off his lap and yips in protest. Finding that its human seat cushion is unresponsive, it toddles over to the Big dogs, tail wagging amiably.

Both Elek and Durant regard the puppy with an amiable sort of glance. Durant noses the pup in a gentle sort of manner, while Elek contents himself to remain down.


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