puppy power

Castle Anvard

Colin is seated against a wall with his head leaning back. A snoozing Puck is in his lap.

Lanisen clomps down the stairs, returning to the ground floor from some errand or another in the loft. At the sight of the two, he pauses mid-step, grins slightly, and continues more quietly to avoid disturbing them.

Colin’s eyes are half closed in a doze.

Lanisen sneaks past them and heads for the row of empty food dishes, most likely for some exciting times of stacking and putting-away.

Puck yips in his sleep, waking himself up. He looks around, eyes bleary.

Colin shifts a bit, his eyes remaining closed.

Lanisen makes a shooshing gesture toward the pup, glancing at Puck’s human cushion.

Puck’s tail starts to wag at the sight of the person who feeds him.

Lanisen whispers toward him urgently, “Puck, stay.”

Puck’s tail wags harder and he yips.

Lanisen grimaces and decides the best policy is just to walk away. He makes a big show of ignoring the pup. Clearly, there’s nothing Puck could do to get his attention so it’s pointless to even try.

Puck merely clambers out of Colin’s lap and tears across the room towards Lanisen. Not only does he start to bark to demand attention but the other dogs chime in, causing quite a ruckus.

Lanisen squinches up his face in a silent expression of something to the effect of, “GAHHHHHHH.”

Colin sluggishly lifts his head, eyes opening. “Ugh.”

Lanisen bends down and scoops up Puck briskly. “/You/,” he mumbles under his breath. “Never listen, never do what you’re s’posed to, always causin’ trouble.” He scritches Puck’s ears gently and rests an affectionate hand on his head before he deposits him back in the knight’s lap. “Sorry, sir. Didn’t mean to steal him, honest. You can go back to sleep.”

Colin peers around himself in a confused just-woke-up daze. “Why am I asleep here…” he grunts, his voice kind of hoarse.

Lanisen says matter-of-factly, “‘Cause you got a pup on your lap.”

Colin ughs and rubs his stiff neck.

Lanisen snickers quietly. “You ain’t the first, sir. You all right?”

Colin coughs in response and lays a hand on Puck. “I suppose so.”

Lanisen frowns slightly and shifts his weight, studying Colin. “You sure?”

Colin nods, then grimaces as his face is lick attacked. “Ugh, Puck!”

Lanisen hesitates anxiously.

Colin pries the puppy from his face and holds him at arms length.

Lanisen asks, “You been feelin’ any better?”

Colin clears his throat and shoos Puck towards Lanisen. “Not especially.”

Lanisen kneels to entertain the pup, absently rough-housing with him. “Heh.”

Colin says, “Adrian’s concoctions aren’t helping.”

Lanisen, not looking at Colin, asks, “Think it’s maybe… I know some people get to feelin’ sick around critters. Think it’s maybe… somethin’ like that?”

Colin ehs. “Nah.”

Lanisen hms quietly, allowing Puck to wrestle his sleeve. “You been sick quite a while.”

Colin nods, reaching out to tweak Puck’s tail. “Couple weeks at least.”

Puck whirls to face this new attacker with much growling and rawring and teeth and fearsomeness.

Colin merely bops Puck’s nose with his forefinger.

Lanisen falls silent, watching them fight and using the opportunity to give Colin a long, worried look.

Colin returns said worried look with a longsuffering one. “I’m still going to Adrian.”

Lanisen says, “You just said it ain’t helpin’.”

Colin shrugs his shoulders. “Isn’t it better than not going at all? Maybe he’ll come up with something.”

Lanisen just shrugs, still looking troubled.

Colin offers him Puck?

Puck would really rather not be offered. He’d really rather keep chewing on this delicious thumb.

Colin yelps when puppy teeth sink into a particularly tender spot. He pries Puck free. “No.” He says firmly.

Lanisen snickers and reaches to rub Puck’s ears when the pup immediately backs away, tail tucked in apology. “Good boy, Puck.”

Colin nods and rubs the puppy’s back in reassurance. “Yes, good boy.”

Puck immediately tries to lick all of the hands petting him at once, still cowering in a sorry-doggy position. His tail wags sheepishly, and he scrambles up onto Colin’s lap for more such reassurances.

Colin chuckles and changes his position to accomodate the puppy. “Yes, I forgive you.”

Puck curls up on Colin’s lap, nudging the knight’s hand to make sure the snuggles and petting continues, and gazes up at him with adoring mournful puppy-eyes.

Colin raises an eyebrow at the pup, continuing to scritch his head. “When will he let me stop?

Lanisen says blandly, “He won’t.”

Colin looks to Lanisen for advice. “So what do I do?’

Lanisen advises, “Humor ‘im. It’ll get ugly otherwise.” He nods in a foreboding manner.

Colin peers at him. “Ugly how?”

Lanisen grins somewhat wickedly. “You really want to find out, sir?”

Colin arches an eyebrow. “I do and I don’t.” He finally admits with a glance to the currently content puppy.

Lanisen snickers. “You don’t.”

Colin eyes Puck appraisingly. “I think I do. You have whetted my curiosity.”

Puck, for his part, is very close to falling asleep. His eyes are closed with a canine expression of bliss on his face.

Colin stops petting him and waits.

Puck keeps dozing for a few seconds, then twitches. When Colin apparently doesn’t notice, he nudges the nearest hand in a subtle reminder that umhey, he’s there and should be petted now.

Colin refrains from petting him.

Puck wriggles awkwardly and sits up, staring full into Colin’s face accusingly, and lets out a heart-wrenching whine, complete with imploring head-tilt.

Colin raises both eyebrows in surprise. “Now that’s just pathetic.”

Puck yip-whines a reply and tries to climb Colin to lick his face.

Colin acks and tries to hold him off.
Colin sounds rather garbled. “Demanding little thing, isn’t he.”

Puck lets out one /very/ long mournful whine, so loud it’s almost a howl, and slides back down to Colin’s lap, all sad betrayal and woe-is-me.

Colin can’t take it anymore and ruefully starts petting him again.

Puck is immediately miraculously restored, wiggling happily with about twice as much apparent energy as before. He lunges for Colin’s face again, and just /try/ to hold him back.

Colin just gives up and flops backwards with the pup’s momentum.

Puck wobbles as Colin moves and settles the issue of balance by flopping across his human’s chest.

Lanisen hoots with laughter. “Toldja. Ain’t nobody can resist /that/.”

Colin groans.

Lanisen snorts. “Come on, he ain’t /that/ big.”

Colin gives Lanisen a look.

Lanisen mumbles, “Well, he /ain’t/.”

Colin says, “You do it, then.”

Lanisen replies primly, “Have. Lotsa times.”

Colin chuckles. “Experienced in the art of puppy guilt, eh?” He turns Puck loose.

Lanisen says, “I know when I’m beat.”

Colin throws a toy for Puck and slowly gets to his feet, looking rather weary. “If anything he’s endless entertainment.

Lanisen watches Puck scramble to chase down and kill the toy and agrees, “He is that.” As Colin stands, he glances up and does the same, standing at a respectful distance. He looks about to comment on Colin’s apparent health (again), but bites his lip and stays quiet.

Colin hehs and affectionately clouts Lanisen on the shoulder. “Not to worry. I’ve always been a slow healer. I’ll be better before you know it.”

Lanisen replies doubtfully, “Yessir.”

Colin chuckles. “Going to head in anyway. Sleep helps.”

Lanisen nods. “‘S what I’ve heard. Take care, sir.”

Colin nods. “You too, Lanisen. Have a good evening.”

Lanisen answers, “You too.”

Colin walks out of the Kennels to the Outer Ward.


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