water cooler talk

Inner Ward
Castle Anvard

Lanisen crosses the ward in the late evening, heading for the still-lit kitchens, and pauses to splash water on his face and hands at the well.

Tyren strides out from the infirmary, rotating a shoulder and rolling his neck out a bit.

Lanisen dips a cup of water from the bucket and drinks it, refills the cup, and dumps the contents over his head. He shakes his head, dog-like, sending droplets flying, and lets out a small of satisfaction. He does not see Tyren.

Tyren pauses briefly in the ward, then makes his own way toward the well. It is a moment before he recognizes Lanisen, saying simply, “Evening,” as he approaches.

Lanisen actually startles at the voice, turning quickly to see the knight. “Sir, evenin’,” he replies, hastily bowing. He dumps the water from his use and quickly draws up a fresh bucketful, standing aside so Tyren can use the well.

Tyren nods his thanks, having a drink of his own, then splashing a bit onto his face. “Much better.” He glances back to Lanisen. “Adjusting, I hope?”

Lanisen gives him a quick assessing look, then answers, “Yes, sir, thanks.”

Tyren nods slightly, looking perhaps somewhat relieved to hear this. “Good.”

Lanisen amends under his breath, “Tryin’, anyway.”

Tyren hehs. “Which is all that is necessary. Adjustment never happens in the blink of an eye, after all…”

Lanisen eyes the ground. “Didn’t s’pose so, sir.”

Tyren simply nods again, rotating his shoulder again with a faint grimace.

Lanisen watches, his eyes flicking questioningly between the motion and Tyren’s face. “Spar?” he guesses.

Tyren nods. “Sir Colin managed to get a fair few good knocks on me. Been a while since our last one, I’d forgotten how quick he can be.”

Lanisen agrees, looking down, “Sir Colin’s pretty quick.”

Tyren says, “So he is. Makes for a bit of a tricky opponent for someone less agile… such as myself. Good spar, though. Much needed.”

Lanisen rubs a thumb along the scar on his neck, perhaps unconsciously. “‘S good, sir.”

Tyren asks, “As much for the company as for… expending. But I’m rambling. Has my cousin made mention of when he plans to depart for Carmichael?”

Lanisen shifts his weight abruptly. “N-not to me, sir. I… uh, I haven’t asked.”

Tyren nods a little. “Yet to hear a proper date from him myself… I shall make mention next I see of him, I suppose. I know he planned on doing so soon.”

Lanisen is visibly agitated by the mention of the trip, but all he says is, “Yes, sir, I think so.”

Tyren hehs. “What he told me last I brought it up, at least.”

Lanisen says again, keeping his eyes down, “Yes, sir.”

Tyren asks, “Haven’t seen much of him lately… then again, I know how busy he gets. Been keeping you busy as well, I suppose?”

Lanisen shrugs slightly and mumbles that he guesses so, yeah.

Tyren nods. “Hopefully that’ll ease things on him a bit… Lion knows he can /use/ it.”

Lanisen looks distinctly uncomfortable at this. “I–I’m tryin’. There’s a lot of stuff he said… I got no idea about. Not sure why–” He cuts himself off there.

Tyren quirks a brow faintly, leaving this as his reply.

Lanisen shifts a little, and, staring at the ground, confesses, “Just ain’t sure how I’m gonna… how I’m gonna be any help to– to Lord Dar, least not for…”

Tyren lifts a brow slightly. “Not for what?”

Lanisen shrugs. “Well… for however long it takes me to… to figure stuff out, so he don’t always got to be tellin’ me how to do it.”

Tyren hehs. His tone is perhaps a little quieter than might be expected as he says, “My cousin’s patience is not easily strained. I am sure you will learn in time, and he will be as understanding as he can in the meantime.”

Lanisen doesn’t look particularly reassured, but he accepts this with a nod and a subdued, “Yes, sir.”

Tyren says, “So long as you can demonstrate you’re making an honest effort.”

Lanisen’s expression twists a bit, but he only nods again.

Tyren’s brow lifts a bit again. “Is there a problem?”

Lanisen shakes his head slightly, keeping his eyes down. “No, sir. I’m grateful to Lord Dar, an’ I’m… I’m doin’ the best I can.”

Tyren simply nods a little.

Lanisen rubs his forehead with one hand and offers nothing further.

Tyren says simply, “All any of us expect, when it comes right down to it, really.”

Lanisen says quietly, “Yeah, so I’ve heard.”

Tyren shrugs a shoulder. “Felt the need to vocalize it again, I suppose. Easy to forget that sometimes, due to… the actions of others. However… unintentional and inadvertent it might have been.”

Lanisen studies the knight silently at this for a moment. “What’re you talkin’ about, sir?” he asks after a moment, his tone cautious.

Tyren replies, “I’m speaking about the fact that I feel I may have… made you feel otherwise. It was not my intention to do so, but… I make mistakes as well.”

Lanisen shifts and looks down, obviously not certain how to react to what Tyren is saying.

Tyren runs a hand through his hair. “I had hoped my intentions would have made themselves evident through my actions… but I suppose I didn’t do that well enough. I am only human, after all…”

Lanisen keeps his eyes on the ground and takes a breath, looking quietly ashamed.

Tyren seems unsure what more to say himself.

Lanisen doesn’t move for a minute, doesn’t look at Tyren. Then, “If there’s nothing else, sir?”

Tyren pauses a moment, then shakes his head slightly, his tone again quiet. “I don’t think there is. At least not from my end.”

Lanisen nods, still not looking at the knight. He hesitates, then bows and turns to leave the ward.

Tyren nods in return, saying simply, “Take care, Lanisen.”

Lanisen mumbles a reply, but is already too far away to be heard clearly.


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