en route

Lancelyn Road
Middle Archenland

The road wends gently along the edge of the open and scattered woodlands that can be seen encroaching upon the eastern part of this region.  To the west, the more open country of the plains can be seen rolling gently in low hills, and you can make out the telltale rooftops of the town of Lancelyn Green.  The road here turns toward it.

The Sun and Moon Inn can be seen to the east here, neatly nestled into the trees.  The structure looks to be quite old, but it has the proud gleam of a structure reclaimed and refitted, and it appears to be a pleasant place to pass the night.  You can smell the pleasant aroma of something cooking in the pub.  The road continues north to the Northern Path here.

Dar looks little the worse for wear upon arriving in Lancelyn Green, despite the hours they have spent upon the road. He halts Celeres to allow the stallion a brief moment to rest.

Lanisen, for his part, looks exhausted. He straightens as the horses slow and stop, stretching out his shoulders, and eyes the inn with startled misgivings.

Dar follows the lad’s gaze, his brow furrowing as he weighs his own desire to press on against Lanisen’s obvious fatigue.

Lanisen glances back at Dar from the inn with his eyebrows raised in an unspoken question, looking slightly apprehensive.

Dar raises his own eyebrow in return, looking particularly like his cousin as he does.

Lanisen rolls his shoulders again, but makes no move to dismount. “Are we stoppin’ here, sir?”

Dar replies evenly, “That depends on you. I am accustomed to passing several days at a time in the saddle. I would not press you beyond your limits, though.”

Lanisen glances again at the inn. He shifts into a slightly-more-comfortable position in the saddle. “I can keep goin’.”

Dar nods in acquiescence. “Very well, then.” The shrewdness of his gaze might suggest that he suspects Lanisen has other reasons for wishing to avoid the inn.

Lanisen stretches one more time, looking tired and already-sore, and winds a clump of Pelrith’s mane into a hand-hold. He avoids Dar’s look.

Dar nudges Celeres into motion. He gives no sign of what he understands from Lanisen’s behavior.

Lanisen follows, keeping quiet and focusing on the road ahead of them.


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