from colin, 17 lionheart

You receive a Letter! Written on brown parchment, it is properly sealed with wax and the signat of Sir Colin of Nieklot (if you can tell)

Dear Lanisen,

If you have never received mail before, and I suspect you haven’t, surprise! I apologize for the brevity of this note but…yes. But. That should be enough to satisfy your insufferable curiosity. I hope all goes well in Carmichael. They say no news is good news but I think that ‘they’ are constantly drunk and have no idea what they are talking about.

Just so you know, Puck misses you more than I think is healthy. Shouldn’t he be more attached to his master than the person who practically raised him for a while? I am insulted and want you to know that.

In case you were wondering, letters are supposed to be full of news and sentiments of how much a person misses the other, wish you were here and the like. Rubbish. I’ve never understood that kind of nonsense and am relieved that you agree and will therefore strike it from the agenda.

As for the news – nothing that cannot wait.

-Sir Colin


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