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Lancelyn Green — Middle Archenland

Lanisen returns to the loft late in the day. He sets a small bundle of parcels down near their packs, drops down onto a haybale, and rubs his hands over his face.

Colin is laying on his bedroll, absently reading a book. He glances up when Lanisen arrives. “Hey.” he mumbles a distracted greeting.

Lanisen drops his hands. “Hey,” he returns. He looks at the book for a minute, then asks, “How’s the hand?”

Colin flexes his fingers carefully. “Little sore…”

Lanisen kicks over one of the parcels. “Some new salve in there. Town apothecary swears by it.”

Colin reaches for the package. “Thanks. I could have picked it up.”

Lanisen says, “I was out anyway.” He rests his elbows on his knees, watching a beetle trundle its way across the floor.

Colin glances over at him and removes his bandage to apply some of the new salve. “How’re you today?”

Lanisen says, “Fine.” He watches Colin’s bandage-wrangling. “Lady Rosalind says hello.”

Colin carefully applies the salve, wincing as he does so. “Got to see her, did you? How is she?”

Lanisen shrugs. “Seemed fine to me.”
Lanisen mumbles “I don’t trust that woman as far as I can throw her.”, to Lanisen.
Lanisen mumbles “… don’t … … … … far as … can … her.”, to Lanisen.

Colin looks up at him. “What was that?”

Lanisen says, “Nothin’. Sorry.”

Colin ohs and concentrates on the red cut on his hand. Finishing the salve, he works at putting the bandage back on.

Lanisen watches in silence. After a moment, he shifts, hesitates, then asks, “Can I ask you somethin’?”

Colin finishes securing the bandage and looks up at him with a nod. “Sure.”

Lanisen asks, “Promise you’ll tell me straight?”

Colin eyes him for a moment and then commits with a nod. “Yes, I will.”

Lanisen asks, “Did you know about Myrd comin’ back?”

Colin blinks. “Coming back what?”

Lanisen repeats, “Did you know when he came back?”

Colin looks utterly confused, his forehead furrowing. “Coming back when? After I…brought you in?”

Lanisen says, “Yeah. ‘Bout three years ago.”

Colin reaches up and scratches his head. “No….three years ago he was already passed on and buried in the cemetary. Which coming back are you referring to? Did he come back here to Lancelyn Green before he was caught?”

Lanisen gives him an odd look. “Myrd ain’t dead.”

Colin’s eyebrows squint together at the same time his eyes widen. “What are you talking about, Lanny?”

Lanisen asks, “You didn’t know?”

Colin scratches his head again. “Know what?! I think I’d have remembered hearing rumors about him being alive.”

Lanisen looks utterly baffled. “Wow,” he says under his breath. “Um. I guess that answers that question.”

Colin’s expression appears even more baffled than Lanisen. “You’re joking, right? We buried him in the /graveyard/, Lanisen! People don’t just get up and walk away from that!”

Lanisen says, “Well. He did.”

Colin sputters incredulously, “HOW?! How in tarnation did that fool stay alive?”

Lanisen shrugs.

Colin frowns as he runs his good hand through his hair. “How did you find this out?”

Lanisen says, “Lord Dar told me.” He pauses, then admits, “And I got a… a message. Month or so after, I s’pose. I dunno, it was when we were in the–in the inn.”

Colin mutters something about being left out of the loop for everything. “What message?”

Lanisen says, “That he got out. That he was headed north. That Jana was with him.”

Colin goes utterly still. “Wait, you knew?”

Lanisen spreads his hands. “Yeah?”

Colin rubs the back of his neck, looking down at the ground. “How many years ago was that?”

Lanisen says, “I dunno. Four? I thought you knew!”

Colin retorts, “No, apparently I’m the only one in Archenland who /didn’t/ know!”

Lanisen says, “I’m sorry, all right?”

Colin groans and drops back down onto his bedroll, both hands over his eyes.

Lanisen stares at him. He lets out a little scoffing breath and rubs the bridge of his nose.

Colin says, “Why did you ask me if I knew.”

Lanisen says, “Because I didn’t know.”

Colin releases a sigh. “Lord Dar told you…even though you already knew…how did he find out?”

Lanisen says, “I’m… I don’t know, I think– I don’t know.”

Colin asks, “Has anything been done about it?”

Lanisen asks, “How would I know? They don’t exactly tell me stuff.”

Colin makes a frustrated noise. “Makes two of us.”

Lanisen gets up and paces around. “He broke into Loc’s /house/,” he mutters finally.

Colin blinks several times and sits up again. “He did /what/? Why?”

Lanisen says, spreading his hands, “I don’t know, I don’t know why, he gave him a map of the castle I guess but why would he do that, I’m pretty sure that map was bad anyway– sir I think he was trying to trick Loc into going after Shenzi and getting caught.”

Colin’s blinking mechanism seems to be broken because it becomes a little sporadic. “A map…of Anvard?”

Lanisen says, “Yeah, but it’s–I got a look at it one time, a long time ago, it’s s’posed to have secret passages and stuff, and I–” he glances guiltily at Colin. “I looked for ’em and didn’t find anything. And Myrd didn’t get out that way, so I bet it was a bust.”

Colin rubs his forehead. “Who has this map?”

Lanisen says, “Loc says he gave it to Tyren.”

Colin lays back down on his bedroll, his hands on his chest, which lift periodically as he talks. “Of course he did. Well, glad to know it’s in less suspicious hands.”

Lanisen asks, “Are you mad?”

Colin says, “No. Maybe. I don’t know. No.”

Lanisen looks away.

Colin rolls to an upright position on his knees and grabs for his quiver in the pile of stuff.

Lanisen says, “You’ll reopen your hand.”

Colin shrugs. “Better than fightin’ targets one-on-one.”

Lanisen snorts under his breath.

Colin mumbles a see you later and heads down the ladder.

Lanisen rubs his forehead and doesn’t watch him go.


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