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Bird and Baby Inn
Southeastern Archenland

Colin kneels on the hard floor, attempting (poorly) to roll his bedroll up tightly for travel.

Lanisen’s stuff is already reorganized and packed neatly, and he’s been elsewhere all day. He clumps up the stairs, a rough sandwich of meat and bread in one hand and his satchel in the other.

Colin finally manages to get the last leather string tied and tosses the roll onto his pile. “Ruddy thing.” he grumps. At Lanisen’s arrival, he lifts a hand. “Afternoon. You about ready to go?”

Lanisen makes an indistinct yes-ish noise, his mouth full. He lifts his satchel slightly, which is fuller than it was when he left, and offers Colin a sandwich like the one he’s eating from the tavern.

Colin mms and gladly accepts it. “Thanks.” He bites into in, chewing robustly. “Mmph. Love ‘dis shuff.” He mumbles.

Lanisen rolls his eyes and sets the satchel down. He plops on top of a trunk to watch Colin pack. “When we takin’ off?”

Colin swallows. “Soon as we’re done eatin’, unless there’s something else you need to do before we go.”

Lanisen nods, working through his food. “Whole two weeks here,” he remarks. “Didn’t run into Lord Dar or Sir Tyren even once.” He slurps bacon grease off his thumb.

Colin chuckles as he shoulders his pack. “See? It’s not so terrible.”

Lanisen says, “Never said it was.”

Colin grins. “Never said it wasn’t, either.” He shoves the last of his sandwich into his mouth.

Lanisen says, “Still though.”

Colin finishes tying everything where it needs to go and nods at him. “Ready when you are.”

Lanisen sticks the remains of his sandwich in his mouth, not all crammed in but held like a dog with a stick, uses both hands to fasten his bedroll to his pack, puts it on, and resumes eating his sandwich normally. “Mm-phmm.”

Colin taps his foot, pretending to be antsy.

Lanisen spreads his hands. “What? I’m ready. Lion.”

Colin grins at him. “Hang on, you take your time, I’m going to run into the tavern for another sandwich. I’ll meet you there.”

Lanisen mutters, “Landsakes,” and follows him.

Colin clambers down the stairs noisily.

The Bird and Baby’s Tavern

Lanisen doesn’t lag too far behind.

Colin asks Clift for another sandwich and is soon rewarded. Taking a bite, he asks Lanisen, “Nee’ anyfing elsh?”

Lanisen, standing back with his arms crossed, says, “Nope. Take all the time you need.”

Colin takes another bite out of his sandwich and motions for the door. “Les go!”

Lanisen follows after, snickering under his breath.


Staff Quarters
Castle Anvard
Eastern Archenland

You stand in a circular tower which serves as a sort of corridor. In the center is a stone pillar, around which stairs are placed, rising to the Nobles’ Quarters above. To the south is the Sewing Room. All around are small tidy rooms, the staff quarters. To the east is the Inner Ward.

Colin yawns, brushing some dust off of his tunic. “Coalblack seemed pretty happy to be back in the stables.”

Lanisen has already gone quieter, being inside the castle. He walks and holds himself differently, is careful to stay a step behind and to the right of Colin, keeps his head down. “Don’t blame him.”

Colin glances at him and gives his arm a poke. “Hey. Still my best buddy, yes?” He says with a grin.

Lanisen jumps and rubs his arm, annoyed and uneasy.

Colin releases a sigh and backs off. “All right, all right. Fine. I don’t know exactly when the hunt is, so I’ll let you know. We might actually have time to rest. Hope you have a good night.”

Lanisen mumbles, “Sorry.”

Colin lifts a hand. “’s all right. We’re both tired, yeah? Time for some sleep.” He offers a grin and touches two fingers to his forehead before he clomps up the stairs.

Lanisen says, “G’night, sir.” He hoists his satchel, glances around the corridor, and ducks into his room.


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