King’s Terrace
Castle Anvard

The royal terrace is a broad space of flagged stone, large enough to entertain a small party. It is roofed and shady, partially sheltered from the capricious mountain weather, but open to the north and west for a particularly splendid view of the sunsets. A waist-high balustrade curves along the edge, an ornamental barrier to the not insignificant drop to the ground on the other side. Ivy creeps in thick green masses up the outer pillars supporting the roof, and potted shrubs are spaced at regular intervals along the railing. A double-door flanked by picture windows leads back into the castle.

Mountains loom high to the north, the range extending into the far west.

(OOC note: the first half of chapter 15 of The Horse and His Boy goes here. It wasn’t RPed, but everybody present recorded their reactions here.)

Lanisen’s just scared out of his mind.

For anybody not in the know, Lanisen has a very questionable past and carries around a lot of guilt. Things are much better for him now in a lot of ways, but he still kind of figures one of these days there’s gonna be a reckoning. So being confronted with Aslan’s reality and enormity is really, really terrifying. What he wants most is to run.

But also he’s not sure which direction he wants to run, if you follow.

He thinks maybe if he could find somewhere nearby to hide, that would be good. He thinks if he could just stay somewhere close, out of sight, and listen to that voice for a good long while, that would be all right.

He was hurt in the siege so he doesn’t run anywhere. He just kind of keeps his head down and tries to avoid notice. Afterwards he’s very quiet and preoccupied, needs time and space to work through everything.


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