22 eveningstar 1014

Inner Ward of Anvard
Castle Anvard

Avery smooths the top paper. “As she always does. She prefers home and she is not fond of traveling, but she is enjoying her time of catching up with old friends. I am sure you will see her around soon…”

Haft leans against the wall beside the Southern Stairwell, a short distance from Peridan and Avery. His eyes scan the Ward periodically.

Peridan continues to sit on the bench, chatting with Avery. “That is good to hear and I am sure I shall, the Castle is not /that/ large.”

Lanisen passes through the ward from the direction of the kitchen. He pauses about halfway between the doors and the well, giving the gates to the outer ward a considering look.

Avery smiles. “Believe me, she will not keep to her suite much longer.” She leans closer and speaks quietly.

Haft watches Lanisen for a moment, frowning a bit.

Avery mumbles “… … … warn you…She … a very opinionated Lady…She … tell … what … … … … you don’t … to … it…”, to Peridan.

Peridan blinks as Avery sudden drops her voice. He listens quietly to her, nodding before responding back in an equal tone.
Peridan mumbles “… … for telling me. Though I am … … mother … … … … she does…have some opinions. I … … … … … person … …”, to Avery.

Avery listens and straightens. She smiles. “Then you will get along splendidly.”

Lanisen catches Haft watching him. He shifts uncertainly, frowning back.

Peridan looks up, happening to see Lanisen standing there. “Ah, Evening, Lanisen.”

Haft just watches, unflinching.

Avery looks up as well. “Hello, Lanisen.”

Lanisen looks away from Haft first, uneasy with the scrutiny. “Evening, sir, my lady,” he answers Peridan and Avery, bowing carefully.

Peridan notes the silent exhange between the two man, his mouth twitching down. He clears his throat, shooting a look at Haft before looking to Lanisen, “Please, Lanisen there is no need to bow.”

Haft meets Peridan’s eye, then turns to watch the far end of the Ward.

Avery offers a friendly smile. “How do you fare?”

Lanisen says to Peridan, “Ahh–sorry, sir. Habit.” To Avery, he dips his head politely and says, “Well enough, my lady, thank you.”

Peridan nods, “That is good to hear.”

Avery motions to the sling. “How is your arm? Or was it your shoulder…?”

Lanisen says, “It’s fine, my lady, thanks for askin’.”

Peridan assesses his arm quietly. His hand subconsciously rubs his side as well which brings a slight wince to his face.

Haft glances briefly back toward the trio, just in time to note Peridan’s movements. He scowls.

Avery smiles as she stands up. “I’m glad to hear it.” She turns slightly to face Peridan, seeing him wince. Her gaze lifts to his face and she frowns, concern evident in her features.

Lanisen catches the wince as well. “You all right, sir?” he asks tentatively.

Peridan blinks as he realizes that the others are looking at him. He stands as Lady Avery stands, “Oh yes, quite alright.”

Avery searches his face, but then nods. “I should get these music sheets to my Mother. She had asked me to find them…”

Peridan bows to Avery, giving her a reassuring smile, “Good day, Milady.”

Avery smiles in return, giving him a curtsey. “To you as well.” She steps away, glancing at Lanisen first and then Haft. “Good day, Lanisen, Haft.”

Lanisen ducks his head to Avery. “Evening, milady.”

After Lady Avery leaves, Peridan stays standing for about two more seconds before he sits down hard, grimacing. He rubs his hand over his eyes, clearly exhausted.

Seeing Avery depart, Haft rises from his place against the wall and strides over. “Lord Peridan, there is a matter I must address with you.”

Lanisen watches Peridan with real worry. He takes an instinctive step forward when the man plops down, but stops uncertainly there.

Peridan looks up at the man, “Of course, Haft.” He glances at Lanisen before looking back at Haft, “Is this a private matter?”

Haft nods. “It is. If you will pardon us Lanisen.”

Lanisen says, “Oh, er–sorry.” He ducks his head toward them again and backs away.

Haft notes Lanisen’s unease and sighs.

Peridan pushes himself to his feet, “Pardon us Lanisen.” He starts to walk towards his quarters.

Lanisen makes his way out the gates, heading for the outer ward.


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