unspecified jubilation

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Lanisen passes through the outer ward. He seems to be limping less today, and he has an odd, distantly happy look on his face that seems distinctly out of character for him.

Haft stands on duty next to Perth beside the Inner Gatehouse. He scans the ward, catching sight of Lanisen and noting his demeanor with mild curiosity.

Lanisen grins at a man carting cabbages and makes his way on to the gatehouse, head held up. His gaze lands on Haft, and his glad, slightly dazed demeanor barely flickers.

Haft’s eyes meet Lanisen’s without meaning to. He offers a small nod accompanied by a sad sort of half-smile.

Lanisen’s glance slides on to Perth, not avoiding Haft, just barely noticing him. He gives both guards a grin and a nod, and passes on through.

Perth returns the smile.

Haft and Perth return to perusing the ward.

Inner Ward of Anvard
Castle Anvard

Lanisen passes through the inner gatehouse and heads toward the well. There’s a constant contextless grin on his face, which gets turned on basically anything in his path. Vegetable cart? Grin. Grouchy castle servant? Grin. Rock on the ground? Grin.

Megren hustles down the southern stairs at a pace that would set the unfit tumbling. “Lanisen–” she calls.

Lanisen turns toward the stairs, shading his eyes. “Hey!” he greets, then, “Lion, don’t hurt yourself!”

Megren makes a face at him and waves this off with a cast of her arm. “You haven’t left,” she says breathlessly when she catches up to him.

Lanisen says, “Uhn-uh, I think today sometime but I’m not sure–just tyin’ off some loose ends and such.”

Megren asks, “Oh– are you busy?”

Lanisen says, “Not now I’m not!”

Megren asks, “You’re not packing or anything?”

Lanisen says, “No, no, I packed all last night. Couldn’t sleep.” And the dopey grin is back.

Megren exclaims, “Oh. Oh!” She grins big, pulls a straight face, and then grins again. “Why?” she asks innocently.”

Lanisen says, “W-wait, you… /know/?”

Megren clamps her mouth shut.

Lanisen blinks at her.

Megren clasps her hands behind her back. “Know what!”

Lanisen says, “Um.”

Megren gives him another of her angelic grins. “I’m a guard; I’m not allowed to say any things I know because of them maybe being Important Secrets of the State.”

Lanisen gives her a side-eye, then has to laugh. “Right, sure. Um.” He rubs the back of his neck, grinning at nothing in particular. “Yeah. /That/ happened.”

Megren perches on the edge of the well, her hands on the wall of it on either side of her. “Sir Colin told me, but I swore I wouldn’t say. You like it, then! We weren’t sure. I guess it’s not really that different from how things have been lately, though, is it?”

Lanisen says, “Well.” He blinks a few times, frowning. “It… it /feels/ different. Maybe it isn’t, I mean, from–from the outside but it’s everything to me.” He touches his pocket unthinkingly. “I could–I could up and /go/ someplace just ’cause, I don’t gotta check with Lord Dar or anybody first, I could… get a /house/, maybe.”

Megren blinks, tilting her head and losing a little of her effervescence in favor of investigation. “What are you going to want a house for?” She favors his demeanor by adding, “I mean, it’s nice to have the option.”

Lanisen says, “I dunno. I could live someplace that isn’t /here/, if I wanted to.”

Megren tucks her leg under her and leans against one of the beams that supports the well-covering. “Well, I’d miss you if you were gone from here forever.”

Lanisen says, “I mean–I wouldn’t, probably.” He pauses and bites his lip. “I don’t… you know, know a trade or anything, I don’t know anything but hounds, so there’s really… um. Even… even so, though. It’s different.”

Megren says, “I’m real glad for you. Like I said before, just cause I don’t know a thing about dogs doesn’t mean I won’t pitch in so you can go off adventuring with the hero-types.”

Lanisen gives her a quick grin. “Thanks. Appreciate that.”

Megren grins back, “I expect you to start bringing back gifts as thanks, though.”

Lanisen says, “Right, sure. I’ll bring you a mug from the Carmichael tavern.”

Megren amends, “And I expect them to be thoughtful gifts!”

Lanisen says, “Aaaa mug from the Carmichael tavern with ale in it?”

Megren gives a single strong nod to this. “That’ll do.”

Lanisen laughs out loud. “All right, I’ll see to it.”

Megren tilts her head. “Before you go, though…”

Lanisen asks, “Yeah?”

Megren says, “I was wondering if you could show me an alphabet so I could work on it while you’re gone? It’s fine if you don’t have time.”

Lanisen says, “Uummm…” He pauses for a minute. “Yeah, I think I remember most of ’em?”

Megren says, “I don’t guess I could learn all of them right away, anyway.”

Lanisen says, “Might be the library has some books with ’em in, we could look?”

Megren hops off the well. “Sure.”

Lanisen heads off across the ward toward the library.


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