check in; escape

Carmichael Settlement
Western Archenland

You stand in a clearing nestled close to the mountains and surrounded by
thick brush and tangle. Scattered around the clearing in the shade of the
mountain are several stone houses with carefully-thatched roofs. They
are a fair size, though most consist of only one room, but they look snug
and dry. Most are lit brightly as their occupants go about their daily
routines, but some are dark and look like they might have been abandoned.

Loc hears the lock and footsteps, catching the lighter footsteps. Seeing Harmonia his shoulders sag a little.

Cassandra looks up from her kicking of the rocks, blinking. “Hey Kid.”

Harmonia says, “Hey Loc. Hey Miss Cassandra.”
Harmonia glances to Cassandra, “You ever find those frogs?”

Loc nods and calls out, “Hey Harmonia.”

Loc remains on his doorstep.

Cassandra says, “Er…no, I forgot. What are you up to?”

Lanisen makes his way up the path from the town, glancing around the settlement as he goes. He halts uncertainly as he sees Cassandra, and with the addition of Loc it seems that he may be seriously reconsidering his life choices.

Harmonia waves and smiles at Loc before turning back to cassandra, “say Momma was taking a nap and told me to play quietly, but I wanted to see you an’ Loc.”

Cassandra snorts, “Why?” She throws herself down on her house’s steps, rubbing her temples.

Loc’s expression falls and he looks more uncomfortable. He spies Lanisen and goes pale. Hearing Cassandra’s tone he suddenly turns a sharp look at her. He remains where he is and says, “What’s up Harmonia?”

Lanisen backs up a few steps, and turns to escape the way he came.

Harmonia frowns, “Um… cause I like ya. She shrugs, flopping down beside Cassandra. “Yer mah friends, you’re fun and you don’t make fun a me for being lil’. Yer not embarrassed of me like ma and paw and adults are.”

Cassandra doesn’t see Lanisen as her attention is on the girl next to her. “Who makes fun of you being little?”

Loc’s expression softens, becoming sympathetic. He starts to move back toward the road, keeping a wide berth from Cassandra, Harmonia, and Lanisen. His pace is a little quicker than should be. He keeps his head down.

Lanisen disappears around the bend back to town, unaware of Loc behind him.


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