from megren, 29 firedance

A letter has arrived, and it’s for you! The handwriting is large, round, and very careful, like a neat child’s.

Hello, Lanisen,

We have got to Coghill safe-ly. I forget if you have ever been. I cannot imagine calling any place but Anvard my home, but I would not mind coming here very often when life at the castle got to be too busy. I would have to drag along all of my friends, of course.

We looked at horses this morning all ready. Sir Darrin wants to bring back a war horse and a palfry. I think Gambel is going to be a Handful on his own, let alone with three horses in toe. There is one I like that the grooms call Swift-ly. He is very friend-ly and a nice yello sort of color. Sir Darrin says he is a Rownsy. I cannot tell between them and Coursers yet. I think they are sometimes smaller, but not always. Fantom was a Rownsy, but he was very large.

It is nice to get to know Sir Darrin’s home and to learn from him about the stables, but I am worried about Rayna, since she is so new, and it is strange to have so little duties, and not to have the kennel or the mess to go to at the end of them.

There are nice gardens here, and the manor has a porch I think you would like.

I think we will not be here too long, but I would like a letter from you anyway, if you would like to write. Eether way, I hope to see you again soon. Give Cass my love.



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