Eastern Archenland Graveyard

This is a small dark room of dark red stone, with no windows or furnishings. Ragged remnants of once-fine tapestries hang on the walls, and grime dulls the fine marble paving. There is a smell of must and decay, though faint with age, and a few dead leaves lie colorless and desiccated in a corner.

A stone sarcophagus sits in the center of the room, its polished cover engraved with the name of some long-dead king.

Lanisen is curled up on his side on the floor, his back facing the door.

The large door scrapes open, just a tiny crack at first, pausing before anyone could even fully see through.

Lanisen does not stir.

Vinri gives a soft grunt of effort as she pushes the door further open, still wary. She pulls back, eyeing the fist-width crack for any potential movement.

Lanisen is very nearly as still as the occupant of the sarcophagus next to him.

Vinri, breathing softly but still deeply, peers inside, giving her eyes time to adjust to the thin streak of light that comes only from the door.

Lanisen’s legs, it can be seen, are bound. His hands are blocked from her view by his body.

Vinri lets a small, satisfied smile narrow her eyes. She puts her hand on the door, as if considering pulling it shut again, then hesitates and instead pushes it open just enough to fully slip inside.

Lanisen is deeply asleep and does not hear. His breathing, loud in the silence, is shallow and slow, and it sounds as if he has to fight for every breath.

Vinri crouches down beside him, watching his breathing for a couple of moments before nodding and beginning to creep backwards. She pauses, looking down at the grimy floor, and grimaces at the marks her feet have made in the smudges that were already there. She taps her lip, then blinks and looks at her gloved hands.

Lanisen shifts slightly, pulling at his bonds in his sleep. His face creases with discomfort, and his breath begins to come more quickly.

Vinri presses her lips together as Lanisen begins to shift. She pulls off her glove and uses it to smudge at the floor, blotting at her tracks so that, while if someone was looking for it, they’d notice it being off, her passage is less clear. She continues this until she gets to the door, finally straightening so as to slip back out.

Lanisen’s eyes drift open as she begins to try to erase her tracks. He watches without any particular surprise or interest, and then his eyes slip back shut again.

Vinri closes the door with almost as much care as she opened it, sealing Lanisen back in the tomb.


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