from lanisen, 4 treeturn 1015

A letter finds Colin. A few days later, another finds him as well, more well-traveled and battered. Maybe a week later, another comes, identical. They are all addressed to Sir Colin and have all been sent to different towns and inns in Narnia, each with a small beseeching note on the envelope to send it on to wherever he has been seen last.

They are sealed with a small white dot of wax with no insignia, and inside are a few lines in Lanisen’s careful, wavery handwriting.

Sir, where have you gone, and when will you return? Please send word. Are you well? Adrian says you should not have Left so soon. I am sorry I ran away. I will come to Narnia if you like. Please tell me what to do. I do not know what I am to tell Arael. Please come home.


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