social encounters

Castle Anvard

Maire leans a hand on the table her eyes drifting to where Cassandra is making bread. She sets another pot of water to boil over the fire.

Again, Cass doesn’t look up when she says, “Maire, I /know/ I’m pretty but stop staring at me.”

Maire scrunches her nose in Cassandra’s direction. “A smile would go a long ways with that.” she teases.

Cassandra glances at the milkman before shooting Maire a glare.

Maire just grins, and goes back to her work. She laughs softly under her breath.

Cassandra also goes about her work, making bread.

Lanisen slips in through the door, closing it softly behind him and glancing about the kitchen. His eyes land on Maire first, and he regards her uneasily for a moment.

Maire’s turns to look over her shoulder when she hears the door open, her eyes widen a bit when she sees who has entered. She slowly turns around, wiping her hands on her apron. She nods a greeting, but says nothing.

Cassandra glances up, her eyebrow arched. She moves to the cupboard and opens the door. She pulls out a plate of walnut muffins.

A son of adam with curly red hair and a freckled face sits up in his chair a bit as the brown-haired man walks in. He takes the final sip of his tea and puts the cup down on the table. He senses a slight awkwardness in the room, without a doubt. So He distills awkwardness the only way he knows how. He turns a bit a picks up a package from the table. “Hi there. I’m Ianto.” He extends the package a bit. “Can I offer you some cheese?”

Lanisen says, “Um, uhh.” He looks at the package of cheese, and at the stranger, and back to the cheese. “I’m, sorry, I just–” He gestures vaguely toward Cassandra. He can’t quite seem to help glancing past Ianto at Maire again.

Cassandra turns from the cupboard and just stares at the milkman.

Maire bites her lip, and steps forward. She smiles to Ianto, giving him a subtle look and motions with her hand to set the cheese down.

Kairyn enters the kitchen, humming softly under her breath. Her hair is unbound and she looks fairly dirty as if she’s been rolling around in the gardens again. She halts, surprised to see such a full kitchen.

Ianto gets the hint and puts down the cheese. Not everyone’s a fan of dairy products, fair enough. He sort of leans back in his chair and glances around, feeling rather in the way all of a sudden.

Cassandra squints at him again before moving over to Lanisen. AS Kairyn enters, she stops and mutters.
Cassandra mumbles “Am I the only … one in this ruddy …”, to Cassandra.

Lanisen shifts as the door opens again, rubbing his elbow and taking several steps to the side to get out of the way.

Maire offers a smile to Lanisen, and motions to Ianto. “This is Ianto, the milkman. He’s making his delivery.” she says by way of introduction.

Kairyn gives Cass an uncertain look, but still offers a friendly smile to everyone in the room before she steps further in. She apologizes softly for making Lanisen move.

Cassandra finishes her walk over to Lanisen and hands him the walnut muffins.

Lanisen doesn’t look directly at Maire. He edges to the side again, his attention split between her, Kairyn, and Ianto, meeting Cassandra halfway. He looks down at the muffins in confusion. “Oh,” he says, and gives her a quick sidelong smile of thanks before he asks her something in a lower voice.
Lanisen mumbles “You seen the, uh, the scrap bucket, the one for the dogs? It’s usually right outside the door?”, to Cassandra.
Lanisen mumbles “You … … … the scrap bucket, … … for … dogs? It’s usually right outside … …”, to Cassandra.

Kairyn quietly moves for the door leading to the garden, hanging the basket on her arm on a hook in the wall conveniently located there.

Cassandra hmms, turning to Maire, “Did you use the scrap bucket, Maire?”

Maire slips her hands back into the folds of her skirts, her eyes flick between Cassandra and Lanisen. “Earlier this morning when washing dishes.” she strides to the washtub where the scrap bucket still sits, she brings it over.

Lanisen watches Maire, and especially watches her hands. His eyes follow the scrap bucket when it comes into view.

Cassandra turns to Lanisen, “Found it.” A page comes in, “I need a order of bread.” Cass sighs and she begins her task again.

Maire offers the bucket to Lanisen, peering at him through her lashes, not directly, only slightly.

Lanisen shifts a little as Cassandra walks away, rubbing his elbow again. He hesitates a telling moment before reaching out to take the bucket from Maire.

Kairyn runs her fingers through her blonde hair, pulling out a leaf or two. Pushing her hair back over her shoulders, she steps toward the table and watches a moment. “How are you today, Lanisen?” she asks him gently. “All of you, really.”

Maire looks up finally when Lanisen takes the bucket, she studies him. She turns when she hears Kairyn speak and she smiles a greeting her way.

Lanisen darts a glance at Kairyn when he is addressed. He dips his head to her, murmurs that he is fine, thanks, and backs toward the door to make his escape.

Kairyn gives a little nod, releasing a faint sigh through her nose.

Maire takes one step forward, then stops. “It is good to see you Lanisen.” she chooses to say instead.

Lanisen glances back at her, half-fearful, and slips out the door.


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