to megren, 20 raingiver 1016

Dear Megren,

You and Sir Darrin left this Morning so nothing very interesting has happened yet. I went and walked around the pasture and am happy to Report that it is all as you have left it, except that there are more blossoms on the crab-apple tree I think. It is a shame that you should not see it only there are more trees in flower where you are and so I think you will not miss it. I nearly took Nia but I am glad I did not as I have found a nest of newborn Rabbits under the west ridge; she has got enough manners that she would Behave herself but I would not like to alarm them, small as they are.

[There is a little mark here, as if the writer meant to separate the first paragraph from the next.]

It’s the next day now and still nothing interesting has happened. It has been very clear and even a little hot but everybody says it will rain soon. I don’t understand what makes them think so but I suppose they would know better than me. I hope it does not rain while you and Sir Darrin are Travelling. I hope you have gotten to Coghill all right.

I saw Tiny last night in the Ward and stopped to pay my respects. She sniffed my fingers for a long time and put her Ears back but then she rubbed her face on my hand and consented to be Petted. I suppose my hands smelled like hounds. She has gotten quite large for a cat named Tiny. She does not seem to miss you very much, I regret to say.

Perth says hello, and no fewer than three people in the market have asked after you. I would tell you their names but I don’t know them and they seemed so familiar that I did not want to ask. I will point them out when you come home.

I hope you are well, and that you have arrived safely, and that the Weather is nice while you are there and that you have good adventures. Tell Sir Darrin hello from me. I miss you.



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