from lanisen, 22 raingiver 1016

Dear Megren,

It has been two days now, and nothing interesting has happened, except I have gotten a package and a letter! Thank you very much for the flowers. I have put the Assalia and the tree-flowers in water and they have Livened Up very nicely. The rest I have put in a bowl to dry and keep.

About the rabbits, I think you are giving me too much Credit. They were not hidden very well, only a little dip in the ground with fur in it, and I did not see the mother at all. I wanted to stay and see when she might return but I thought perhaps she might not come back with me standing by.

There is something else I have found that I want to show you when you come home but I will not tell you now and spoil the Surprise.

Did you best Lord Shar in chess? Have you gotten them to play cubes yet? Have you found any waterfalls?

I miss you.




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