further studies

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Chlamash enters the library with mug of tea in his hands and makes his way towards his usual table. A faint scent of sea air and pipe smoke may linger around him.

Lanisen has found a quiet table at which to tuck himself away. One of the books from Chlamash’s stack is open in front of him, and he has a piece of paper for making notes, but he’s definitely not doing any sort of quick skimming. He doesn’t even notice Chlamash enter, entirely absorbed.

Chlamash notices the young man from yesterday completely engrossed in the book before him, and smiles as he crosses around to his own table. He sets the mug in his hands down, its heft making a soft ‘clunk’ on the table.

Lanisen glances up at the sound. He gets to his feet to bow, offering the tarkaan a quick grin of greeting.

Chlamash nods to young man, giving a pleasant if faint smile. “Have you an interest in books?”

Lanisen says, glancing down at the table, “Yes, sir, a little. Um–” He pauses and half-grins in a self-deprecating way. “The, the library at home, it’s always cool in the summer and warm in the winter, I just sort of– got in the habit.”

Chlamash nods. “It is well.”

Lanisen asks, “You too, I guess, sir?”

Chlamash nods thoughtfully. “Yes, I suppose, I have always had such an interest in the written word, for our people are people of maxims and proverbs, mostly such learning is left to the scholars and the priest. I had little enough time for it in the running of my father’s estates.”
Chlamash says, “During my time here I have had time of plenty to spare.”

Lanisen cants his head a little at this, curious but not quite to the point of risking rudeness by asking.

Chlamash may or may not have noticed Lanisen’s curiosity, however he does not seem inclined to volunteer any information on that matter. “Governing a people leaves little time for reading.”

Lanisen says, “I guess not.”

Chlamash says, “And you, have you often had interest in the written word?””

Lanisen pauses. “These last couple years, yeah.”

Chlamash nods sagely, not pressing further. “It is good to see a man of common bearing attend to the enlightenment of his mind. Knowledge will take you far and elevate you, should you pay heed to it.”

Lanisen rubs his elbow. “Er, thank you, sir.”

Chlamash nods, turning to his book, which he begins to study most thoroughly, turning one page and then another.

Lanisen resumes his seat and does the same.

Chlamash says after some time, gesturing toward the book and Lanisen’s list, “Have you found any mention of worth of the mysterious beast?”

Lanisen says, “Um– just that there was a white stag a couple hundred years ago, and a couple hundred years before that. It didn’t say if anybody asked for anything, but it said the earliest mention of wishes was after that first one, so somebody must’ve asked for something and got it.” He rubs the back of his neck. “Or might be it’s just a story.”

Chlamash nods. “Such is the manner of such things, history becomes story and that story myth so that one cannot clearly be told from the other..”

Lanisen says, “Yeah.”

Chlamash browses through several more pages, drinking slowly from his mug of tea. Setting it down again, he pauses setting his finger down on a the page before him and taking care to read line before him. “It seems that the mention of wishes increases within this particular narrative to three.”

Lanisen asks, “Yeah? I haven’t seen anything sayin’ anything about how many.”

Chlamash says, “Indeed. “Perhaps I shall speak with Lieutenant Bracken, he may be more knowledgeable.” He rises, “Do not let disturb your enjoyment of reading.”

Lanisen gets to his feet quickly as Chlamash rises. “Thank you, sir.”

Chlamash nods as the young man rises. “And you as well,” he says, before heading from the library.

Lanisen bows, then takes his seat and finds his place in the book again.


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