to jana, 24 eveningstar 1016


We have gotten Home all right and the castle has not fallen down in our absense. We are all relieved to be back, I think, even though most everyone who was there would rather be in Narnia finding some way to be Helpful. But our prince took it very hard, as the kings and queens were his friends, and it is good for him to be home and to let somebody else answer the hard questions for a while. I think some folk will come back, as soon as they have sorted out everything that is Political. Meg dearly wants to, and I think Sir Darrin too.

I hope you are keeping well, and Tristran.

[There follows here a large section that is scratched out, and a few ink-drips on the paper suggest that the writer had a hard time deciding what to say.]

I have been thinking about you and Tristran since we left and worrying whether there is something I can do now to help so that things are not so likely to be dreadful when he is older, as you think it might be. [Something is crossed out here that looks like a half-formed apology, several sentences started and discarded and started again.] I do not want to cause offence or Hurt where all is well and I do not know really what might be helpful as I have had only a little look at your life, so may I please beg your pardon now if I write out of turn?

What I wanted to ask is do you want me to come back to Lantern Waste and stay for a while, so I am not a stranger to Tristran when he is older?

Meg had thought I might make an application to join the northern guard, like you, though I do not think they would want me as I am not a very good Fighter, but if you think it a good idea and want me to come back I will try, and if you do not think I should come back then that is very well too and I will stay here.

I am very sorry if this idea is a bad one. I would very much like to help in some way but I do not know what is best, so please even if it is a bad idea, if there is something else, tell me what it is and I will try.

Your friend,

P.S. Does Tristran like puppies?


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