to jana, 8 snowsong 1017


May I come to visit you and Tristren in the Spring?

I think I will not try to be a guard unless you would like for me to stay. I think I am not very well suited for it and I do not want to make things worse with Myrd. But if I stay for a little while in the Spring and then come back again for a little while in the Autumn, maybe it will not Bother him so much and I can be somebody Tristren knows.

I am sorry for taking so long to write back. I have been trying to think what to do. [‘I am still afraid of’ is crossed out here in thick lines that render the words mostly illegible, unless somebody is very determined.] If this is not good or helpful, I will do something else. If it is, and if you would like me to come, would you like me to bring you anything from the markets here? Narnia is very beautiful and seems to have everything a person could need to live comfortably, but I am sure there are some things that must be hard to Find. Is there anything you want for yourself or for Tristran?

Is everything allright still, after the kings and queens? We have not heard anything, and no news is Good news I reckon, but I have not talked with anybody who has Been to Narnia since then.

Are you keeping well?



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