from jana, 24 snowsong 1017


When in spring are you coming? I can not aford to put you in the inn, also, what wold you like me to tell Merd about why you are heer. If you want I will tell him the truthe but I do not know what he will think so it is up to you. The same is for giffs for Tristrin. I wuld like him to know Chestertin, but I dont know what you wold bring for that.
Pepole are sad here. Arkinland sent some knites and they are talking to our counsil I gess. There’s been some problems north heer. The wolfs allready thout they were in charge and now they really do. I dont know how the rest of the contry is. We stopped patrols into the mores right now. We are handling it, I do not think it will make it less safe for you. [The next line is crossed out and then rewritten.] If you dont want to come becuse of it, that’s fine.

Other wise let me know.



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