new acquaintance

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

A daughter of eve wearing a seagreen cape (Nessa) straightens Dalia’s cloak so that it covers the most skin possible. “If you’re starting to get a cold should you really be out right now? Go back in and do some mending by the fire. Take care of yourself”

Dalia blows out a breath of air, though one can see there’s no real frusteration and the concern is appreciated. “It’s just a little cold after all I need some fresh air. I’ll go see Kairyn, if you really want me too.” She pauses to dab at her nose. “And how is mother and our family today?”

Nessa says, “No, no, you don’t have to go see Kairyn right away, but if you aren’t feeling better tomorrow I want you on her doorstep.” Nessa says, picking her basket back up. “All are doing well, I stopped in to see them all for lunchen today, they all sent their love in case I ran into you.””

Lanisen steps out of the kennels, turning his collar up against the chill. He stuffs his hands into his pockets and begins toward the inner gate.

Dalia nods, smiling when Nessa tells her the family sent their love. “I was hoping to visit them today.” She glances around the ward, calling out a greeting to Lanisen as she spots him.

Nessa says, “They’ll be delighted to see you. Though I warn you that Mother will be more concerned about that cold than I am. She’ll probably try to convince you to stay the night.”

Lanisen waves back, though his eyes slip to the unfamiliar woman talking to Dalia, and he seems to elect to not interrupt.

Dalia nods, remarking “She probably will” before heading in Lanisen’s direction. “Come, I’ll introduce you to a friend of mine.”

Nessa follows Dalia over “I’d love to meet one of your friends”

Lanisen hesitates, shifting uncertainly from one foot to the other before he ducks his head and crosses to meet them, offering a slightly awkward smile. “Afternoon.”

Nessa Smiles and nods her head “Good afternoon to you. I’m Dalia’s sister, I moved back to town about a month ago.”

Dalia opens her mouth to make the introductions, but stops when Nessa introduces herself. “Afternoon, Lanisen. Eveything well in the kennels I hope? Nessa, this is Lanisen.”

Lanisen says, “Oh–! Oh,” and glances between them assessingly. “That’s, I see it, you look alike, a bit.”

Nessa chuckles “A little bit. Dalia is the prettiest of course. You work in the kennels? I find that fasinating, pups are amazing.”

Dalia smiles at her sisters compliment, chuckling a little self deprecatingly.

Lanisen says, “That’s right, yeah. Be… um, seven, seven years, now.”

Nessa says, “That’s a good amount of time to be working for the palace. The animals must love you.””

Dalia glances to Lanisen, “Don’t let me keep you if you were headed somewhere. It’s too cold to be standing around.” She says dabbing at her nose with her hankerchief. As her sister looks about ready to leave, she says “It was good seeing you, Nessa. I’ll tell mum you conveyed their greeting.”

Lanisen grins at Nessa’s compliment, but in a slightly anxious way that suggests he doesn’t fully trust it. “Ahh,” he says, glancing at Dalia. “I was, I was just headin’ to the kitchen for their dinner, I shouldn’t dally. I’ll see you around?”

Dalia nods, “Yeah. See you later. Keep warm, alright?” she turns to make her way back to her quarters, covering a sneeze.

Lanisen says, “Yeah, you too. Nice to meet you, Nessa.” He starts toward the inner gate, but pauses and half-turns at the sneeze.

Dalia waves to Lanisen, slipping back through the maket to the servants quarters.

Lanisen pauses uncertainly, but goes on his way after a moment.


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