ginger tea for dalia

Castle Anvard

Dalia is sitting by the fire with eating a bowl of soup, her shawl is wrapped around her. Her handkerchief is sitting her lap.

Lanisen slips into the kitchen, carrying a clean, empty pot. He stands on his tip-toes to hang it from its place and holds a brief conversation with Ren, thanking the cook.

Dalia sniffles and takes another spoonful of soup.

Lanisen starts back for the door, but pauses on seeing Dalia and switches direction to approach her. “Afternoon.”

Dalia looks up to greet Lanisen smiling, he may however be able to see her nose is quite pink. Perhaps a cold? “Hello Lanisen, good Afternoon.

Lanisen says, frowning at her, “Hey, hi. What’s– you were, you were sneezin’ the other day, did it decide to stick around?”

Dalia nods, looking a little sheepish. “Kairyn thinks it’s just a cold. She doesn’t think it’ll last too long.”
Dalia says, “Milady said I ought to take the day and rest.””

Lanisen says, “Ohh, oh no, I’m sorry.” He shifts, squinting one eye, and offers, “I’ve got some tea left from the last time I had the sniffles, if you want it.”

Dalia smiles at his concern and thanks him, “If you don’t mind, I’d apreciate it. I’m really hoping it won’t keep me from Meg’s knighting.” The thought of such seems quite disappointing.

Lanisen tips his head to the side, making a sympathetic face, but says, “She’d understand, you know she would.”

Dalia sighs, “I know. But I would hate to miss it.”

Lanisen agrees, “Yeah.”

Dalia says, “Colds seem to have rotten timing, don’t they?””

Lanisen says, “Oh, always.” His eyes rest on her bowl of soup briefly, then he turns aside to get her a glass of water. “You gettin’ enough sleep?”

Dalia says, “I thought so…but perhaps not.””

Lanisen sets the full glass down next to her. “My mum always swore by sleep and water. Or tea. Just gettin’ enough to drink.”

Dalia thanks him and takes a sip, “I certainly will be drinking more, that’s for certain.”

Lanisen asks, “Is there anything you need?”

Dalia says, “Do you know if the ginger seller is still selling ginger in the market? I’d love to make some ginger tea””

Lanisen says, “Ahh, probably, I think he usually leaves pretty late. Do you want me to go see?”

Dalia says, “If it’s no bother, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.”

Lanisen says immediately, shaking his head, “No, ‘course not.” He starts for the door. “I’ll be right back.”

Dalia nods, “Thank you!”

Lanisen is gone for a little while, fifteen minutes or so. When he returns, he has a small canister and an apologetic expression. “He was gone,” he says. “I’ve got some, though, so it’s all right.”

Dalia has finished her soup by the time Lanisen return, she looks a little disappointed when Lanisen says he was gone. But her face registers true appreciation when Lanisen offers his own.

Lanisen asks around until he finds a teapot, apologetically staying out of the way of dinner preparations, and sets about preparing the tea. He puts the pot next to her with a clean mug.

Dalia smiles, “Thanks for going…” She says pausing to dab at a sniffle with her hankerchief. “And for being so kind.”

Lanisen makes a small dismissive gesture, half-smiling. “I’m sorry you’re feelin’ poorly.”

Dalia pours a cup of tea and breathing in the scent and steam rising from it appreciatively. “It’s friends makes other feel better.”

Lanisen’s smile widens a bit, and he lowers himself to sit on the hearth near her chair.

Dalia tests the tea and blows on it again. “How was your day? The hounds behaving themsellves?”

Lanisen says, “Oh,” and grins wryly. “As much as they ever do, I suppose.” He draws and releases a deep breath, then glances at her consideringly with one eye narrowed. “Do you–” he starts, and stops again.

Dalia blows on her tea and takes a sip, looking up at Lanisen as he breaks off again.

Lanisen pauses, then reconsiders his question. “Is there anybody you know who’s good at braidin’ flowers into hair, that sort of thing?”

Dalia nods. “I know of a few in town. Or probably one of the maids could help. I’ve done it occationally for my sisters for Mistress Lana.”

Lanisen nods. “You were my first thought,” he confesses. “I didn’t want to ask when you’re sick, though. It’s for Meg, tomorrow.”

Dalia nods, “I’d would’ve offered but I didn’t think she’d want… with my cold. I mean…” She pauses, “If she went to the house, Mum or any of my sisters could. My younger sister, just 13. She’s be thrilled enough to skip over Mt Pire, I think, if she was asked. Meg becoming an knight and all.”

Lanisen makes a face. “I don’t think she’ll have time to run to Andale, it’s– she’s watchin’, tonight, she’s got her vigil, so she’ll be up all night, and then she gets to sleep for a few hours before the knighting.”

Dalia hmms “I forgot about that. I suppose you could let her know I’m willing….hmm, maybe Sareen knows. She certainly would know what flowers…If I think of anyone else, I send a message, perhaps?”

Lanisen says, “Well,” and pauses uncertainly. “If you’re feelin’ up to it, how about,” he concedes. “Otherwise I’ll find somebody else.”

Dalia nods, “That sounds fine.” She takes another sip of tea. “Suppose I should go rest, if I’m to be feeling better.”

Lanisen says, “‘Course, yeah. Get some sleep, don’t let me keep you.”

Dalia rises taking her cup of tea with her, “Thanks for the company,”

Lanisen says, “Any time. Feel better, yeah?”

Dalia nods. “I’ll try.” before heading towards the door, nodding her thanks to Ren as well, before leaving.


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