cheese to come

Anvard Pastures
Castle Anvard

Lanisen is wandering the empty pasture with Nia, slowly making his way down toward the lake.

Darrin leads Gambol back to the horse pasture from the stables and lets him off his lead.

Lanisen shades his eyes against the late afternoon sun, squinting toward Darrin and Gambol.

Darrin watches as Gambol shakes his mane and trots off immediately, without so much as a backwards glance. “Typical,” he snorts to himself, with a shake of his head and a smile.

Lanisen hesitates, then clicks his tongue to Nia and turns unhurriedly toward Darrin.

Darrin looks up over the fence between them as he hears the sound of feet and paws approaching. He waves.

Lanisen returns the wave, grinning a little tiredly, and bows once he’s close enough. “Hey, sir.”

Darrin hops up to sit on the wall. “Hi Lanisen. Oh, and Nia.”

Lanisen asks, glancing after Gambol, “Been out ridin’?”

Darrin nods. “Felt like a brisk gallop today.”

Lanisen says, half-grinning, “You must’ve caught up on your sleep, then.”

Darrin snorts. “Not really. Sometimes when I’m extra tired i have more energy for most of the day – till that night, at least.”

Lanisen squints one eye, like this doesn’t quite follow from where he’s standing.

Darrin shrugs hugely. “I knoww, it makes no sense.”

Lanisen says doubtfully, “Whatever works for you, I s’pose.”

Darrin massages his right shoulder with his left hand. “I might regret it will working so well later,” he confesses.

Lanisen laughs, wrinkling his nose sympathetically.

Darrin grins. “How’d you sleep?”

Lanisen says, “Eh,” and shrugs. “Too keyed up last night. You?”

Darrin says, “Yeah it was late when i finally got to sleep.”

Lanisen nods, understanding. “And that plus the half-night the night before…”

Darrin wrinkles his nose. “We’ll be so sleeping good tonight,” he jokes.

Lanisen agrees, “Here’s hopin’.” He glances back toward the castle. “Did you see the snowdrops?”

Darrin grins widely. “I did! About time too.”

Lanisen says, glancing toward the crabapple, “I was hopin’ to see some blooms on that fellow, but he’s got a while yet, I think.”

Darrin says, “I know, I’m waiting for the cherry blossoms with bated breath.”

Nessa walks up towards the tree where the others are standing. “I am looking forward to spring myself, I’ve had enough of Winter”

Lanisen turns to glance back toward the new voice, mildly startled, and steps to the side so that he can have both Nessa, Darrin, and the door to the castle easily in his line of sight. “Afternoon,” he says, offering a small smile of greeting.

Darrin is seated on the stone wall between the horse pasture and the pasture that’s presently empty. He kicks his legs against the stone lightly and nods to Nessa. “I agree,” he tells her. “But then I love spring, so I might be a bit biased.” He smiles sheepishly.

Lanisen snorts softly.

Nessa says, “Spring is beautiful. At the begining Winter is a good time to get work done, and it’s cozy by the fire and their’s Christmas but Spring….Spring has flowers and people are out and about and there’s a bit of…hope in the air.””

Darrin nods. “Flowers, yes, let’s not forget the flowers.”

Lanisen laughs under his breath.

Nessa says, “How am I supposed to weave flowers if I never see the real thing? Though even the most master weaver can never get them to smell like Spring.””

Lanisen stands near the wall between the horse pasture and the empty pasture, talking with Sir Darrin and Nessa. Nia is trotting along the edge of the lake further down, blissfully following rabbit trails.

Darrin, seated on the wall, tells Nessa, “No, I suppose not, that’s more of a perfumer’s thing.”

Glora comes walking along the top of the wall. Each foot is placed very carefully and directly in front of the other, despite more than enough room. Her tail swishes high and proud.

Nessa says, “I feel terribly sorry for the Narnians who went so long without Spr–” she trails off when she notices the cat arriving, a cat slightly bigger than a normal barn cat and one that looks like a person as well as an animal. ”

Lanisen’s attention shifts down the wall as Glora approaches them, and he grins broadly.

Darrin follows their glances and blinks in surprise.

Megren exits the stable with Swiftly on a lead. He looks exciteable, but is not acting out too especially, which means this is probably not the first exercise he’s gotten today.

Glora pretty much ignores everyone but Lanisen to start with, coming to the nearest point on the wall to him and balancing on the edge, as though considering leaping onto his shoulder. Then, with a glance to the others, she pulls back and sits, as though that was her first plan anyway. “Hello.”

Lanisen’s head ducks forward to make room almost automatically. “What’re you up to?”

Nessa curtsies slightly towards Megren, but waits to see how the others react to the cat

Darrin looks down the wall at the Cat with a smile. “Good afternoon.”

Glora asks, “Not much. I was watching some people riding, earlier. Thought I’d check if there was any fishing in that water over there.” She looks over at Darrin, examining him for a moment. “Afternoon. Who’re you again?”

Lanisen pushes his mouth to the side, glancing over his shoulder to consider the lake. He has to duck his head to hide a grin at Glora’s inquiry of Darrin, darting a covert, laughing glance at him.

Darrin asks, “I’m Sir Darrin. You’re…Glora, right?”

Megren unlatches Swiftly’s lead and lets him go. He immediately breaks into a gallop, crossing almost the full pasture before slowing. Megren rolls her eyes and then lets her gaze fall on the small party gathered nearby. She moves to join them.

Glora agrees, “That’s right. Sir Darrin… you’re one of those knights? And who are you?” This last is aimed at the one who hasn’t spoken yet.

Nessa turns to Megren, curious with the car refered to as Glora, but still confused as to the ettiquete. “How was your first day as a Knight, ma’am?”

Lanisen grins across to Megren. A second’s deliberation shows on his face, and he glances briefly at Nessa before he bows to the new-minted knight.

Megren grins. “It was wonderful, thanks — though not especially knightly. I went and paid my great aunt a visit.”

Nessa nods “I’m sure that she appriciated that. Life can’t all be duty”

Lanisen whispers to Glora, in answer to her question, “That’s Nessa, she’s Dalia’s sister.”

Darrin tells Glora, “That’s me.” He says drily, to Megren, “I am not sure you could have avoided visiting had you wanted to.”

Glora’s ears flick back, just a touch. However, they go forward again when she looks towards Megren. “You’re a Knight now too? So you /are/ Sir, now.” She nods when Lanisen tells her the name.

Megren wrinkles her nose, grinning. “If you like.”

Lanisen grins, shifting to lean against the wall between Darrin and Glora.

Nessa works up the nerve to speak to the cat. “Do you work here in the castle, Glora?

Glora curls her tail over her paws. She wrinkles her nose. “Work? No. Do you?”

Nessa looks slightly puzzled then answers. “Yes, I’m a weaver.” then looks as if piecing together something from slightly earlier in the conversation. “But I weave to eat, I suppose if I was good at fishing I wouldn’t need to. Though I enjoy working

Megren tells Darrin, “She sends her regards, and also a jug of milk and two wheels of cheese.”

Darrin says, “Oooh.”

Lanisen looks very approving at the mention of cheese.

Megren says, “I don’t think she believes me that there’s food in this castle.”

Glora looks towards Megren at the mention of cheese. Casually, of course. She twitches her whiskers to make that clear. “What sorts of cheese?” To Nessa: “Mm, no you wouldn’t. I could give you a few pointers about fishing, if you’d like, but…” with a glance at Nessa’s hands, she adds, “…perhaps you’d best stick to the other.”

Darrin asks, “On the bright side, now there is /more/ food in the castle?”

Nessa laugh, looking at her hands. “Aye. I lack your fine claws for that.” she looks at Megren. “There may be food in the castle, but cheese of any sort is always a fine thing”

Lanisen nods solemnly, as if all of these observations are only just.

Megren says, “Very fine, I won’t deny it.” To Glora, she says, “It’s soft and white. I was thinking to bring some by the kennel later.”

Glora mms. “Do you visit your great aunt a lot?”

Lanisen looks interested and pleased by the prospect of cheese, but only says, “You don’t have to!”

Glora gives Lanisen a Glance.

Megren says, “Pretty often. About every two weeks, if I’m able.”

Lanisen wrinkles up his nose at Glora, and also winks.

Darrin presses his lips together to keep from laughing outright at the byplay between Glora and Lanisen.

Nessa says, “Are there many talking animals in the castle? I’ve never met a cat before””

Glora levels a stare at Lanisen. It finishes with a single blink and Glora sitting up just a bit straighter. “Hm? No. Just me. I’m from Lantern Waste, actually. It’s in Narnia.”

Lanisen looks duly chastened.

Nessa nods “I think I remember that from geography, that seems so long ago”

Megren says, “It’s a very pretty area.”

Lanisen mms softly in agreement.

Nessa exclaims, “Oh, you’ve been out of Archenland before?! I suppose that makes sense, knights have such adventures”

Glora purrs. “Prettier than here. Not that this is /bad/. I like the castle. But Lantern Waste is prettier.”

Lanisen says, “Ohh, you’ve only seen it in winter. Just give it another month.”

Darrin puts in, “There will be more flowers then,” and this time it seems like he’s deliberately making fun of himself.

Megren says, “It’s best in autumn. Lantern Waste is pretty good in autumn, too, though.”

Lanisen concedes, “It’s pretty dreary in melt. But then every place probably is, at least a little.”

Nessa says, “Oh yes, there are flowers all over the mountains, they look like jewels when the sun rises””

Glora tells Darrin, “You should see the garden in Spring if you like flowers. Especially that first year. And all the ruins are nice to sit on, they get warm in the sun. Perfect for naps.”

Lanisen asks, “Jana’s garden?”

Glora says, “The one in the old ruins, mhm.”

Lanisen hmms thoughtfully. “That’ll be good to…” He trails off abruptly, something occurring to him, and he glances at Glora guiltily.

Megren asks, “What are the naiads and dryads like in other seasons?”

Darrin says, “Mm, naps,” and winks at Glora.

Glora stares at Lanisen again when he cuts off. “Hmm? Oh, they’re pretty quiet in winter, though if you get them roused, sometimes they can be lots of fun.” She nods at Darrin, smiling.

Nessa has little to add, but listens to the others reminise about Narnia with interest

Lanisen fidgets a bit, but doesn’t explain himself.

Megren says, “Maybe Sir Darrin and I will get to come back on a mission.”

Darrin says, “I’d love that.”

Lanisen glances between them.

Nessa says, “The way you describe Narnia I wish I could find an excuse to go””

Glora says, “If you go in Spring, bring some sort of gift and go to Bergdale for the Dancing Lawn. They’re there all year, but you’ll be especially welcome if you have something for their feasts, and Spring is always especially interesting.”

Lanisen asks, “What sort of gift?”

Glora says, “Well, Badgers usually bring honey, when I went, some Mice brought dandelion wine, some just bring music… anything that everyone can share, really.”

Megren looks at Darrin. “Maybe some Nieklot wine.”

Darrin nods thoughtfully.

Nessa looks up at the sun and then towards the gate. “It was lovely being able to meet you Glora, and to see everyone again, but I really ought to get back to my shop, I have a bolt that I’d like to finish before nightfall”

Glora says, “Mhm, pleasure. Good luck.”

Lanisen glances up as Nessa speaks and offers her a small friendly smile in farewell.

Megren says, “Nice seeing you, Nessa.”

Nessa says, “I hope you all have a plesant evening.” Nessa adds before exiting the pastures”

Glora watches Nessa leaves, then turns her stare back on Lanisen.

Lanisen pulls his chin back uncertainly at the look.

Megren glances between them uncertainly and then says, “Cheese?”

Glora doesn’t get distracted this time. “Good for what?”

Lanisen asks blankly, “What?”

Glora says, “The garden. You said it’d be good for something, or something like that.”

Megren screws up her mouth.

Lanisen pauses. “Ah,” he says, and glances slightly self-consciously at the others before he looks back at Glora. “Um. I haven’t– I been forgettin’ to tell you, um. I been, I been writin’ with Jana, a bit, I might go back to Narnia in– ahh, I don’t know when, or, or /if/ I will, even, just, I might, soon.”

Darrin rubs the back of his neck.

Glora says, “Oh, Jana. That’s good. You should bring her some more Archenland games, I think she misses playing things besides dice sometimes.”

Lanisen relaxes at her easy reaction to this news. “Games?” he repeats. “That’s, I wouldn’t’ve thought of that.”

Glora lies down, tucking her paws in. “Mhm. She wanted to play dice the first time I met her. Got me a little cup that I can hook and roll with. It’s been a while since we played, though.”

Megren’s brows lift, and she gets a small, surprised grin. She glances at Sir Darrin.

Lanisen pauses, tilting his head a little to the side. “I didn’t know you knew her,” he comments.

Darrin’s lower lip edges out, more in an expression of surprise than a pout, and he raises his eyebrows right back at Megren.

Glora says, “Oh yes.” In a very casual voice, she adds, “She saved me from a crazy Dwarf with an axe, once.”

Lanisen blinks. He takes a moment to absorb this. “All right, what?”

Megren asks, “What?”

Darrin says, “Well that sounds bad.”

Glora swishes her tail, bizarrely smug. “Mhm, it was. There was this Dwarf who kept showing up. Never told us his name, but he had a nasty temper. I was just trying to engage him in conversation, and he went at me with his axe. Chased me right up a tree, and then he was trying to cut it down when Jana came by and put a stop to it. It was pretty awful.”

Lanisen listens to this with several degrees of amazement, then looks at Megren. “Huh,” he all he says.

Megren asks, “What’d she do?”

Glora says, “Hm? Oh,” she flicks an ear, just a moment of pause before she continues, “Took his axe and kept him away while I got away. I think she might have arrested him, too, but that might have been later.””

Megren folds her arms and tilts her head, absorbing this.

Darrin says, “That seems…oddly violent.”

Glora wrinkles her nose. “It was. That doesn’t happen often, he was a strange case.”

Lanisen pushes his mouth to the side.

Darrin tilts his head. “That the sort of thing the Guard’s around for, though?

Megren asks, “How did she get his axe? Did she get him to hand it over?”

Glora twitches her whiskers at Darrin. “Mhm, that’s why she was walking by, I think. On one of those patrols. As for how… I think she talked him into it.”

Megren says, “That’s not easy.”

Darrin says, “Especially if he was waving it around chaotically.”

Glora swishes her tail. “She’s good at what she does. He was a bully type, anyway, and she isn’t the type to get pushed around, so she wasn’t going to stand for that.”

Lanisen frowns slightly at this, puzzled, but doesn’t say anything.

Megren says, “Huh.”

Darrin nods, as though this last statement doesn’t surprise him.

Glora isn’t quite so smug at this point, but flicks her tail. “Anyway, I like her. And her house is nice.”

Megren says, “I don’t know her very well, but she does sound pretty likeable from all you say.”

Darrin says, “Certainly she did you a great service.”

Glora asks, “Mhm.” She stands and stretches. “I’m going to go back where it’s warmer.” Blinking at Megren, she says, “Save a bit of the cheese for me to try later?”

Megren says, “Yes, definitely.”

Lanisen says, turning to call Nia, “I’ll go with you.”

Glora purrs softly when Lanisen volunteers. “Perfect. Let’s go, you can stoke the fire up. You do it better than Danall.” She leaps off the wall and leads Lanisen off. “See you two later!”

Megren exclaims, “Have something good to eat for me!”

Darrin waves them both off.


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