writer’s block

South Side of the Caldron Pool
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Lanisen sits on the ground near the pool, his legs drawn up. He’s using a flat-topped boulder as a table, fighting the gentle breeze for ownership of a half-written letter.

Crenna trots through the forest, looking much more rested from her journey. Upon seeing Lanisen, she smiles and barks out a greeting, “Hello Lanisen.”

Lanisen looks up and around before he finds her. “Oh!” he says. “Hi, good morning!”

Crenna stops at the pool to lap up some water before approaching the Son of Adam. “Writing a letter home?” She sits down beside him.

Lanisen says, “Yeah, just– just catchin’ Meg up.”

Crenna smiles, “I forget, is she family?”

Lanisen says, “Nah, she’s my best friend.”

Crenna ahs. “Speaking of best friends, where is Tohol?”

Lanisen says, “Ahhh,” and glances around. He puts two fingers in his mouth and whistles shrilly. “He was just wanderin’, he won’t have gone far– oh!” The brush to the east rustles and Tohol emerges, filthy and wagging his tail.

Crenna watches the dog with some interested, “How fascinating…” She ohs and dips her head, “Forgive me for staring, I just never have seen a dum-er, a non Talking dog before.”

Lanisen mourns, “What have you been rollin’ in…” Glancing at Crenna, he offers a quick grin. “/He/ ain’t liable to be offended.”

Crenna snorts, “Well just in case…” She eyes all the dirt, “I’m glad that I’m not the only one who can get messy.”

Tohol barks twice at the Wolf, just to make it clear where he stands, then lowers his head and tucks his tail and trots over to Lanisen to be brushed down.

Lanisen ruffles Tohol’s fur briskly, sending dust flying, and pushes his mouth to the side. “Not many dogs who don’t talk around here, then?” he asks, glancing at Crenna.

Crenna shakes her head, “At least not where I live. I suppose there are more in Sted Cair though I do not frequent the town that much.” She wrinkles her muzzle, “Too busy for my liking.” Her tail starts to wag, “I do have a Talking Dog friend, Kari. I enjoy her company though she can be quite a pawful sometimes.”

Lanisen asks, interested and amused, “A pawful?”

Crenna grins, “Yes, all over the place and some times you can’t keep up.”

Lanisen guesses, “Puppy?”

Crenna grins, “Was, now she has grown up but she will still be a pup to me.” She chuckles, “I tend to adopt everyone.” The small wolf winks at him, “and I mean everyone.”

Lanisen lifts his eyebrows at her, smiling a little uncertainly. “Yeah?”

Crenna grins at him, “Yup. I have taken on the role of mother or older sister to many a Beast.” She flicks an ear, “I guess that is why I sought out healing, I think. Because I wanted to benefited as many as I could.”

Lanisen says, “Makes sense.”

Crenna asks, “So have you been able to meet up with your friend?”

Lanisen says, “Um– yeah, yes, I’ve talked with her a couple times.”

Crenna smiles, “Oh Good! Sometimes it is hard to catch people here in the Waste.”

Lanisen says, releasing Tohol to go snuffling around the immediate area, “Unless you know where to look, I guess?”

Crenna says, “It is a big area…though I am not the best with directions.”

Lanisen cocks his head at her. “Was it you who said to ask birds if you get lost?”

Crenna ers, “Maybe… that does sound like something I would say, doesn’t it?”

Lanisen says apologetically, “I don’t remember for sure. It was sound advice, whoever it came from. Thanks, if it was you.”

Crenna chuckles, “Well, I will take the credit for sound advice.”

Lanisen grins amiably. The wind picks up and he slaps a hand down on the letter in the nick of time to stop it flying away.

Crenna stands up, “Well, I will leave you to your letter writing. Have a good day Lanisen.”

Lanisen says, getting to his feet, “Oh, er, you too! I’ll see you around, I suppose?”

Crenna nods. “Of course. See you around.” The Wolf heads off.

Lanisen looks down at his letter. He reads what he has written, sighs, and wads the paper into a ball.


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