from megren, 15 greenroof 1017

Dear Lanisen,

I hope Narnia is treating you well, and that it is as nice in spring as in autumn, even with the poorer Circumstances, and that your mission is going like you hoped it would. What are the dryads like in spring, and are the nayads all very much bigger and scarier, or just the same? I want to hear all about what you are doing, if you think you are free to write about it. If not, then whatever you feel you can tell.
The puppies are already twice as big as when you left, and they all love me and they told me that if you do not return within the next two Fortnights they have taken oath to forget you, which pact I agreed to take, so I do hope you do not oblige me to it. Danall and Dalia and all the rest of the castle say the same.

I have some News that I wish you were here to talk to about, and it feels wrong not to tell you right away, but also not right to say it in a letter. It’s good, and it’s not really anything urgent, only Usually you would be here and I would just go straight off to tell you, and I can’t do that because you aren’t, but it’s not really anything quite solid enough yet to put down into letters. I think I will tell you that I am going home to my da for a few days to tell him some things that you already know, and then I suppose we will see what happens from there. Sir Darrin might cone down with me for maybe the first day, since they haven’t had much chance to get to know each other.

You will be glad to know I have been riding Swiftly around the castle and brandishing my sword and been a general Nuisance, according to my knightly duties. Everyone is very glad to have given me the title so that all my posturing and long-winded speeches can finally look fitting.

If I am serious, it is nice to still go in the Kennels, but it is not the same without you. I miss you. I hope you are making good friends and settling and all of that, but also I hope you come home eventually. Or I wish we could go to you. That would be well enough for me.

Please tell everyone hello, and to visit the castle with you, and that there is a knight here who hands out ginger candies to the bear and the deer and the badger alike.

Your friend,



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