passing by

Gathering Circle
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

High up in the trees, a spotted Leopard lounges in the branches. She watches everything, the Dwarf and the pony not going unnoticed. The only indication that she is there is her long tail hanging from the tree, flicking back and forth.

Bracken catches the movement and his gaze follows the tail upward, surprised. “Good morning, Ma’am.”

Nimera inclines her head, “Greetings Fellow Narnian.” She does not make a move to come out of her tree yet.

Bracken asks, “How does the day find you?”

Nimera says, “A little too hot for my liking.” She finally gets up and gracefully leaps down the tree to be on the ground with the Dwarf. She assesses him with a neutral gaze, “I am called Nimera.”

Bracken says, “Bracken. Pleased ta make yer acquaintance.”

Nimera dips her head, “Likewise.” Her tone isn’t inflected. “New to the area?”

Lanisen passes through, his hands in his pockets, following the path north and east. He catches sight of the leopard leaping down and stumbles on a stick in his way, distracted.

Bracken says, “Not really. Grew up south of here, in the Madder. Live in the east now.”

The stumbling man draws Nimera’s attention away from the Dwarf. Her tail flicks, “There is a stick right there.”

Lanisen says wryly, “Thank– um, thank you.”

Nimera flicks her tail as she turns attention back to the Dwarf. “The East did you say? Where exactly? I am from the Sted Cair region.”

Bracken says, “The Cair, actually ”

Lanisen straightens his clothing and continues on.

Nimera’s tail stops twitching. “Impressive.”

Bracken shrugs uncomfortably.

Nimera dips her head, “Well, I should be on my way. Good to meet you, Bracken.” She slips off into the woods.

Lanisen steps quickly to the side as the Leopard pads past him.

Bracken looks after her, curious.

Lanisen glances over his shoulder back toward Bracken.

Bracken asks, “You’re still a long way from home, aren’t you, Youngster?”

Lanisen slows and stops, turning back to face the Dwarf. “‘S not so far,” he answers.

Bracken says, “Archenland? It’s not the cave next door.”

Lanisen says, “Well, no.”

Bracken asks, “What was it brought you so far?”

Lanisen rubs his elbow. “A friend.”

Bracken says, “Good friend.”

Lanisen lifts his shoulders. He seems simultaneously evasive and apologetic, and he glances briefly at Bracken and then away. “What about you?”

Bracken says, “A friend, I suppose. A duty too.”

Lanisen nods.

Bracken says, “Well, I won’t delay you further. Have a good visit with yer friend.”

Lanisen ducks his head in acknowledgement and turns to go.


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