to megren, 18 longsun 1017

Dear Meg,

I’m sorry for taking so long to write back. It seems like there are always things happening here, or new people being friendly to talk to, or interesting trails that go places you don’t expect. Narnia is just as beautiful in Spring. I have not seen very many Dryads, and those I have seem to be very busy, but the Naiads are very playful just now. A Faun I have met has warned me off swimming with them, though it is not very likely I would have done anyway. He says they don’t mean any harm, but sometimes they don’t know their strength at this time of year and you could get tossed about and sent where you do not mean to go very easily, unless you are a very strong swimmer. The Otters looked like they were having fun, though.

Tohol says hello, and that he does not think much of Narnia, and would rather go home where he can be sure that the Squirrel is not about to tell him off for investigating her Business. I have made friends with a Leopard (I think; she does not seem very friendly, at least at first, and I think if I were to call her friend to her face it would annoy her, but I think it is only because she is a Cat and that is their way. Her name is Nimera and she is very beautiful) and she has shared some of her hunt with us, so Tohol has meat to eat. I wish I had not brought him, a little. He is very good company, but he does not know what to make of Wolves and Leopards and Jackals, and the people that do not frighten him are frightened of him.

Jana is well, and Tristran is very sweet. He is clever, too, and I hope that Myrd is as kind with him as Jana says. He does not seem like somebody who has been made to be afraid, though sometimes you can’t tell. I have not seen Myrd at all. I do not know that he knows I am here, and I hope it stays that way.

I miss you too. How are you, and have you gotten used to being Dame Megren yet? How are the families on your route? Have you got any interesting stories from your knightly quests yet?

I think I will come home soon, unless you are coming here.



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