conflicting goals

Splintered Axe Tavern
The Great Woods
Southern Narnia

Lanisen can be heard cautiously clumping down the steps several moments before he actually steps through the door. He makes his way to the door, slightly disheveled and with a look of intense concentration on his face.

Crenna trots into the tavern, greeting the barkeep, “Hello Hergel. How’s my patient today?” As if on cue, her ears swivel to the sound of steps and her eyes widen. She picks up the pace to meet him at the door, “Lanisen! Hold onto my neck for support if you need.”

Lanisen says, slightly out of breath, “I’m okay, I’m okay, thank you.”

Crenna sticks with him until they are safely at one of the tables.

Lanisen only looked like he was aiming for a table. The table was actually just coincidentally placed. He keeps going, his eyes fixed on the front door.

Crenna looks concerned though she doesn’t question him. She just sticks to his side, helping him as best as she is able. It may seem that she has done this before.

Lanisen reaches the door and leans on the frame in some relief, then opens it and continues out. He circles slowly around to the back of the inn, aiming for the little stable.

Crenna pads beside him. “Are we visiting your horse?” She takes a guess.

Lanisen pants, “Just– wanted to check in on him.”

Crenna noses him gently, “We can take it slow. There is no need to overextend yourself.”

Lanisen says, “If I stop I won’t get started again.”

Crenna says, “I see.” She continues to walk beside him and give him what supports he needs.

Lanisen seems shy of accepting the support she offers and relies on the walking stick.

Crenna frowns in thought. She says gently, “It is okay to lean against me, Lanisen. I won’t let you fall.”

Lanisen says, “I’ll /squish/ you!”

Crenna snorts, “You obviously haven’t seen Drune or Tempest. They have tackled me before and I’m still standing.”

Lanisen says, “I’ve– seen Drune and Tempest.”

Crenna looks up at him to try and meet him in the eye, “Then you know what I mean when I say that I have been tackled by them and been fine.”

Lanisen looks unhappy, torn between his desire for independence and his desire to be obliging. He finally compromises and sets his free hand tentatively on her shoulders as a just-in-case support, but he keeps most of his weight on the stick.

Crenna seems satisfied as she walks along side of him.

Lanisen says, “Thank you.”

Crenna says, “Of course. Always willing to lend a helping paw.”

Lanisen glances briefly at her at this, amused. He reaches the wall of the stable and reaches out with his free hand to lean on that instead.

Crenna eyes him as he rests, “How do you feel?”

Lanisen closes his eyes and nods a couple times, his forehead sweat-shiny. “This is the worst,” he says decisively, and then opens his eyes and grins tiredly at her.

Crenna quips, “I know, I have been told that I ask too many questions. You must excuse the character flaw.”

Lanisen asks, “How long d’you think it’ll be before I can travel?”

Crenna hmms, “Depends on a few things. Like how well you can stay off of it. Did you ride a horse?” She looks at the stable.

Lanisen says, “Yeah.”

Crenna swishes her tail, “That is good. It will be easier to get over the pass. I still wouldn’t recommend anything less than a week, week and a half. I don’t want you to injure it further.”

Lanisen lets out a breath, but nods and looks down. He looks at the stable door, rallies, and pushes on.

Crenna follows him in.

Lanisen keeps going until he’s reached his horse, who is already leaning as far out of his stall as he can and whickering urgently. “There we are,” Lanisen says, leaning his stick up against the stall door and petting the horse’s neck and face. “There we are. I know, I’m sorry.”

Once Lanisen is safely to the stall door, Crenna takes a step back. She looks about the stable, observing this and that.

Lanisen breathes out, cautiously resting his hurt foot on the ground. He rubs his forehead and glances back at Crenna.

Crenna gives him an encouraging smile.

Lanisen asks, “If I tie it very tightly do you think I could ride sooner?”

Crenna shakes her head, “I can’t advise that.” She looks concerned, “Do you need to get back a certain time? I can send a message with my recommendation that you need to rest here for a week or tow.”

Lanisen says, “No, I just–” He crosses one arm over his middle and rubs his elbow. “I just– I want to be home.”

Crenna looks sympathetic, “I know you must be homesick and I am terribly sorry you hurt yourself.”

Lanisen rubs the side of his face and nods, not looking at her directly. He looks tired, pain-worn and anxious.

Crenna decides that she is going to stick with him. “Would you like to rest here? I can get a stool.” She already starts to look around for one.

Lanisen says, “I can get one, I’m okay.”

Crenna dips her head.

Lanisen turns again to pay attention to the horse, when it bumps him hard enough between his shoulderblades to nearly knock him off his balance.

Crenna takes a step forward. Suddenly, a distant howling is heard and she frowns.

Lanisen glances at the door at the noise, then looks at Crenna. “That sounds important.”

Crenna looks back at him in concern. “Will you be alright?

Lanisen nods quickly.

Crenna says, “If you need anything, please send for me. I’ll be here in five minutes.” She takes one quick look before darting out the door.


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