safe place

Watchtower — Lower Bunk 2
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Haft lies on his bunk, back to the door, apparently asleep.

Lanisen, though he is rarely in the room at this time of day, is sitting on his bunk. He looks tired, as though he’s passed a sleepless night, but he isn’t trying to sleep. There’s a couple books scattered around him, and his notebook, and a letter, but he’s not reading any of them, just sitting with his back to the wall.

Haft grunts. “Stop being so deathly silent. You’re keeping me awake.”

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unwelcome revelation

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen sits under a window, the tabletop and the page in front of him illuminated by a bright blade of sunlight that slants down through the narrow window. It catches and refracts through a glass of water at his elbow, sending wavering specks of rainbow light dancing across the table.

Peridan enters the library. He greets the librarian and says a few words before looking around. Spying Lanisen, the man heads in that direction, “Hello Lanisen.” Peridan seems much happier these days.

Lanisen looks up alertly and gets to his feet to bow. “Afternoon, sir,” he answers.

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The Royal Infirmary
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

You stand in the Cair Paravel Infirmary, a long, narrowish room that runs half the length of the Hall. The south wall is lined from ceiling to floor with long wooden shelves, each of which holds a variety of jars, bottles and wooden boxes. Most of them are labelled with hard-to-pronounce names, and there is the strong, pungent odor of drying herbs lingering in the air. The north wall is lined with windows above and cots below. There’s also a kind of desk here, with lots of books and scrolls scattered across it.

Doors are found at either end of the Infirmary. To the east, an open doorway leads out to the Northside Tower. To the west, a wooden door leads out into the Royal Gardens.

Lanisen is perched on a very tall stool, one made to match the very tall counter, which is made for a centaur’s height rather than a human’s. He’s got a book open in front of him and is watching Stormsbreath put together a /something/ in a large glass jar. It seems to be mostly wood shavings. “So what do the spirits do, then?” he asks. “Why not water?”

Avery comes in through the infirmary door. Her left hand is roughly wrapped in a cloth, blood staining the white fabric. She does not appear panicked, though.

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to dalia, 29 firedance 1017

Hello Dalia!

Thank you for your Letter. Narnia is very nice, and everybody at the castle has been very kind and has made us feel very much at home, though it is very different without the Kings and Queens and there is a sort of feeling that everybody is sad when you aren’t looking. Even so, it has been good to talk with people and hear about what they are thinking.

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history & potential futures

The Athenaeum of Aslan
Eastern Narnia

You stand the a large, brightly-lit chamber that comprises the Athenaeum of Aslan. Its reputation as a learning center is well-earned, but it looks unlike any typical classroom of any other culture. The chamber is triangular in shape, tapering in from the corners of the south wall to a fine point to the north. There is a low wooden table situated near the northern point, and facing this are concentric rows of circular benches in various sizes, presumably to give attendant pupils a place to sit, listen and learn. The ceiling above is domed, but there is a great open space in the center that is unhindered even by trees. Thus, sunlight and fresh air pour in, illuminating the whole chamber and filling it with the rich, fragrant scents of outdoors.

There are doorways leading into side chambers to the east and west. The east door is marked ‘Charity’, the west is marked ‘Knowledge’. The door to the south leads back out to the Antechamber.

Mateo takes the offered seat next to her, “Mateo, I’m Mateo, it’s nice to meet you”

A daughter of eve with brilliant white-blonde hair (Astrid) smiles. “How have you found your time here? ‘Interesting’?”

Mateo nods, returning her smile, “Yes, very much so!”

Lanisen steps into the antechamber, carefully wiping his feet on the mat provided. He glances up at the sound of voices and smiles a quick greeting to the two.

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strengths & weak points

Ragaflower’s Glade
Eastern Narnia

You find yourself standing in a pretty little forested glade, surrounded on all sides by trees. It’s a quiet, peaceful glade, carpeted by thick grass and wildflowers that give off rich scents. There’s an air of seclusion here, but it’s not a lonely feeling. More of a private place, away from the bustle of the towns that exist nearby in the Great Woods.

There’s a break in the foliage to the north.

Aliyah is resting in the clearing. It is her favorite spot away from the crowds of the town and the men camped out on the beach. her eyes are closed, but she is not sleeping… Just deep in thought.

Lanisen follows the path, his footsteps nearly inaudible on the soft moss underfoot. He pauses on the edge of the trees, looking up at the dusky sky.

Aliyah has not heard Lanisen approach, but she does catch a scent and sits up quickly, scanning her surroundings. “Lanisen?” she calls, a bit of concern in her voice.

Lanisen comes back down to earth rather quickly at this. “Yeah?” he calls back, not immediately recognizing the voice, or seeing the speaker. He squints in the poor light.

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recipients of grace

Infirmary Garden
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

You stand in a corner of the gardens where the courtyard meets the castle’s walls, just outside the door to the Castle Apothecary. The Royal Garden here is dominated by a variety of plants known for their healing properties, including small shrubs of blackberries, various wildflowers and assorted herbs.

The plants are well-tended and the walk is quite aromatic! Beneath your feet is a decorative path which leads south and west away from the walls. South leads to the door to the Great Hall, West leads along the wall and further into the garden, in the general direction of the main gates of Cair Paravel.

Lanisen is sitting on a bench beside the little yew tree, one leg curled up underneath him. A book is open in his lap, and a notebook and charcoal are next to him.

Chlamash comes strolling along the pathway, a pipe in his mouth. He looks very thoughtful and it is likely that the strolling is of aimless type.

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batter balls

The Beach near Sted Cair
Eastern Narnia

This stretch of beach is quiet, largely abandoned except for the occasional shorebird. Perfectly clear blue water surges up in rhythmic waves to meet the smooth shore, fine golden sand studded with seashells. The water is gentle and fairly shallow for some distance out, though a darkening in the color suggests an abrupt drop-off of the ground below the surface. The beach is sheltered by a series of towering sea-stacks to the southeast and by the the peninsula to the north, on which the castle of Cair Paravel sits with all its windows glittering in the sun. The beach gets progressively rockier to the south, where smooth sand gives way gradually to tide pools and boulders.

A sandy little-trodden path leads southwest up the slope to the main road, and the beach is clear all the way to the castle to the north.

Lanisen has left his shoes behind somewhere unknown, and he has his pants rolled up halfway to the knee. He’s making his way toward the part of the beach that adjoins the Terebinthian camp, leaving waterlogged footprints behind him along the waterline.

Oren walks toward the camp as well, from the direction of his ship. He doesn’t immediately notice Lanisen.

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tentative plans

Central Garden
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

You can easily discern this as the center of the royal gardens – a great fountain decorates the courtyard’s center point. It is a scuplture of a grand lion, standing over the water’s edge. This lion is not insignifigant though – it is an artist’s tribute to the ruler of all Narnia, and a portrait of a noble character.

At all four points of the compass a paved path leads to the corners of the courtyard, North, East, South and West. To the east lies the entrance to the grand hall of Cair Paravel, and to the west, the gates of the castle. North and South lead to flower gardens, where one might sit for a spell.

The sides of the paths here are lines with decorative posts and ribbons, leading from east to west to form an aisle (going delicately around the fountain). It appears that the garden to the east has been set up for some kind of ceremony.

Linor perks up again. “Good! Because we’ve had enough of leaving.” and then deflates again. “Why do you think that our Kings and Queens would ever want to leave?”

Avery shakes her head as she sips her tea. She looks thoughtful. “I do not know…”

Lanisen follows the path around the fountain, his footsteps crunching softly in the gravel. His eyes are on the sculpture in the middle of the fountain, so he does not immediately notice Avery and the Mink, but he slows and stops when he does, ducking a bow.

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around to stay

Sted Cair Town Square
Eastern Narnia

You stand in the middle of Sted Cair’s Town Square, the social hub of the township. All around you the citizens of Sted Cair are enjoying the fine weather as they travel through, going about their daily business.

The square itself is somewhat parklike, dominated in the center by a large grey marble statue of Aslan. The lion is seated and looks toward the east where Cair Paravel stands and his own land lies far beyond the ocean. His expression, while impressive, is neither menacing nor sedate. Instead, it simply looks majestic. A plaque underneath the statue simply reads, “Aslan”.

Streets lead in all four directions out of the square. There are buildings at each corner as well. To the northeast is the Explorer’s shop, and the Fruit Market sits under an impressive pavillion to the northwest. The Satyr’s Hoof Tavern lies to the southwest, and Grumich’s Pawnshop is southeast.

Megren laughs. “Well, I’m keeping out of spars with Narnians while on this particular assignment. But I’ll certainly keep it in mind.”

Dreygan says, “Excuses excuses, Aliyah.”

Aliyah bats at Dreygan with her tail. “Do we need to test this again?”

Megren grins.

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