total lack of putrefaction

The Splintered Axe Tavern
The Great Woods
Southern Narnia

Lanisen sits at a tall table by the east window, talking with Niffum. He looks well and well rested in the early morning sunshine, though his left foot is still wrapped up and bootless under the table.

Niffum nods, “Pleased ta make yer ‘quaintance. ‘ave ya been in these parts long?”

Lanisen says, “Um– about, about a week now, I suppose? Meant to just pass through.”

Sombersigh enters the tavern from the inn, a satchel slung over her shoulder.

Niffum sits down tiredly and looks up in time to see the Marsh Wiggle come through the door, “Oh, ‘lo there Mistress Wiggle”

Lanisen looks past Niffum to Sombersigh. He ducks his head politely, tucking his left foot behind the other.

Sombersigh turns to see who has spoken. She looks around for a moment as if she’s not certain she’s the one being addressed. At last her eyes settle on the dwarf. “Oh, good day. Niffum, is it? I’ve got it wrong, like as not.”

Niffum chuckles, if a bit wearily, “Aye, an’ ya be Somber somethin’ iffin’ I’m not mistaken, good ta’ see ya agin

Lanisen realizes his hands are covered in charcoal dust and digs out a handkerchief to try to remedy the worst of it.

Sombersigh says, “Sombersigh it is.” She glances keenly at Lanisen. “And you, young fellow, how is your leg today?”

Niffum looks down at Lanisen’s leg and quietly orders a bite to eat as she listens to hear his response.”

Lanisen glances up. “‘S fine, ma’am,” he answers, shifting, and adds with a lopsided grin, “Still attached, not rottin’ off or anything.”

Sombersigh looks doubtful. “Gangrenous?”

Lanisen says, his grin growing, “No ma’am, nor that either.”

Niffum chuckles at the dire diagonsis of the MarshWiggle, and takes another drink of her ale

Sombersigh says, “And no bones sticking out either, I suppose.” She sounds almost disappointed.

Lanisen says, ducking his head apologetically, “Not last I checked.” His eyes are sparkling with mirth.

Niffum smiles at the disappointed Marsh Wiggle and the young man, “Well, glad it ain’t too bad, tho I’m sure iffin’ it gets worse Misstress Sombersigh here’ll be glad ta ‘elp ya out. Now, it’s been a long trip an’ I better be off ta’ me bed” Glad ya’ve been taken keer of lad, an’ yer welcome ta stay long as ya want.”
Niffum says, “an a good night to ye as well Mistress Sombersigh””

Lanisen says, turning his attention to the Dwarf, “Thank you, ma’am.”

Niffum gathers up her belongings and heads off to her quarters

Sombersigh sighs and turns to order some food.


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