traveling companion

Castle Anvard

Glora is lying on a window sill, staring out the window and watching the world go by as she suns herself.

Lanisen steps into the quiet kennels, brushing off his shoes on the mat at the door. He looks tired and distracted, as he has since he came back from Narnia, but he grins to find Glora basking. “Hey, you.”

Glora looks over and lets out a purr as she stands. “Hey, yourself. What’ve you been up to?”

Lanisen says, “Packin’. How ’bout you?”

Glora’s ears perk. “Packing? I thought you just got back.”

Lanisen says, “I– I did, but–” He pauses. “Um, have you– did you hear yet? Somebody’s, there’s a duke, he’s– he’s put in a bid for the crown, I think.”

Glora stares at Lanisen, though that might just be because she’s a Cat. “Has he now? Is he from here?”

Lanisen says, “No, not from Archenland, he’s from… one of the islands? I think? I don’t know, not for sure.”

Glora asks, “So why are you packing? Planning to go put in a bid beside him?”

Lanisen snorts. “It’s…” He pauses and frowns. “They’re– I think they just want to– show that Narnia has friends.”

Glora asks, “Oh.” She swishes her tail. “Just you again? Or who else is going?”

Lanisen says, “Me, Sir Darrin, Meg… um, Lady Avery, Haft… Deonyc? And whoever’s goin’ to attend Lady Avery, I reckon.”

Glora transfers her stare to out the window. “I see.” Another tail swish. “Well. I guess I should show Narnia I still exist, then.”

Lanisen straightens, brightening. “Yeah?”

Glora gives a liquid shrug. “I’ve been thinking about going home soon anyway. When are we leaving?”

Lanisen says, “Tomorrow, early.”

Glora looks around, eyes wide. “/Tomorrow/? That’s no notice at all!”

Lanisen winces. “Sorry, I’m sorry, I just found out last night.”

Glora stands. “Then there’s no time to waste at all.” She walks to the edge of the sill and, balanced precariously on the edge, sends a pleading look Lanisen’s way. “Get me one of those meat pies from the stall?”

Lanisen laughs. “I gotta pack! There’s some money in that coinpurse on the shelf, though.”

Glora sighs deeply. She does, however, go to the shelf and get the purse. “Fiiine. Maybe she’ll give me one, since it’s my last day. Do you want anything?”

Lanisen says, “No, no, I’m fine. Um–” He stops, evidently considering changing his mind, then shakes his head. “No, I’ll get it later.”

Glora says, “Your loss.” She takes the coinpurse and heads out of the kennel, giving the dogs no mind as she passes by.”

Lanisen draws a deep breath and turns in place as she goes, then grabs his satchel from where it’s hanging by the door and begins to fill it.

Glora scratches at the door several minutes later.

Lanisen turns to open it without even a hesitation.

Glora saunters in, carrying a cloth-wrapped bundle in her mouth and surrounded by the scent of savory pastries. As soon as she’s through the door, she leaps onto the nearest surface so the dogs can’t investigate. Once settled and pulling away the cloth, she announces, “She gave me one for the road tomorrow, too. It won’t be fresh, but it was sweet.”

Lanisen says, “Aw, that was kind of her.”

Glora asks, “Mhm.” She pulls the coinpurse out of the bundle, setting it to the side, and proceeds to carefully remove an area of crust from the top of one of the pies. “Did you want to go back so soon?”

Lanisen says, “Well–” He pauses, and then admits, “Yeah. I didn’t… I kind of didn’t want to come back. But I didn’t plan to go back so soon.”

Glora pauses from her pie process. “Are you planning to stay?”

Lanisen says, “Ahh…” and rubs the back of his neck. “I’d– I’d like to, but it’s, you know, my work’s here. Maybe if–” He pauses, and lifts his shoulders. “Maybe if I found somethin’ to do in Narnia to– to earn my way, maybe.”

Glora says, “There’s some humans that live near Sted Cair. Maybe you could find something there.” She turns back to her snack. “Or maybe you could work for this duke fellow.”

Lanisen says, “Maybe. Who knows.”

Glora asks, “Are you taking a dog again this time?”

Lanisen hesitates, and shakes his head. “No, I don’t think– no.”

Glora has started to eat the filling out of the pastry. “Why not?”

Lanisen draws a breath, looking toward the dogs. “It was… mm. It was scary for him, a lot of the time, and confusing, you know, we’d meet a Wolf, and he’d have his hackles up already, and then the Wolf starts /talking/ and saying words he knows, and he didn’t really know what to do with it, or if he needed to fight them, or run away. And some of the smaller Talking Beasts were a little anxious around him. They’re right to be so, of course, he’s– he’s a coursin’ hound, he chases rabbits. He wouldn’t, not without a command, but…”

Glora flicks an ear and says, “/Wolves/. I don’t blame him. I don’t think anyone knows what to do with those. Are you going to be fine without them? I know you like your dogs.”

Lanisen hesitates and rubs his scarred wrists absently. “I– I think so.”

Glora asks, “And we’re going to the castle, right?”

Lanisen says, “That’s right.”

Glora mms and lifts her head, cleaning the gravy off her whiskers. She’s pretty much hollowed out the pastry she was working on. “I suppose that’ll be pretty different now.”

Lanisen pauses. “Yeah,” he says quietly.

Glora asks, “Why did King Lune decide to send you all?”

Lanisen says, cracking a small smile, “You’d want to ask Megren that, I just do what I’m told.”

Glora starts cleaning her face. “So if they told you to go off north into the giants’ land, you’d do that too?”

Lanisen snorts.

Glora stretches and refolds the cloth over the second pastry, pushing the remains of the first off. “I suppose I should go gather my blanket and all. I’ll leave this here for now, though. See you in a bit.” She heads back towards the door.

Lanisen says, “All right, see you.”


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