15 firedance 1017

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen sits in a chair by the empty hearth, poring over a book bound in dark red cloth. There’s a map of Terebinthia on one of the pages.

Deonyc comes walking into the library, he glances at lanisen but isn’t about to go and bug him he looks around for any library staff but can’t seem to find any

Lanisen glances up from his book as the door opens. He doesn’t call out, and he bows his head over the page again, but he doesn’t seem to be reading. He watches Deonyc from the corner of his eye.

Deonyc looks at the row of bookshelves with musing interest, not that he can read any of them but nonetheless he scans the covers for anything he can make sense of.

Megren comes into the hall from the other side, hands gathered behind her back.

Deonyc glances at megren before turning back to book cover watching.

Lanisen shifts when the door opens again and looks up.

Haft enters the room a couple of steps behind Megren.

Deonyc glances up at haft as well, he spots a small book and carefully takes it off the shelf, when it turns out to be a journal, mostly writing he puts it back again.

Megren’s eyes travel down the shelves before landing on Deonyc.

Lanisen relaxes a little bit, but pulls his lips between his teeth and fixes his eyes on the page again.

Deonyc continues down the row of bookshelves looking at the covers, he finds one that seems to have a leaf stamped in the leather cover and pulls it out of the shelf.

Megren nods thanks to Haft, and crosses toward the other guard. “Deonyc? Have you got a moment for a word?”

Deonyc shrugs and puts the book back on the shelf, he nods.

Lanisen squirms down in his chair.

Haft inclines his head in acknowledgement and follows along behind her stiffly.

Deonyc glances at haft before looking back at megren.

Megren gestures with her head toward an empty corner of the hall, out of hearing distance of anyone else who resides there.

Deonyc follows Megren to the corner, he seems almost curious, bemused really.

Lanisen waits until they have passed, then sets his book aside and quickly leaves.

Great Hall Well Chamber
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

A small chamber stands just south of the great hall. The room is mostly square and dominated by a large, round well built of smooth-hewn greystone and surrounded by a tile pavement. A wooden pail sits beside it for drawing out the cool, clear water inside.

An open doorway leads north into the great hall. Another leads west into what appears to be a kitchen. Finally, a third archway leads east into the southeast tower of the castle.

Lanisen is in the process of drawing up a bucket of cold water to drink. He looks a little tired.

Wethil’s entrance is announced by the whisper of leathery wings, amplified by the soft echo around the castle. She flies to the well and lands on it, gripping the rim of the well with her thumbs and bracing her feet against it, for once right-side up. “Hullo, hullo!” she greets, quietly but with a smile.

Lanisen startles, but only a little. “Hey!” he says, his whole face lighting up. “Is it evening already?”

Wethil mms and wiggles a wing as much as she can in her current position. “Almost evening, yes, but early still, yes yes. I, mmm, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t fall back asleep. I thought I would, mm, get a drink. But welcome, welcome back!”

Lanisen says, “Thank you!” He makes a face. “I’m sorry you didn’t sleep well.”

Wethil turns her face to chuckle into her wing, though the moment before she does there’s a flash of distress. “No, no, it’s, mm, common. Being a night creature in the castle. You, mm, get used to times like this, yes yes.” She lifts her face up, beaming once more. “And so many visitors! I wouldn’t want to, to sleep it all away!”

Lanisen hauls the pail up the rest of the way and offers it to Wethil, who is perched on the side of the well. “Is it too noisy for you?”

Wethil sticks her long nose in the pail and slurps up a drink. “Mm! Much better, thank you, yes.” She wiggles her wing again at the question. “Not, mm, noisy, there’s places, places that are quiet always. But, mm, I suppose visitors make it, mm… noisy up in here.” She touches her head to her wing, smiling a bit. “Too many thoughts, too many, mm, people to meet and things to hear for sleep.”

Lanisen pushes his mouth to the side. “Is there a healer here who can give you somethin’ to help you sleep?” he asks.

Megren passes through the chamber with an eye toward the kitchen, but she slows when she sees Lanisen there with a castle resident.

Wethil wrinkles her nose. “I, mm… tried that, once. Volne, she suggested it. But… But I didn’t, mm, like the way I felt, at night. Volne says, says the dose might have been a bit, mm, strong, but…”

Lanisen says, “Oh. No, I know what you mean.” He pauses again, and starts to say something else, but glances over his shoulder to see Megren and stops.

Megren says, “Hey, hello.”

Wethil peers around Lanisen to see who he’s looking at. She smiles when she sees another one of the castle guests. “Hullo, hullo! Welcome!”

Lanisen says, “Hi, hey.” His eyes dart briefly past her to check the doorway, and he looks back at her questioningly.

Megren says, “Hello, I’m Megren. Oh– Dame Megren, I suppose.”

Wethil says, “You’re, mm, one of the knights from Archenland, then, yes? Wethil, I’m just Wethil, I work here, yes yes.”

Megren asks, “Right, yes, that’s right. It’s nice to meet you, Wethil. What do you do?”

Lanisen rubs his elbow and stays quiet.

Wethil shifts her grip so she’s mostly holding the well with one wing and angled more towards the two humans. “I, mm, run messages around the castle and fetch things and, mm, keep an eye on the corridors and make sure everything is in order. If something, mm, needs to be done at night, that’s me, yes yes.” She smiles again. “Or if I, mm, can’t do it myself, I, I know who can.”

Megren says, “Huh. That’s clever. We could use a few night-creatures in our castle for jobs like that.”

Lanisen half-smiles. He glances toward the door again.

Wethil bobs her head a couple times. “It’s, mm, good for when someone is working late, or if a visitor is, mm, on my schedule. We had a Centaur, once, he, mm, he wouldn’t go out at night unless he had a mug of warm milk and a plate of…” her nose scrunches up as she tries to recall the exact details. “Cinnamon cookies, really crunchy ones? Yes, that was it, he’d dunk them, yes yes. I’d always, mm, take his request to the kitchens.”

Lanisen grins.

Megren’s brows lifts and she looks at Lanisen. “Think I could get away with making demands like that?”

Wethil asks, “Do you have a, mm, favorite midnight snack?”

Megren says, “Well, if I didn’t, I do now.”

Lanisen says, “She likes pickled things.”

Megren asks, “At /midnight/?”

Wethil blinks. “…Mm! I, mm, don’t get many who, mmm… want pickled things. But there’s, there’s a Wiggle, she cares for the ponds, she might have some from home…?”

Lanisen tells Wethil, “She likes pickled things at midnight.”

Megren says, “Pickled things are /strictly/ a mid-day affair.”

Wethil says, “Mid-day and midnight aren’t, mm, all that different, really.”

Megren says, “He is going to fill my bed with brined fish now, and you’ll be the excuse.”

Lanisen says, “Pickled and brined are different.”

Wethil asks, “They are?”

Megren shrugs at the bat.

Lanisen says, “Pickled is vinegar and brined is salt.”

Megren says, “Preserved in a liquid.”

Wethil asks, “What if it’s salty vinegar?”

Lanisen squints. “Still pickled?” he hazards.

Megren asks, “Why not pickled /and/ brined?”

Lanisen shrugs elaborately.

Wethil exclaims, “…Hm!” She looks at Megren, blinks once. “But, mm, just to be safe, I should bring, mm, both, yes?”

Megren says, “To Haft’s bunk, yes.”

Lanisen snorts.

Wethil asks, “He’s, mm, one of the others that came with you? With the Lady?”

Megren says, “That’s right. The older fellow, with the face.”

Lanisen says, “Don’t really. She’s pullin’ your leg.”

Megren says, “Or you could, and pretend you do it for all the castle guests, and get very offended when he refuses.”

Wethil looks towards Lanisen and smiles. “I, mm, figured. Queen Lucy, she did something, mm, similar, once, to King Edmund, yes yes, when I was, when I was new.” She tucks her muzzle into her wing and giggles at Megren’s suggestion. “I could, yes yes…”

Megren gets a huge delighted grin.

Lanisen cants his head slightly when Wethil mentions Lucy.

Wethil says, “We’ll, mm, we’ll see. I don’t know how many, mm, pickled things we have.”

Megren says, “That’s fair, that’s fair.”

Lanisen grins. He reaches for the bucket, since Wethil is finished using it, and splashes his face and neck.

Wethil says, “But, mm, really, if you, mm, need or want anything at night, mm, most rooms have a little bell, or else if you come out into the hall, I’ll, mm, I’ll probably be by soon, yes yes.”

Megren says, “That’s sweet. Thank you for saying.”

Wethil nods a couple times.

Megren pushes her mouth to the side. “I was just going to find Lady Avery, but I suppose I’ll see you both about?”

Lanisen says, “I’ll be around.”

Wethil agrees, “Mhmm, though, mm, hopefully not too often, you, mm, probably want plenty of sleep, yes yes.”

Megren grins. “We’ll see.” She starts off again. “Nice meeting you!”

Wethil exclaims, “Nice to meet you!”

Megren is yanked from behind into a swirling vortex by Antheia!

Lanisen looks away as Megren leaves, rubbing the back of his neck. He looks rather more tired than he did before. “Well,” he says. “I should– prob’ly start figurin’ out where I’m meant to be for the night.”

Wethil looks at him and tips her head. “Mm… did anyone, mm, say? I know where most rooms are, if you have a name, yes yes.”

Lanisen says, “Nooo, but I think if, if I find my group somebody’ll know.”

Wethil says, “I’ll come, mmm, if you want.”

Lanisen says, a little worriedly, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Wethil smiles. “No trouble, my pleasure.”

Lanisen says, “Well– I’d be obliged, then, I still don’t know my way around. Thank you.”

Wethil pushes off the well and flaps in a circle around the room. “Of course, of course!”

Lanisen replaces the pail and turns to follow her.


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