the weight of four crowns

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen has hidden himself away in one of the deep chairs by the cold fireplace, a lamp lit at his side for reading light.

Peridan walks into the library, greeting the librarian. He heads over to one of the shelves, speaking to the librarian, “The volume is up here, right?” Getting a glare, he covers his mouth and hisses, “I apologize.” He begins to climb the ladder to get to the highest level.

Lanisen lifts his head from his book and peers around the wings of the chair at the familiar voice.

Peridan seems engaged in his task. He grabs a hefty volume and angles it under his arm before starting to climb down. Unfortunately, gravity is not on his side and the volume drops with a THUD! The librarian looks up and glares at the man, “Lord Peridan, Are you alright?” However, the way his tone sounds, it can be assumed that there is more concern for the book than the man.

Lanisen’s eyes follow the book with similar alarm.

Thankfully, the book is undamaged. Peridan hehs, “My apologies.” He bends down to pick up and turns to look at the pages. The shape in the corner catches his attention and he looks up. It takes a moment before surprise registers on his face followed with a friendly smile, “Lanisen! I did not know you were a part of the Archenland party.”

Lanisen gets to his feet and bows. “Yes, sir, they– they let me tag along.”

Peridan waves a hand for him to sit down, “Wonderful! May I join you?”

Lanisen says, “Of course, yeah.”

Peridan takes a seat by Lanisen. “How was your journey?”

Lanisen says, “Um– fine, it was good. We came across Stormness yesterday and camped in the valley, then came the rest of the way early today.”

Peridan nods, “I am glad for that. I hope that there was no trouble coming over the pass. It can be a bit tricky.”

Lanisen says, “No, no, it– It was, it rained a bit, but nothin’ worse than that.”

Peridan leans back in his chair, “I am glad. Is this the first time you have been to the Cair?”

Lanisen says, “Um– no, sir, we were– their majesties invited us to stay last autumn, before the–”

Peridan goes a bit weary, “Ah, yes. That is right. Forgive, it has been…a interesting few months.”

Lanisen says, “Yes, sir.” He studies the man obliquely, his forehead furrowing with concern. He hesitates, then ventures, “It’s strange with them not here.”

Peridan just nods, “Like a whole limb have been cut off and lost.”

Lanisen doesn’t say anything to this. After a moment, he asks quietly, keeping his eyes on the book closed in his lap, “How’re you holdin’ up, sir?”

Peridan looks a bit surprised before chuckling, “You are the first person in quite a while to ask me that, Lanisen.”

Lanisen looks up at him in surprise, and then unhappiness. “I’m sorry.”

Peridan gives him a half smile before saying, “To answer your question, I am taking it one day at a time. The peace and security of Narnia comes first and foremost.”

Lanisen nods silently.

Peridan rubs his neck, “Though through the Lion’s blessing, we will find a fit ruler.”

Lanisen hesitates a moment. “I don’t know how long we’ll– how long we’ll be here,” he says finally. “What can I do, while I’m here? What can I do to help?”

Peridan smiles gratefully, “I really appreciate that, Lanisen. There is not much you can do except let me know if there is anything troubling. I know that many Narnians are nervous about the present state of affairs and I would like to squash any fears as they arise.”

Lanisen says, “Of course, yeah.”

Peridan taps his book, “Enough of this deep talk. What is it that you are reading?”

Lanisen says, “Um–” He looks down at it. “It’s, I grabbed somethin’ about the islands. I met Mateo earlier, he told me a bit about Terebinthia.”

Peridan ahs, “I see. It is an interesting country.”

Lanisen confesses, “I don’t know much about it. I reckoned I’d better read up.”

Peridan hehs, “Well, Terebinthia is not as well known to some. I was not that familiar with it myself for awhile.”

Lanisen says, “I never been on a ship, even.”

Peridan looks surprised, “Really? I’m sure we can remedy that if you wish.”

Lanisen says, “Ahh,” and gives a sort of nervous, sheepish smile. “That’s, that’s all right. Maybe someday.”

Peridan chuckles as he gets to his feet, “Well, let me know if you change your mind. I will leave you to your book reading now.”

Lanisen says, “Oh!” and gets to his feet. “All right, um. It was, it was good to see you, sir.”

Peridan smiles, “It was good to see you, Lanisen.”

Lanisen says, “Let me know if there’s anything…”

Peridan grins, “Of course.” He tucks his book under his arm before heading out the door.



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