the view from the top

Great Hall Well Chamber
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

A small chamber stands just south of the great hall. The room is mostly square and dominated by a large, round well built of smooth-hewn greystone and surrounded by a tile pavement. A wooden pail sits beside it for drawing out the cool, clear water inside.

An open doorway leads north into the great hall. Another leads west into what appears to be a kitchen. Finally, a third archway leads east into the southeast tower of the castle.

Lanisen is filling his waterskin from the well. When he has finished, he screws the lid back on, pours some cold water from the bucket directly onto his head, shudders for a minute, then lets out a breath of satisfaction.

Wethil flies out of the kitchen, pouch mostly empty (the way it hangs suggests maybe a couple small objects inside). She’s blinking rapidly and not paying the best of attention to her surroundings as she lands on the well again, just like before.

Lanisen says, glancing toward her with a pleased smile, “Mornin’, you.”

Wethil focuses on Lanisen and smiles, though it’s not quite as bright as usual. “Lanisen! Hullo, hullo. How’re you?”

Lanisen pauses, studying her with curiosity that morphs into concern. “I’m well,” he answers. “What’s– are you all right?”

Wethil takes a breath and glances down at herself. “Mm… I, I met the duke,” she says, trying to sound natural. “But, mmm… I didn’t make the, the best of impressions, I think.”

Lanisen says, his face falling, “Ohh, oh–” He lowers the bucket again and draws up fresh water, setting it next to her. “What happened, are you all right?”

Wethil clings to the well with one wing and dips the other to wipe her face. “Mhm, mhm, I’m fine, yes, yes, I just, mmm, made a bit of a fool of myself, mmm, for the /second/ time, and, mmm…” She takes a deep breath, lets it out as a sigh, and drops her forehead onto the well brim.

Lanisen says, “Hey, hey…” and drops to his knees next to her. “You’re all right, you’re all right, do you–” He hesitates. “What do you need, do you want to talk about it, or do you want to forget about it for a while?”

Wethil takes another long breath, this time less of a sigh. In a small voice, she says, “Mm… forget about it, I think.”

Lanisen says, “All right.” He glances toward the kitchen and the sunlight there. “Do you… we could go for a walk, or we could go hide away in the library or someplace for a while?”

Wethil considers for a moment, then offers, “Have you, mmm, been up the watch tower? It has a, mm, a very nice view of the town.”

Lanisen says, “I don’t think I have been yet.”

Wethil says, “It’s, it’s this way.” She takes a quick drink, then takes off and flies towards one of the doors. “If you’d like, that is, yes yes…”

Lanisen gets to his feet to follow her. “Sure, yeah, of course.”

Atop the Northwest Tower
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

You stand atop the highest battlement of Cair Paravel. Looking down, the view is positively dizzying! The round marble towertop seems cold, as even the rising parapets that surround the level towertop on which you stand do not serve as much of a windbreak. Still, there is something peaceful about standing up here, so far from the ground below. The only permanent fixture here is a tall bannerpole that goes up another 30 feet or so, at the top of which you see a gold and red huge banner with the face of a lion upon it.

This particular battlement is apparently not used often, for there is little sign of frequent presence here. Its heights make it unreliable as a battle post, and difficult to use even for sighting approaching visitors. There is a bracket here where a spyglass might once have been mounted, but it is apparently gone now.

There is a trapdoor leading down inside the castle.

Wethil leads the way, pausing whenever they come to a trapdoor that needs opening. Eventually, they come out to the tower, and Wethil lands on the ramparts, gripping with her thumbs and toes and squinting out. “This, mm, this is the quieter one, yes yes. The other has, mm, a guard or two, usually.”

Lanisen follows after her, keeping up as well as he can, though his limp makes itself more evident after the first flight of stairs, and he’s cautious on ladders. He makes an appreciative noise at the view from the top and straightens.

Wethil says, “This is, mmm, a good place for stars, too, and, mm, sunrise.”

Lanisen leans his forearms on the battlement and nods in agreement, looking east over the sea. “This is lovely,” he says, taking a deep breath of the salty breeze. “Thank you for showin’ me.”

Wethil smiles. “On a, mmm, clear day, you can see nearly to Lantern Waste, I’m told. Or if you have a spyglass.” She motions towards the empty bracket.

Lanisen asks, with interest, “Really!” He crosses to the west side of the tower, squinting and shading his eyes from the sun.

Wethil asks, “You’ve been there, yes?”

Lanisen nods a couple times. “Just– about a month ago, yeah.”

Wethil says, “I have some, some family that way, yes yes. I visited them, mmm, once, when I was little. My first long flight, yes yes.”

Lanisen asks, “Yeah? That sounds exciting, flyin’ all that way.”

Wethil says, “It was. Beruna Fair was, mm, very nice, we stopped there for a day, and the plains were lovely. Quiet, quite quiet, all the Lions were sleeping, but very open.”

Lanisen asks curiously, “Are there a lot of Lions in Narnia?”

Wethil says, “Mmm, just the one pride, I think, on the plains.”

Lanisen nods. “That’d be– the north part?” he guesses. “East of Lantern Waste?”

Wethil nods. “Mhm, that’s them.”

Lanisen says, “I’ve never seen a Lion, except for–” He pauses there, and taps the wall with his knuckles absently. “Are they all very big?”

Wethil nods. “There were, mm, a few who came to the castle. They’re big, but, mm, friendly, quite friendly. Did one come to, mm, go to Archenland?”

Lanisen says, “Um–” and hesitates.

Wethil blinks at him.

Lanisen says, “Um,” again, and lowers his head. “Aslan, Aslan did.”

Wethil’s mouth pops open and she stops squinting for a moment. Eventually she asks, “Were you, mm, were you scared?”

Lanisen shifts his weight. “Yeah,” he admits quietly. “I was– I was pretty scared.”

Wethil nods. “I think, mmm, I think I would be, too. Awfully scared, even if it was, mmm, even if I knew it was a good thing.”

Lanisen glances at her and offers a small half-smile. “I didn’t know about him then, not much.”

Wethil chuckles softly. “That would, mm, I bet that would make it even worse, yes yes. Did he talk to you?”

Lanisen says, “No, no, he wasn’t– He was there for the Calormene prince. It was just after the battle, there was– there was a sort of dinner, and they brought him out, and he was…” He takes a deep breath and huffs it out again. “He was makin’ /all/ these threats, awful things, and then everybody got quiet and I looked, and there he was. Aslan, I mean. And he– he took care of it.”

Wethil exclaims, “Oh. Oh! I, mm, I heard of that, yes yes, some of the knights who went, yes, I remember. You, you were there?”

Lanisen nods.

Wethil is also quiet, squinting over the landscape again.

Lanisen glances at her, and then out over the wall again.

Wethil, after a bit, says quietly, “Thank you, Lanisen.”

Lanisen hmms?

Wethil says, “For, mm, mmm, for helping. You keep, keep helping and, mm… thank you.”

Lanisen says, “Oh,” and frowns a little. “It’s, it’s no trouble, I’m glad to.” He ducks his head and adds, half-smiling, “Just, just tell me if it’s a nuisance, yeah?”

Wethil thinks about this for a moment, then nods. “I will, yes yes.”

Lanisen grins. He looks out west toward Lantern Waste again, squinting. “I don’t think my eyes are good enough to see all the way,” he says ruefully.

Wethil says, “Mm, mine either, I think, especially when it’s bright out.” She takes one more deep breath, then looks back over her shoulder. “I should, mm, I should see if I can sleep a bit more, I just meant for a little, mm, little snack, really.”

Lanisen straightens immediately. “Of course, yeah,” he says. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you!”

Wethil shakes her head. “Oh, mm, no, not at all, I like talking to you! I, I don’t think I could’ve slept, anyway. Maybe now.” She smiles at him again. “Can you, mm, find your way back alright?”

Lanisen says, “Yeah. I’ll ask somebody if I get lost.”

Wethil exclaims, “Good, good. Mm, good afternoon, Lanisen.” She flies over the edge, not bothering with this indoor stair nonsense. “See you later, yes yes!”


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